Just The Way You Are - Billy Joel - FUNK cover feat. Theo Katzman!

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Giulia Ostoni : You should sing some Mickeal jackson stuff man

Tiger Tobi : He could sing some Michael Jackson stuff

Joshua Pikal Music : THIS is a collab made in heaven... I have been waiting for this for sooo long!! Also Scary Pockets do you use the vulf compressor?

jrockn77 : So, is there a Peck and Pockets musician exchange program that we're not aware of?

Pierre Elma : That bass solo...

Lucas Schäffer : 0:16 theo sung the word "imagine" and pointed to john lennon's poster. just the little things... i noticed after watching the video several times. so good and funky.

Danny Wood : I'm loving Nick Campbell on that bass too.

Nikolaus Winkelhausen : When will we see a bass battle between SAM WILKES and JOE DART?

Ingramn Pratt : Where's the guy on the flip flops?! ?! ?! Missed his bass tunes and his neck movements.

Brent Crude : Good Lord, I'm blown away by Theo's vocals. Had no idea.

David RC : That guy sounds like michael jackson

Kevin Yuliawan Music : tenor af

Indigo Pearce : About half a teaspoon of Vulf

John Doe : Quentin Tarantino looks frightening on the bass

charles fletcher : It's the colab I've been waiting for Vulfpockets

Andrew Pincock : Theo is the fucking man!

Allegra - stopitsgingertime : NICK CAMPBELL SO MODAL

WaitingAtAStoplight : Scary Pockets you guys killed it as usual, but the featured vocalist really stole the track on this one. Great work Theo.

Joanna Kostova : Where is the bass? The guy who used to play, I liked himmm!!!

Paul Morhen : How has someone disliked this? How??

Elvis Govan : I just had an eargasm

Matt Good : Come for Theo and Pockets, stay for the bass!

Andrew Downey : more like scary hairlines!

David Chapple : The base player was missing cause he strained his neck in the last vid.

Ethan : Oh MAN, how wonderful! If y'all don't know Theo already, he's part of the fantastic funk band Vulfpeck and has brilliant solo work as well.

High Manwich : Oh man love this vocalist! I miss Wilkes though 😭 Edit: nvm this bassist is dope Edit 2: holy shit this is good

Eli Budnah : YES! THEO! FINALLY!

Filip Dinev : Is that a bass solo, whoa!

Noah Heldt : I came because I thought it was a bruno mars cover.... but I got so so much more

Nicole : Dude Nick Campbell is a beast!

Danny Wood : THEO. Fantastic collaboration of funk. Thank you.

Kyle Barnett : Shrek is love meets scary pockets meets vulfpeck.... Wayyy too cool!

Carter Ingram : Musicianship is great......Don't know if you classify music as funk.There is a cheese factor, that is unsettling. ......Lounge act kind of thing. Head bobbing is the new black.


Max Rg : If first 15 seconds don't catch your heart and soul, please don't come back never to this channel. This is freakin AWESOME

The Button : and please, apart from being a shit-hot rendition of a pretty tired song , THE BASS SOLO, people! . . . now thats the real deal

Leo Barlow : Vsauce Michael on the Fender Rhodes.

PANZORification : oh snap its the katzman

Sam Nelson : HI I LOVE THIS SO MUCH could anyone please please recommend any similar music I cannot get enough

slluch : You are perfect example of how difficult is to make it easy and simple. Young musicians only play to show how good they are...and what they really show is that they are not true musicians. Congrats. You are true musicians. Thank you

Vidar F : DAMN that bassist. You can tell the drummer is listening to him - he smiles at every bass fill :)

Ay Bee : that helium has worked a treat!!! Way to go guys!

Leandro Jeronimo : Theo é top demais, que som 👏👏

gabelogan56 : Incredible voice to listen to! Impossible person to watch.

anthony holic : cool cool cool.thx for bringing the real drums back.bass is awesome

bishopberkley : I don't think I can express how happy this makes me. I couldn't love it any better (except maybe it was performed at the Yankee Stadium)

mickeyminnie1213 : When it comes to the singers, the men seem to be the ones who always come on top! Keep up the good work guys! Song Request: Love On Top by Beyoncé


Lautrimo : YES! Theo Katzmann! I was hoping for him to join you guys! Absolutely loved it!