Ship Breakers | Bangladesh

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mrbusdriversir : This is really modern slavery. Very sad indeed.

J0Boa : And how does the west proposes to change their working conditions ? By shutting down the shipbreakers so that these poor people loose their only means of making money to survive. Great way to solve a problem

dmak2 : 11:30 That's not asbestos and one fibre does not kill. You inhale a number of asbestos fibres with every breath you take. I was a surveyor and analyst in the field for over 10 years. The material the camera focuses on is actually man made glass fibre, it's still hazardous but not as bad as asbestos.

David Klausa : It's not "literally a minefield"; it's metaphorically a minefield.

Jay Skrine : Step 1) Have 10 kids. Step 2) Blame capitalism.

Kevin Burgess : The yard owner makes $10 million per ship, and he won't spring for shoes, masks & gloves? There is no Prison or Hell terrible enough for that kind of greed.

1008chaz : everyone talks about how sad it is that people are getting paid so little, but who is going to give up there pay and life style to give these people more money. the man who interviews the injured workers had a gold watch on do you think he'd give that watch up to give some workers more money

Saleenrulz : I would love to know what's going through their head at 11:32 where he's walking through there with a full body suit and gas mask, and they've been breathing that shit in for who knows how long.

Manny Boy : i lost interest when an aussie accent is telling the story.

PRR5406 : This is the economic fuel of third world nations.  The lousy wages are set by their employers, not by Americans and Europeans.  The shitty conditions are set by their employers.  The lack of safety equipment is set by the employers.  Old ships require scrapping and these people are willing to do the work.  Take away this work and these masses won't turn to medicine or working as engineers or other highly trained and skilled professions.   Without these jobs, these people starve.  If they had alternatives, such jobs would not be tolerated.

Ben Warwick : 17 years old I would have thought a ship would last and be profitable for a bit longer

Ed Churcher : not to be pedantic ... but was that really asbestos? even on the ships I worked on (built in the 50's) the only asbestos was exhaust lagging ... not to say that one over exaggeration ruins the credibility of the film, but get all your facts right  

Soupdragon1964 : Emotive nonsense! There's no doubting these men work very hard, and in hazardous conditions, but the whole programme is viewed from the patronising eyes/standards of the West. Their wages are poor by our standards; 45c per hour is a reasonable wage in Bangladesh. If the West broke their ships using modern health and safety, then the prices of so many items would increase enormously, from food, to fuel, and these men wouldn't have a job. I wonder if the narrator would be quite so against it then?

pikiwiki : they should do a segment on coal mining in Kentucky and West Virginia in the twenties

Nati0us : Why don't they turn the ships into apartments? Internal infrastructure is there.

1BEAVIS13 : Don't worry I'm sure trick down economics will kick in any day for them...

Gooby pls : Why is the "First world" to blame instead of the fat Indian bastard at 13:05 who makes 5 million USD per ship by (ab)using the people?

SovietUnion100 : Welcome to capitalism. The system for barbarians.

daverbmxer : Nice FPV flying and filming, random person.

James Oversteer : This is not the developed world taking advantage over the 3rd world. You said it yourself: Marzan Raman buys the ships for 5M and sell the scrap for 10M whilst paying cents a day.. He has a nice suit and haircut - wonder where the money is really going whilst the west and the developed world are blamed! We give MILLIONS in aid to these countries yet its still not enough...

Grzegorz Nowicki : O ja pierdole .... Tylko nie pokazujcie tego filmu Tuskowi , bo jeszcze zobaczy że tak można i u nas zacznie tak się robić ....

dddankman : Some beautiful multicopter shots in here. Incredible work. Cheers!

JAMES BLEVINS : This is the worst kind of capitalism. Profit off the backs of the workers. This also glaring example of why so much work goes overseas.

guy reefer : The reporter is like... Hehhehehe.. This could've beeen me,, but better them than me ,, lel

69tthompson : Git mike rowe up there!

NOMADdaf : I resent them saying 1st world is doing this. HE said INDIAN companies are buying these ships and taking them to INDIA then hiring INDIAN works to scrap them to be used in INDIAN construction. Where in that equation are 1st world countries involved let alone at fault??? 

Alfred Stormpike : This is nothing compared to the danger I face every day from the bullies in my high school. But there will be time to pay. I'm pretty dark triad myself and just ordered a handmade Japanese katana. Say hello to my little friend.  -Dangerous Dave, moderator of

Shannon Lee : 15 years ago I had read the book called Breaking Ships by Roland Buerk. That book changed the way I look at these massive vessels. Even more it gave me a huge appreciation for America's safety standards. You cannot help but feel sympathy for these men.

thegoosebrain : The guy who owns this company is the wealthiest man in India.

Paola Sol : too much pollution :(

Danielle Starwater : humans are all connected, this affects everyone. Heartbreaking 

ABCDio : Apparently 47 cents an hour in Bangladesh is pretty good.

Levi Benezra : What sucks the most I think is theres definitely more than 1 of these ship breaking companies in Bangladesh. Lets say the company shown in the video is suddenly moved by seeing the working conditions and doubles their hourly pay, great right? Well now it costs more to sell ships to said company, and they just move to the next. There needs to be a nation wide minimum wage set, but of a country that poor, and of such high population it would be extremely difficult.

shohel kazi : Nobody is forcing them to do those works. we have163 million people in Bangladesh and we need jobs.some people want to see averting go wrong for you because nothing is going right for them.without this they'd have Nothing . Love you Bangladesh and god bless you Bangladesh.

WoWanate : it really bothers me the advocate is wearing a gold watch

pensoken201 : why the Bangladesh ships scrap yard don't  follow safety procedure like TURKEY, with modern equipment, safety vest and proper equipment for employee? is the Bangladesh government working on this issue to protect it citizens being put in danger  by this cruel company?  please can some one comment on this regard?

TGSGAMER360 : lol i like how some kids cry when they have to get off there xbox when these people are destroying ships and yeah these guys dont cry at all

GhostRider : Interesting.  These guys go to work knowing damn well there is a slim chance they might possibly not be going home at the end of the day.  Their days pay...a mere $3.  All they care about is putting food on table and sending their kids to school in hopes of a better life for them. Here in the states, people want to get paid $15/hr to flip a McBurger, sink some McNuggets and fries and at the same time, get your order wrong about 90% of the time.  The biggest problem here in the states is people think they deserve everything when nobody deserves nothing.  All people want to do is sit around and bitch, complain and cry about everything yet nobody will lift their lazy ass up and go out and earn/work for the things they think they automatically deserve. Hard work does pay off.  You just have to want it.  If you have no passion, then you will never get anywhere.  Forget about the American dream.  Set your own dream.

starmanskye : The hidden face of predatory capitalism, where lack of regulatory oversight of basic worker safety and labor compensation, and lack of enviro standards, are exploited because every profit opportunity not maximized is a treasure squandered. This situation could be significantly addressed by requiring every ship to be amortized over its expected working life to provide funding for substantial improvements in safety and wages for its salvage breakup ~ So every ship would accumulate a fund of several million dollars to supplement its scrap value, enabling better working-conditions, more equitable pay and pensions, and better management of toxic substances. It would still be far from making the necessary breakup of these ships just and safe to workers and the environment, but COULD be done far, far-better. It would require an over-arching supra-national authority to put in-place, but it COULD be achieved ~ IF predatory capitalism wasn't so demeaning to the value of human life. THIS wage-slave peonage and hazardous industry is what an authentic Free Trade economics looks like, the epitome of neoliberalism and its priveleging of capital over human dignity and life. ~ ; )

kenny baird : A death trap for 47 cents a day.

SkinnyCow : Overpopulation and here's the outcome. Same with any animal that overpopulates, the natural resources cannot support the population causing a mass dying event.

FSXNOOB - GᗩᗰᕮS & ᗰOᖇᕮ : Sad to watch.. 

Jamjar107 : Whaaat!!!!!!!! One man dies every two weeks! hell, thats terrible!

xRustBucketx : boss man is getting fat wile the employees suffer and live a schort lifespan.

shades2 : They don't come to die, they come to be re-born...

thesundaysfan : I love how the shipyard director talks about how every industry has risks as though he's experiencing any while sitting on his capitalist ass and talking on his cellphone.

Arabind Biswas : Really Heart Touching

joher jariwala : This is the economic fuel of third world nations.  The lousy wages are set by their employers, not by Americans and Europeans.  The shitty conditions are set by their employers.  The lack of safety equipment is set by the employers.  Old ships require scrapping and these people are willing to do the work.  Take away this work and these masses won't turn to medicine or working as engineers or other highly trained and skilled professions.   Without these jobs, these people starve.  If they had alternatives, such jobs would not be tolerated.

Geliefde Liefde : I hear a lot of whining and not enough ship wrecking! :D