This man has a great camping channel with really well done videos that are really enjoyable Worth a watch

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As most snowbirds know, the hardest part of camping is getting to your destination. Bad weather can pop up without warning. Here's my story of a trip that didn't go exactly as planned! Here's links to the items discussed (Amazon Affiliate Links*): Traction Matt: Tow Truck in a Box: Electric Blanket: My Equipment (Amazon Affiliate Links*): Main Camera: Sony A7Sii: Camcorder: Sony FRD-AX33: Sports Camera: HD 1080P: Shotgun Mic: Editing: Powerdirector 16: NEW!: Powerdirector 17: * Amazon Affiliate Links provide me with a very small percentage of the sale with no additional cost to the buyer. Please support Slim Potatohead by using them for any Amazon purchase. Thanks! How I get around: Trailer: 2004 Aliner with around 70,000 miles of hard use. Includes propane stove, hot shower, toilet, refrigerator, 200W solar, two 12V batteries (one AGM) Tow Vehicle: 2007 Jeep Liberty, 6 cyl 3.7L gas engine, 4WD, over 200,000 km For a list of all my videos, please use this link:


cynthia king : Lay your pants out on your bed under that electric blanket and in the morning they'll be nice and warm๐Ÿ˜Ž

Gary Miller : man I am so jealous. Stranded in the snow, in your lil pop-up, the only thing youre missing is a friendly canine.

G00B3R91 : I know that trucker that you helped will never forget you.

Stacy Hackney : Sweet of you to help the trucker.

Freedom Cobra : Had to sleep in my car because I was evacuated due to the CA fires. Barley slept any and was freezing the whole time. Iโ€™ve been watching videos like this and urban camping. I think having a cheap little camping trailer or mobile home really makes sense in cases of emergencies.

Randy Miller : Truck stop... warm so called food, liquids, showers. Your safe

David Sanchez : Love your video!!! This is what I want to do in my life time. Hauling my home around the country. I love the snow and rain

Greg Appelgren : Sir. If you do not have one install a CB radio with the long whip antennas. Not a small hand-held as they are not good on the range. Truckers are your best source for asking about road conditions...โ€West bound can you please let me know how the roads are looking behind youโ€? That sort of thing without even leaving the truck stop yet. I was over the road for 9-10 years and learned just how good the network with the truckers is. Safe travels.

Stevie McSchneive : If you keep your clothes under your blanket with you they will stay warm.

Informed citizen : Glad you made it home safe. Driving in snow can be treacherous. Here in Westchester N.Y. drivers were stranded on roads over night in only six inches of snow. It pays to be prepared.

TOY MAKERZ : My Wife found your channel just by browsing the tube so we both subbed. We spend our time mostly making long hauls on I-80 from east to west. We both found your channel interesting as we are both well prepared also for most anything. But our w900 KW has a good size sleeper that is our home away from home for 3 weeks out of each month and than 1 week at home. I fail to see why anyone in their right minds would give you issues so you would need to clean them from your channel. We both feel really bad for you as you don't deserve it at all. Thanks For a Very Nice interesting video, Cheers

Jimi Henrod : I really really love your videos. In fact they make my day. I have the same jeep in Black lol.

Donald Mach : Goes to prove you can never be over prepared! Not only did I admire your tenacity by continuing on, but to help that trucker ( when you have problems of your own), tells me that you are one hell of a good dude! ๐Ÿ‘ Nice video and thanks!

Steve Ontiveros : Thanks for the video Slim . I just retired last week @66 . Will be making my way from California to the Springfield,Missouri area where I bought a nice farm there . Iโ€™m leaving right after I spend Thanksgiving with my son and his family here . Iโ€™ll be pulling a 10 ft utility trailer with a F-150 4x4 . This time Iโ€™ll pack along a set of snow chains just in case ,one set for the truck and one for the trailer to keep it in line . Iโ€™ve driven in snow before many times( 43 yrs driving truck cross country) but still respect the ice and snow . You did right calling it quits before it got dark , glad everything went alright and you made it home safely !

CRS 777 888 : Looks very spacious in there & cozy at the same time.

Nasa Astronauta : I recommend you buy a lot in tijuana Mexico or tecate Wich is a little town for 10000 dlls and it's warm all year long, winter is 50 - 60 at night max. My family sells lots so let me's a town here with hills and open Fields but nice to's a town with 1000 people scattered's outside main town 5 miles with water and electricity.. close to USA 2 miles

John Armstead : Purchase at Walmart โœ‹ warmers to tuck 2 or three I side g for extra warmth... Some warmers can last 12- 14 hours... Happy travels my friend โœ‹

o tejas o : From one who has lived , work & played during the winter in places like Alaska , Oregon, Washington , Idaho , Wyoming , Montana. I would like to make a suggestion , it's not good for you to be breathing in very cold air especially when you are sleeping. Though your body is staying warm in the sleeping bag , with your head sticking out breathing in that cold air , you are putting a strain on your lungs. Warm lungs plus cold air could possibly result in fluid buildup inside your lungs , a prelude to pneumonia. The suggestion : build some type of hood for your head so as to help keep the air you breath warmer , less strain on the lungs or better yet ; upgrade to a sleeping bag ( bivy ) with it already built into it. If you go with your own build , build it first with mosquito netting , that way , when you are in warmer climate , you can sleep better knowing the insects won't get to you and then add a waterproof material over that to handle rain and cold. Happy Trails . . . . . : )

Kathy Howard : I'm from Montana but live in Tennessee now been here a year in Tennessee bless you always

Jack E : This was a brilliant YT production. Informative, real and inspiring with a creator that is so genuine.

Caskas : Winter means no bugs. That's a plus.

DID YOU SEE THAT : Glad to see you made it alright. If you're gonna get stranded pays to have one of those cool little camper thingy's. I'm living in BC these days, back when, just after the Gulf War, (I think in terms of events not years) I was back in Alberta shoveling out my truck, and cursing nature. The remainder of my family had all moved out to Vancouver BC some years before. Anyway, I call my brother up had a nice conversation but said he had to go and mow the lawn before he lost the daylight. They hadn't had any serious snow in years. I hung up said screw it and packed up deciding it was time I moved out to the coast. I slugged through Calgary and over top the Coquihalla highway, got down the other side and saw my first lush greenery in weeks. Clear roads and green fields. As I approached Vancouver it began to snow, which turned into the worst snowstorm they had had in decades. I was crawling along the highway literally the only vehicle. Luckily I had a tricked out Toyota 4X4, that thing was like a tank in any conditions. By the time I reached my parents house there was over 4 feet of snow and still coming down in blankets. Gotta love mummy nature. ๐Ÿ˜

Pat TheHombre : Yup, nuthin' beats a Canuck, eh?. (great video BTW)

Krane : Great adventure video, and glad to see you made it through safely. Just give us the exact temperature on the cold end next time. Also you should get a cover for your bike.

Brad Bahr : I think I would have turned the furnace to 70 degrees. I'm not a big fan of the cold.

Bmountain Jimmy : Good video thank you,. Some helpful tips through there, nice to see a traveling, camping budget I can relate to.

Livey Free : All Canadians say "bloody" with the EXACT voice and tone, just thinking of Jordan Peterson lol

Lee Designer : Really enjoyed this. Just subscribed ๐Ÿ˜Š 1300 thumbs down? Uh?

Quanuck : Dude, you need RAAIN-X on your windshield!!!

Clayton Pope : As a trucker I have learned to be prepared for every weather extreme first make sure your common sense is aboard for every trip be sure your vehicle is in top shape to make the trip tires spares fluids all checked then I keep 3sleeping bags of various temp ratings can be put inside each other a couple of good sweat suits heavy coats with layerable wardrobe then a small propane cook stove I also have a lunch box electric 12volt model less than $40 at truck stops very good to heat up and actually cook in with tinfoil linners no clean up a couple of sharp knives for slicing bread meats cheeses Supply of plastic forks spoons and various canned and packaged goods don't forget a quality can opener several styles of battery powered lights for moving around in the dark two battery powered strobe lights to put on my trailer rear to warn others I'm there hopefully not getting rear-ended that way if I lose power of the trucks supply I'm still visable to traffic way to much paperwork anymore for any kind of accident then there's the outdoor equipment chains/tow straps shovel heavy duty jumper cables And the knowledge to stop if it gets out of your comfort zone many people don't realize their own/ equipment limits till to late

Pman Best : Hey, I love this channel Iโ€™m a new sub keep up the good work!

Diane Stinson : Iโ€™m a new subscriber and loving your videos. I absolutely love winter and camping.

Mike Y. : The dollar tree has moisture absorbing packages. I picked up three and tried them out in my pop-up. Outside temp. was 18 and warmed it up with a propane heater to 60. The next morning no condensation at all. They work well for three bucks.

Kahtami : After that night at the truck stop I would have gotten back on the highway and headed south.

JB Outdoors And More : Amazing job on the video my friend. I actually love the snow was never a heat lover. Also love what you did with your channel. You hav my subscription and would love to have your support as well. Thanks again . ATB Joe ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป

Alan Whelan : Great video, glad you managed to find a safe spot to stay for the night ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

Sean _reviews : 4:41 of course itโ€™s a swift driver ๐Ÿ˜‚

Kesley Cottrell : Think I would've had the furnace on all night.

Taka Yama : Hold on here Slim, aren't you living full time in trailer, no schedule? Why you go to snow?

Hella Good :'s your friend. ;-) Bad slim taterhead! BAD! :-D You got a subscriber.

gravitycavity : You're a good dude, Potatohead. Thanks for sharing.

Joseph Ringling : New subscriber Slim! Good job staying safe!

Hockey Nutt : Really enjoy this channel. Aliner life as well as very honest product reviews. Cheers from Aurora, Ontario

angela brade : I actually envied you here ...all warm and snug looking out on to the snow ...fabulous . I live in GB and we get no snow where we actually live . I would love to be you here ...thank you for sharing this ๐Ÿ˜Š

Odee Dillon : I was out in the Dubois area June 2017, and it snowed the entire day I left. Damn great country out there, made me want to move back in retirement. Hey don't make being stuck in Shelby sound like it's a bad thing. ;)

AZ Claimjumper : FWIW, Slim; I prefer a polypropylene balaclava on my head when I crawl into bed in my insulated Cargo Van because & keeps my head & neck warm + it stays on my head no matter how many times I twist/turn while sleeping.

Three Dogs and a Camper : Cool video, actually cold video...โ˜ƒ๏ธ.

john m : A nice down comforter would be good to have.

Margaret Davis : You are good at making interesting films!