NFL Lip Reading

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Ryan Dupre : Egg roll. I wish I had a breeze running down my leg! I'd kill for a cookie! Stingray double-sided Scooby snack!

Gabriel Dominguez : 0:23 i couldnt stop laughing

Adrien Martel : You just stole this video to BadLipReading to make views. Mentioning them at the very bottom of the description doesn't make this right.

Stephanie Theiss : Pick up all yo floorbags!!!!

Aiden Graves : can i have this sloth STOP DOIN HEROINE

Sudip Barua : "whoo I'm white" 😭😂

Kasey Kilian : This is the only way you will get me to watch the NFL.

Nodaplayz : You took three chomps of your hotdog I got 13 steaks

Jade Nguyen : my high school scored L in a game once. They also scored O,S,and T.

Israel Castillo : Haha, Orange Peanut XD

Tracen. : StingRay A doublesided scooby snack yeah we pick a hotel

Scooter Clair : 1:53 X3 For me? Yeah!

Lazyjulio 20 : "Finger time" 😂

annejo707 : All these dislikes , you people don't have sense of humor😂😂😂😂😂

LiLFyrecracker74 : lol funny

Wolfstaches Stachio : I WANT CAKE NOW

FamousEddieFortune : ''I dare you to spit in that guys drink''... it looks so real.. and then the guy that said it looks into the camera like he did something wrong hahaha

Andrew Else : orange peanut always cracks me up

Kaitlyn Christensen : An orange peanut for me, wow then I accept you!!!

$$ Paid $urvey KING $$ : LOL1

Derrick Poag : I want it now! I want cake now!!

ox donn : i want a double sided scooby snack

chaouki zouaoui : I think I lost so speaking brain cells but it was all worth it lol😅

KevinMadeATrapp : Just stealing BadLipReading's content I see.

Steven Cain : Use froggy voice when you've Ate all the fruit salad

Alain Hoffmann : this video is stolen, STOP SUPPORTING THIS YOUTUBER

casandrawilliams95 : A SKUNK!

Sabre ize : Would you do Vampire Diaries and the Originals?

Goat Banks : Imagine if they were really saying that stuff

Bobby Arnold : Wtf is a Orange peanut.?????????

dylan gruich : before you guys go hating on this guy. check the description. he used proper citing which means he can post this and it's not stolen.

Sports Court's MANIA! : this is my like 30 time watching this over the years its so funny

Em mm : An orange peanut? For me?

CrudusViscus : Stolen video.

Claudie Cummings : Orange peanut

louis malinak : "You gotta make a 45 degree like this, and use froggy voice when you eat old fruit salad mmmmmmmm"

Venom Crazy : Who cares if this guy reposted? He mentions the original in the description for everyone to see. It's not like she/he wrote "I made this while I was bored last night." Why is it bothering so many people. I suppose if someone posts the music video for a song they're infringing on the artist?

Michael Garcia : Oh god this video is to funny

Pepperjack57 : DUDE NOT COOL!!! COPY WRITER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boss A Nova : So we're just not going to acknowledge Nick Swardson at 0:36

Kristen Mahler : Omg fffffuuuuunnnnnnyyyyyyy

TQ : Hilarious!

Maria Delaluz : Couldn't stop laughing at 1:14 too freaking funny

Random Stuff : Instagram ..

Justin Telegin : ORANGE PEANUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tracey hammocks : This stopped me from killing myself! X

rundude11 : NEVERMIND

Alexianne Li : finger time

Shawn Logan : Hilarious

Daniel JMM : Get a bird at the fancy pawn shop and get a beard