A-10 Warthog 30mm cannon vs Taliban getaway vehicle

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cloudtoground : I am a little disappointed that there was no footage of the vehicle after the second strike. Maybe there was nothing left to show?

John Texas : I still don't understand why so many apparently intelligent people want to kill the A-10. If only all our weapons worked as well, for the money invested.

Ben Santaguida : Someone didnt even have a chance to bend over and kiss their ass goodbye! bahahahhahaaha

Dr Exe : freedom served

Charles Roberts : Soooo satisfying to watch ;-)

Chase : Ooph. They followed the rule of double tap. Beautiful...

Nimori Kandara : They turned into Hummus.

Steve Logan : Our government, for what ever stupid reason keeps trying stop the production and usage of the a10, and if you watch congressional hearings, the generals in the military constantly show how the a10 is just about the most effective plane in our arsenal to support ground troops, and when congress is confronted with that info, they always sit there and stutter until they can spit it out that the facts support the generals facts. Most of the congressman sound like idiots in those hearings.

Mike Dang : They were dead before they even heard the gunfire 👍👍

Doby Pilgrim : God, I love the A-10. As a ground pounding paratrooper, I got to witness a couple of A-10s taking turns on targets from an overlook about s mile away. Just awesome.

sneeky7 : Everybody's dead but the airstrike order was for Extra Crispy so he had to do a second pass.

MrParalelopiped : Wow awesome, USA spreading democracy and uranium all over the world.

GIVE ME MONEY : A-10 has been kicked from server for abuse

CopperRaven Productions : one hellva expensive swiss cheese maker

Political Juice : Good work!

killa beeez : I think you got him the first time bud! XD

J Blob : And that ladies and gentlemen is the sound of swift death from the sky

Baller Burg : the Warthog is the most impressive War Machine Mankind ever created... Good Work America

joshua ditoro : Lmao, light em up!!!

Charles Mangum : cool

Modern Humans Suck : Swiss cheese 🧀

Norbert Evellei : Bravo!

Itz MitchMitch : I swear to god everytime I hear that BRRRRRTTTTTT I get an instantaneous boner

Constantine Joseph : The F35 will never replace the A10

MrPLC999 : Beautiful!

Thomas Joseph : Even the Flies die in that SUV. Happy Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrpday.

Andy : gahd damn those bullet holes

Michael Barondeau : We are farmers. We know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. Bet they hadn't seen that.

Walther von der Vogelweide : Sure it's not a wedding car?

SuperBoomshack : Death comes quickly

Gus Goose : How can something so deadly look so beautiful? Then again... take my ex wife for example.

Richard Goldman : That’s how boys! $50,000 worth of ordinances to take out a van! So proud of ya! Raytheon love$ you! Let$ keep thi$ war going plea$$$$$$$e!!!!!!!!

W K : 1 things 4 sure, u never want 1 of those 2 get angry at u. Built on Long Island @ Republic Airport. Good things can come from NY. The A-10 is a 🔫 with a ✈ built around it.

Fitzy Holden : No more goats for them.

Thom Thumbe : BOOOOO! I wanted to see the smoke clear after the second pass...to see if the rag heads in the back of the car were still waving their arms.

Hashmountain : So very satisfying on so many levels.

abdulaziz alzahrani : If there’s something to be learned About A10s, it would’ve been one thing and one thing only: you will never hear the “brrrrrrrrt” and if you heard it..it’s not meant for you!

TheAllAmericanKayaker : Oh my god yes I am erect, SLAY BODIES

kab kab : This was a disappointment. The fun was over too quickly.😢😢😭

Aidan Millward : Jeremy Clarkson takes his hatred of the Toyota Previa to a new level.

Ahskur KnodaStruggle : Where can I order a few of these for Mexico... get them cartels

goatboy : Yep....that got it done.

Monty Leverett : The sound of justice!

Rob Scaife : Just getting warmed up! A10=do not Fck with!

Bobby Tucker : BBBRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! Music to my ears!

Throw communists out of helicopters : Hell yeah. Now THAT is beautiful.

Eddie Runcorn : I say sir, bloody good shot and plenty in the tank.

King The German Shepherd : WASTED

Wali Qadri : Mini gun on Steroids!

FierceDeityRick : My favorite kill/score streak from BO2