A-10 Warthog 30mm cannon vs Taliban getaway vehicle

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sneeky7 : Everybody's dead but the airstrike order was for Extra Crispy so he had to do a second pass.

Steve Logan : Our government, for what ever stupid reason keeps trying stop the production and usage of the a10, and if you watch congressional hearings, the generals in the military constantly show how the a10 is just about the most effective plane in our arsenal to support ground troops, and when congress is confronted with that info, they always sit there and stutter until they can spit it out that the facts support the generals facts. Most of the congressman sound like idiots in those hearings.

Daniel Smith : the holes though. How are they still alive after the first shots?

abdulaziz alzahrani : If there’s something to be learned About A10s, it would’ve been one thing and one thing only: you will never hear the “brrrrrrrrt” and if you heard it..it’s not meant for you!

Fitzy Holden : No more goats for them.

Alex Romancov : One of the most beautyfull planes in history of aviation as for me. Greetings from Russia ✌ Hope we will never known whos planes are better in combat...

MightyPeppers : Id give away my entire life and all assets just to fly a10s for a job

TokinCamel : A-10 "we've got a big ass gun! Now lets make it fly!"

J Blob : And that ladies and gentlemen is the sound of swift death from the sky

Chase : Ooph. They followed the rule of double tap. Beautiful...

hackerism1 : Jesus that hole right in the middle of the roof would've torn anything inside apart

B Villarreal : Come on, they wanted to do their bunker ressuply mission in peace and some tryhard comes and blowes them up in a B-11 Strikeforce.

the future : Awesome airplane. No reason to decommission this wonderful piece of war machine.

Constantine Joseph : The F35 will never replace the A10

Aidan Millward : Jeremy Clarkson takes his hatred of the Toyota Previa to a new level.

Brass Monkey : Happy Brrrrrrrrrrrrt Day

4johnybravo : the a-10 only costs 3000$ per flight hour to operate/maintain and the f35 costs 40,000$ per flight hour to operate/maintaine and the military still wants the warthog yet congress keeps saying scrap it.. most recently thought the military got the go ahead to spend amilion a piece on 2 a-10 warthogs to upgrade them with new electronics and they used them to kill sis fighters, military still says the a-10 is the best slow and low fighter jet for small operations/sorties.. which is why a company recently got the go ahead to make an updated version of the a-10 which looks close to it and just has more things built in.. a-10 is still my favorite... and the 30mil cannon rules.

jamesinkeys : A low and slow A-10 Warthog fleet, should patrol our southern border...First pass warning from puff the magic dragon, need a second pass , well you know....heheh

Choppytehbear1337 : We need an updated A-10. The A-10 is amazing, but could do with some modernization.

Gus Goose : How can something so deadly look so beautiful? Then again... take my ex wife for example.

K Kao : All those rounds fired were worth far more than the car and the lives of the insurgents onboard.

Eat This : The Taliban went skrrrt Across the desert floor But the A-10 went brrrt And their car was no more

Pushyhog : Wart hogs forever.

Ronin Williams : Giving our enemies the opportunity to die for their country...nice pilot..👍🇺🇸

Eric McQuisten : The SIZE of the HOLES in that car - shows the kinetic energy of those rounds moving at supersonic speeds. That amount of energy, doesn't even have to hit a soft target directly, as the concussive force alone would kill anyone close enough.

OfficialPixel - CSGO Content : "We've spotted a Taliban getaway vehicle" *BRRRRRTTTTT* "What getaway?" *BRRRRTTTTTT* "What vehicle?"

GoogleIsAPieceOfSh*t : Nothing a few bandages wont fix.

Steve Logan : Here is an example of poor military decisions, so maybe someone on here can remember and help an older fart like me, i just missed going to vietnam by a couple of years, but the military had 2 designs of 1 aircraft, i want to say was the F4, 1 design was a 1 man pilot, the other was a 2 man , the military or government decided that dog fighting was a thing of the past so,they never armed this jet with a gun or cannon, was strictly missiles armed for a possible dog fight, yet they were also capable of laying down 250-500 lb.,bombs or napalm. Well ends up, dog fights ain't over folks, and mig's armed with missiles and guns/cannons were dropping our planes, and our pilots were complaining that our jet's missiles were very unreliable, some just dropped when fired, others didn't work properly as heat seekers, it was pathetic. I would like to know who the government official aka rocket scientist(pun intended), was who decided to not arm a fighter jet with at least a couple of .50 cal guns, or 20-30 ml cannons

Eddie Tagle : GOD! I LOVE AMERICA!!!

buffbeezer : Used Mercedes SUV for sale, slight hail damage.

Walther von der Vogelweide : Sure it's not a wedding car?

david rakes : As welvin would say " got eeeem" bahahahaha. 🤣🤣

Eli Bakal : 100% Death rate if a A10 is on your azz.

Grooves : Could just imagine that one dude, who only took a round to the leg after the first run, sitting there, whispering Allahu Snackbar, and looking at his dead buddies, before you hear those engines whistle and BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT and mr snackbar was no more

Ahskur KnodaStruggle : Where can I order a few of these for Mexico... get them cartels

MrPLC999 : Beautiful!

Dennis Whiter : The infantryman's friend.

ANTDZL VIZION : One more time for good measure

Stephen Yount : The penalty in Afghanistan for texting while driving...........

deanmoncaster : Some people just can't take their bullets.

SuperBoomshack : Death comes quickly

Kcvtr : That's a thing of beauty 👌

Hashmountain : So very satisfying on so many levels.

John Texas : I still don't understand why so many apparently intelligent people want to kill the A-10. If only all our weapons worked as well, for the money invested.

Eric Smith : Nice Shootin Tex

ChakRaLight : The United States of Israel stirkes again !

Cameron Angel : Wart is one of the baddest planes to ever fly n fight

Joshua Ditoro : Lmao, light em up!!!

killa beeez : I think you got him the first time bud! XD

Monty Leverett : The sound of justice!