Dropping anything in the bathroom

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ashmit galav : His highest budget video

Mauri QHD : the thing is tho, that phone was prolly fully usable

LeBeautiful : Better tricks than dudeperfect

tr3mayn : This makes no sense but I love it!

I E : Spills the cereal, Loses the box Only Caleb bruh 🤦

Aaron Paul Ibarrola : My shampoo fell off it's ledge, slid down the tub which acted as a ram, flung it half way across the room, bouncing on its nozzle once and then landed directly into the toilet. I stared in awe as I remembered this video. Lol R.I.P. Shampoo bottle

Mystic gohan playz : Damn that phone was hella determined to end it life rip

Cybernetic Husky : Those keys are pretty bouncy

Zarkade AMV's : your whining is just hilarious to listen to 😂

W3RD0 : phone is suicidal

Lustrousient : He should have tried closing the door AND the toilet 😂 Though that phone might have still found a way in

Miguel Ware : Is there a magnetic field surrounding your bathroom or something 🤣🤣🤣

OrangeManBad : Take a moment to appreciate the man who threw his own shit in the toilet just for your entertainment. The hero we need.

Nick : The amount of Breath of the Wild music in this video is 🔥💯👌

unoriginal content. : *NOOO!!! NOOOOOOO!!! MAAAAAN!!!*

FarawayThrower : Should have made a scene where he tripped, and somehow ended up head-first in the toilet

Chakarri Harris : me the whole video: HOW?!? HOW?!? HOW?!? HOW?!? just...... HOW?!?

Terra Realm : When you can't make a hoop in basketball to save your life, but you accidentally drop something in the bathroom, and it *always* goes into the toilet *every* time... 😨😐😆

TheFaze : *I'd like to see Dude Perfect try and do this*

Johnny pierre : Man that phone was determined to end life

Javari Stephens : Did anyone else notice the temple of time remix from botw?

Gatago : That toilet is a monster.

TheBearKing : This video was funny but we not gon notice how them keys went Dude Perfect mode

Squittle : Lmao the sad jingle is the Temple of Time theme in botw, can't believe I recognized it

Veridian : I'm watching this in the bathroom as well *Uh oh*

smallamari 4 : I thought it was the end of the video but then Reese’s Puffs dropped in the toilet, I started crying 😂😂😂

Shane Chen : Why would you call someone’s phone to tell them that they left their phone when they don’t have their phone?


Madameee : What if you drop a toilet in the bathroom?

Acrello : *I CLOSED IT!!!!* *YEAH!!*

SUAVG8D : U not gone disrespect that Android like that..

felitocruzhaha Woo! : Which BoTW soundtrack was this?

Otto S : Think it’s over then... “Ooh!”

C North : LOL the phone locked the door on him.

BlackScape : I’m sorry but when one of these videos drops. I have to stop what I’m doing and watch it. It’s just a habit at this point.

Pinkypie O.o : This is..... RELATABLE!!!!! ○~○ ●▪● ●-● ●_●

Joosua Anttila : Idk how you do it man but I have yet to see a video from you which i didn't laugh my ass off. I'm so mad at myself for finding your channel just today.

Orrez : And that's why you should always close your toilet once your done with in. Unless your phone manages to open it and fall in it anyway.

Nathen Simms : That's literally me cause when ever I drop stuff in my class room i have to get up and go to the other end of the room to pick it up

candiigurl7893 : And to think: All he wanted was to use the bathroom with no accidents. It's a shame his plans went down the toilet.

Nacho Man : That noise he makes everytime something falls in the toilet is hilarious XD


BlackRainIsWet : You are too relatable on alot of things wtf😂😂😂

TheDiolass : Do you play breath of the wild?

Anime Hype : *The flying keys lmao*

Kino : *ALWAYS* goes in the toilet

Average Steve : Lmao the phone locking the door

Kevin Hickok : That's one hungry toilet with the ability of the dark arts of the force

Iron Blaze : Temple of Time from Breath of the Wild!

Chambers : *No cellular devices were harmed in the making of this film*