Former Viner finds out stars of another platform have been lip syncing his old Vines

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I recently discovered something i had no idea existed. Please enjoy this video as I document the wild world of Tik Tok (formerly musical.ly) and showcase some pretty incredible stuff. Lipsynced Vines. book a cameo from me: https://www.cameo.com/chrismelberger I STREAM ALL THE TIME: https://twitch.tv/chrismelberger follow me elsewhere: https://twitter.com/chrismelberger https://instagram.com/chrismelberger https://facebook.com/chrismelberger Snapchat: chrismelberger buy the hat and shirt: https://www.neatdude.com what was your favorite lipsynced vine? tik tok tiktok musical.ly jojo siwa vine reaction collins key ironic tik tok compilation


Mikaela Long : ahHhHHh this was such a good yet *frustrating* discovery!!! i’m entertained...yet angry...bothered....yet amused......i’m

Kim J : This is like when you tell a joke and this one person hears it and repeats it and then everyone laughs

Amer Noir : Is he being genuinely nice? Or petty? Or passive aggressive? Or sarcastic???

ı : This is really odd. Like, seriously weird. How do people think lip syncing other people's jokes is content?

Luke Hynes : I really like how instead of being super negative you’re just being really passive aggressive ab people you have a reason to be mad at. Keep up the good work Chris!

erin h : “This was also funny when Chris did it”

Claire Ferguson : Can your next video just be you lip-syncing an entire Drew or Danny video

Colin Monteith : I've never seen a roast done so politely xD

Thegarbageman509 : Making content out of stolen content of your original content...? HAHA Love you Chris

Jenna Fery : i love how the “patricia” one doesn’t even make sense without the sign lol

YRF Jaley : hE wAs A BoY shE wAS a GiRL

Nati Cordero : “Unfortunate choice of platform” is the slogan of tiktok. Loved the vid btw

i chimed in with a iridocyclitis : i hate it when they use vines as audios. *stop trying to turn tiktok into vine. VINE DESERVES MORE.*

ligerblubber : everything chris says sounds sarcastic i have no clue when he’s joking or not

Beyond The Guitar : Hoping this blows up for you, my dude! This was sick

Matthew Devil : are you being like, genuine with your reactions or like passive aggressive....i can't tell there's something about your voice that's just very ambiguous, like especially with getting the cameos were you actually glad you got responses or like perturbed i can't tell wtf

Shan Dude : oh helll yes



tea leaves : The way Chris genuinely compliments people sounds like he’s being sarcastic lmao

WyoNord : This cringe has me physically hurting

Aoife Caetan : That 1 second of Falling in Reverse gave me the most intesne, heart stopping, sweat inducing flashback. I'm so uncomfortable.

Jess689 : i didn't think it was possible... but Musical.ly got even more cringe. I'm honestly impressed.

emma jones : dude i saw you at disneyland and you were recording ducks and i wanted to say hello but i was scared but yeah i saw you this summer lmao

Ahmet Eren : I can't tell if he is sarcastic or actually telling what he feels

Sophie Rosette : oh so hes a youtuber youtuber

Annelise Jr : I always love to sharpen my knives to Harry Potter music too!! 😂 your Richard sound was a big trending hashtag on musically like in January or February!

chee marie : video is sick but like the people using your content isn’t sick

Brooke Rivers : I'm glad I'm not the only one that finds the lipsynching on tiktok off-putting

Amanda Anderson : 10/10 enjoyed this kind of sit down video. I would love more like it. but y i k e s this isnt okay.

Jesse Vervaart : Please tell me 'Good Girls Bad Guys' is your ringtone

Hot Dogs : m8 ur way too tall to be a vine-to-commentary youtuber

Rosealine600 : He's from vine? i thought he was a snapchat superstar

wolfman3122 : I hate how you can’t tell if he is being sarcastic or satirical 90% of the time

Hot Dogs : It took me a good 16 minutes to realise TIk Tok is Musically

Kaurii : It's sad considering half the kids probably didn't even know what Vine was...

luna : You're so nice yet violently sarcastic... I can't even tell if you're being serious sometimes 😂 Keep up the good content 👌

gino baratta : The sarcasm is something else in this video

mouseandelephant : You're the Shane Dawson of TikTok exposé

depression : I get Jim from The Office vibes from him

NipzyGaming : Honestly, this could SHATTER the system. Deep stuff man. Congrats. I like it.

Abigail Glaser : my body literally inverted when I heard Good Girls Bad Guys came on


Rogerina : Oh, guys shoutout to my.. *sO WHY DO GOOD GIRLs like BaD GuYs*

finpin : I love the fact that I can't tell when you're being genuine and when you're not. I mean, I can guess, but I'm not sure. Either way, you have an excuse to be really rude about these people and you're not laying on insults or anything, so that's a pleasant change of pace from the usual youtube drama. I guess I sort of understand wanting to reenact a favorite vine in your own style, but I truly don't get why you'd want to lip sync the exact audio and change basically nothing except facial expressions and like.... costuming? Idk, I've seen vines remade to suit different fictional characters, which is fun, but this just seems lame. And useless. And not entertaining??? I don't understand the appeal of tiktok.

Nickpug9 : What's with that app? All the clips are so jerky and something is just off with them

Tori Smith : I’ve been a fan of yours since vine, but I don’t even remember some of those vines.... does that mean Jojo Siwa is a bigger Chris Melberger fan than me??

Anna S : Just sharpening his blades nbd

kimannposs : The painful part was the ads in this were tiktok, thanks YouTube