A-10 Warthog 30mm cannon vs Taliban getaway vehicle

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Gus Goose : How can something so deadly look so beautiful? Then again... take my ex wife for example.

sneeky7 : Everybody's dead but the airstrike order was for Extra Crispy so he had to do a second pass.

Mostafa Mansoori : Allahuakbar, great job to the A-10, God bless the USA for taking out these filthy rats called the taliban out of my country, they truly are a brutal cruel people against the innocent Afghans.

brett sharog : Swiss cheese 🧀

David Lemon : I served in the Navy from 1965 to 69... Was on an Aircraft Carrier for 2 years.. I remember the F-4 Phantom ... I thought of that as the best looking jet ever flown... But this beast is amazing and beautiful in a different way...

SKY Laretta : 268 goats don't like this video

The phantom flan flinger : That really cheered me up,in fact i burst out laughing. Bad but hey ho!.

meabbott : Just when you think you're having a bad day, the A-10 makes another pass.

volvo245 : Its not great at hostage situations but the GAU-8 has its uses 🤣

Bobby Tucker : BBBRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! Music to my ears!

Bruce Lie : He Got a date with some very hot lead !!!!!!

Hallking78 : They're going to say it was a Taliban car whether it was or not

ThePlayMaker : Oh you think that's dust? Oh no, that's the occupants floating away with the wind

Patrick O'Donnell : that is absolutely fuckin awesome. . Love it 🙋🙋🙋👍👍☝

Kristopher Cantu : One of the most feared aircraft flying overhead during war. The USA should NEVER take this plane outta service, just improve the flying tank that's already almost indestructible. Long live the A10. It has saved countless American lives. Pure awesomeness!!!!

yassine jaoiadi : One day all wars will stop and the usa will start another one

Element of Kindness : I know the last thing that was going through those Taliban's minds.

karmann12345 : Thank God that the taliban still want to fight us because we Don t have to feed them, they reproduce on their own to make replacement fighters albeit in severely decreased numbers since the beginning of the campaign ,and they are pretty resourceful. This allows the US to gain valuable experience and the ability to test new ideas and weapons platforms against a living thinking enemy to gain even more ability against our potentially more formidable foes. As example without the experiences of hunting down Taliban fighters with C 130 gunships and Apaches, would we have been so successful in the defensive mission against the Russian contractors in Syria, I think not. So long as we can continue to use the Muslims in Afganistan as free targets to perfect our weapons systems we should never leave Afganistan or Syria since training or simulated combat against our Allies will never replicate the valuable experience our troops get fighting a enemy people who will always hate us.They are the best training tool that we can ever give our troops and the troops return to a heroes welcome back home which has the benefit of giving Americans at home the warm and fuzzy feelings that we all love.GOD BLESS AMERICA AND DONALD TRUMP

cole moore : I guess allah came in the form of a warthog that day........ironic ... keep the A-10 in service

BFFs Engineer : rest in pieces

majic 44 : It's a beautiful thing to see that!!

Ge0 Arc : My brother saw this and ask why are you smiling? I said just celebrating in my head. He said you are celebrating death? That is pretty sick, I said no I am only celebrating the deaths of my enemies.

Jason Johnson : Simply put. HELL YEAH!

lostplace11 : This car is a swiss cheese now

southtexashustler : Man, did you see the Swiss cheese holes that big gun did to that damn car!!! Man, people need to stop and think before driving off thinking they are gonna get away in an aluminum can!!! Im just saying...👍🏾


FatherBootyHands : oh hell yea

Юлия Масленникова : I don't trust the us soldiers and a lot of people do not believe in their good intentions.1 not true taints 1,000 truthful stories - я не доверяю солдатам сша и много людей не верят в их добрые намерения.1 не правда портит 1000 правдивых историй

BenTh3reDoneThat : Have a BBBRRRRRRRRRTTTTT-tastic day! :D

George Washington : A-10 Warthog Always delivered Democracy since 1801-1805

zfly 2sky : Those holes on top of the car you could climb through. I was an Infantry Grunt in the early 70's and was out in the field with my unit. I heard something like a chain saw go off but it was that same type of gun, the Vulcan Anti Aircraft gun which was new.

littleteethkeith : Damn.

BIGBOSSWHATITDO420 : I am An Ex Navy Served Till 2016 Looking at the comment section attacking the whole muslim religion makes me wonna puke how silly and dumb these idiots sound americans and the navy are fighting terrorists with the iraqi and syrian army together like brothers so watch your mouths you do not know anything about

John B : I don't think that dude is getting his deposit back on his Rental Car.

Gooby Tron : Was that a Prius?

MrWizardofozzz : Not sure if you realize this, but they killed that person.. It's murder, regardless what they have done and everyone saw that video of the US attacking innocent people, including children with an attack chopper in Iraq for the only reason that they were there.. So excuse me if I don't believe anything the US news tell you.. It was murder..

davravidumn : So this is where all my tax money goes...

peasants are revolting : And they wanted to retire the A 10?

American Patriot : this shit never gets old.

Юлия Масленникова : and how many children rode in this car. "u.s. military people killers"The United States of America (USA)" #youtube.com/watch?v=sD1maDY3zeY

djrmarky : Poor car, hope it’s repairable.

Ralph Bennett : The most beautiful plane on the planet ❤️❤️

Master Chimichanga : Prolly one of the most badass planes on the planet

Cro Minion : At least the guys in the vehicle saved 15% with GEICO.

Saben Conte : Oof

Ultimate Warrior : I would like to see a mechanic try to fix that vehicle

don nivo : Why does the plane lag

Blades and Bullets : That is a done deal! Why they would ever want to retire this beast is beyond me.

Burt Hulbert : As a kid in the 1970's I spoke with one of the engineer's for the a-10's gun. He said, "it exceeded our expectations".

Mustafa Ozdas : pretty sure you had gottem the 1st time 💣💥