NFL Lip Reading
Orange peanut

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funny bad lip reading of NFL football players and coaches during games in huddles, on the line and on the sidelines. Also post game interviews. For more bad lip readings of movies, music, athletes, songs, political debates and more check out the original page at


119 ryan : Egg roll. I wish I had a breeze running down my leg! I'd kill for a cookie! Stingray double-sided Scooby snack!

Gabriel Dominguez : 0:23 i couldnt stop laughing

Noda : You took three chomps of your hotdog I got 13 steaks

Tracen. : StingRay A doublesided scooby snack yeah we pick a hotel

Aiden Graves : can i have this sloth STOP DOIN HEROINE

Sudip Barua : "whoo I'm white" πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

Stephanie Theiss : Pick up all yo floorbags!!!!

Jade Nguyen : my high school scored L in a game once. They also scored O,S,and T.

Kasey Kilian : This is the only way you will get me to watch the NFL.

annejo707 : All these dislikes , you people don't have sense of humorπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Adrien Martel : You just stole this video to BadLipReading to make views. Mentioning them at the very bottom of the description doesn't make this right.

Wolfstaches Stachio : I WANT CAKE NOW

LiLFyrecracker74 : lol funny

Steven Cain : Use froggy voice when you've Ate all the fruit salad

KevinMadeATrapp : Just stealing BadLipReading's content I see.

Israel Castillo : Haha, Orange Peanut XD

Derrick Poag : I want it now! I want cake now!!

Kaitlyn Christensen : An orange peanut for me, wow then I accept you!!!

Scooter Clair : 1:53 X3 For me? Yeah!

marie : I keep typing in the worlds biggest loser and it is playing all the cowboys games

Dee Jay : "Aaaah aahhhhhh!* "What's wrong with him?" No matter how many times I watch this, it always cracks me up.

Andrew Else : orange peanut always cracks me up

Lazyjulio 20 : "Finger time" πŸ˜‚

ox donn : i want a double sided scooby snack

Jeb Davis : Stingray double sided schoobysnack

Whisper : "Wooo I'm White!" *High fives black friend* pure gold

jessC244 : For me? Wow an orange peanut. Well I acsept you Hilarious

Matteo Ruffolo : how you feelin..... eggroll

#GOAT12 : An orange peanut for me well than I accept you

chaouki zouaoui : I think I lost so speaking brain cells but it was all worth it lolπŸ˜…

Mx Lello : EGROLL! pick up all your floor bags, you aint living in southeast asia! I encompass and I eclipse *hic* I got the hiccups

LovePink54322 : I want cake NOW! I want it NOW! Hahahahah

TheDragonBros65 : COPYRIGHT

09jazzypoo19 : Lol too funny ! Haha

Shamelessplugg : Look if your going to "Use" someone's video at least leave their credits

Paul Mueller : What the heck are you thinking? This work is by bad lip reading... Yeah, you put a link to their page but you took out his opening sequence which credits BLR. What a dishonest move. You are a douche.

Alex Armbruster : Purtty female parts

Gabriel Schleder : TrendingWire also removed the BLR watermark. Classy.

ILUVHORSES1981 : Finger Time..

Star Wars Sucks : Mmmbbeeee

Moises Larios : Orange peanut lol so funny:)

Kraig Le Fevre : that is so funny do more

vAShiiFTz : pyah

Belac285 : this was ripped from BadLipReading

Kent Dias : Finger time

ruthlessrogar : Id kill for a cookie...stingray-a-double sided scooby snack.... Makes me crack up every time

Amber Fisher : Bean bags!

MarQKieata Augustine : That's funny