The Blues Brothers (1980) - Shake a Tail Feather Scene (4/9) | Movieclips

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Dana H : 37 yrs later and nothing else comes close to these geniuses.

Jorge Segnini Aguirre : Whenever I play this song on my iPad, the battery stops draining and starts to recharge on its own.

InflatablePlane : Between this film and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" I've come to one conclusion: The city of Chicago will break out into random song and dance at the drop of a hat.

Super Sullivan : Ray Charles can make any piano work

willy birdie : Please do not make the blues sisters.. please just don't

Thaapa1 : "Excuse me, I don't think there is anything wrong actually in this piano"  :) Great song and awesome movie !!

William Hunter : Nope. Nothing wrong with the action on that piano.

Ryan Redinger : Fun Fact: The guy who did the flips was completely off script, but they liked it enough to put it in the movie.

SENO Sugarwater : There's nothing wrong with the action on that piana

crassenti : Why haven't they made a Broadway musical version of this movie yet?

Michael K : That bass line is phenomenal. RIP Donald "Duck" Dunn

Ruben Clemente : RIP John Belushi and Ray Charles!

FallaciousScotsman : 1:43 bruh got WAAAAY too into the brrd.

Oink` : The whole point behind Blues Brothers on SNL was that they were so stuck in the past and convinced that the blues was the only true music. Forty plus years later, this video is still timeless - that speaks volumes.

Mathias Rodriguez : OUAIS CORENTIN OUAIS

Joseph Cunningham : What Non-Chicagoans don't realize is that as a city we DO spontaneously break out in song all the time

Sturgeon : Remember when music was actually fun?

trooperburger123 : my question is what ever happened to music and why did it degenerate to such crap in the 21st century? Why don't we get real music like this anymore?.. I'll tell you why because too many peeps wana hear that audio tuned, dubstep, emotional crap that makes no sense and lacking the soul of Mo-town

KCohere33 : I love how the little kids are dancing just as hard as the adults lol

redcat608 : 537 people thought something was wrong with the action on this piano.

10INTM : Interesting fact: it was really cold the day of filming, all those extras were dancing in freezing temperature.

ronald washington : after all these years this movie still stands out (to me that is) as the greatest musical ever made bar none! I was 12 years old when this movie hit the theaters in 1980, and I remember tagging along with my sister and her boyfriend to go see it and just being blown away! within 2 weeks I went back to the show (Chicago Theatre baby! )and saw it again! and these were the days where you could pay for your ticket and sit in there all day if you liked and that's exactly what I did!!! LOL R. I. P. JOHN BELUSHI

Ragnarok : Still best movie i have ever seen. I have watched the Aretha franklin a thousand times. She is so great. Best voice in history..

Jack Cade : Ray Charles is a God. And that BAND easily one of the hottest bands of the period.

Roland Maerke Leuenberger : yes !!!!!!

Luke Groundflyer : The bird guy always makes me laugh

Andy Miller : Is it just me or was there less tension between race back then?

Suit FKR : This is what folks need now. Friendship.

Vesta Beats : This movie never gets old

ulric rainard : ... some good could come of this. I forgive Rachel Dolezal for being a fake person. Love yourself and do the best you can

Matt Smith : i do this naked in my bedroom every night it brings me such joy

shomolya : Shame you did not include Belushi's _"Two thousand for this chunk of shit?"_ and Dunn's _"There is no action left in this keyboard"_ at the start.

Kaltagstar96 : Chicago is the only city where random strangers can bust out into perfectly synchronised dancing. Gotta love it.

ISureDoLikeCats : 2:08 Is that Bernie Sanders in the background trying to get the Black Vote?

MisterUptempo : The location shots for this scene were filmed at 47th Street and Prairie Ave. The building that housed Ray's Music Exchange is still standing, and currently is a pawn shop. The mural is still on the wall as well, albeit faded after nearly four decades.

Ragnarok : Still is a masterpiece:-)

Bill Otten : Donald "Duck" Dunn! What an incredible bass player! Who else could play the bass like that & still look cool smoking a pipe!

bbjornst07 : When traveling to Chicago avoid Illinois Nazis, Crazy Bitches, and Law Enforcement. And never. And I mean never try to steal from Ray Charles.

Carissa Kasper : I wonder how many times they recorded the guy doing a backhand flip over the curb and dancing time. (0:27)

KnightAJ : i saw them singing at universal studios.. my nephew liked it .3.

Keshun Richardson : Best musical movie of all-time High School Musical don't got shit on this!!!!!! lol

Thomas Bush : one of the greats movies of all time..the musical numbers are amazing...

Michael Russell : That piano... It forces everyone around them to dance... It's an old school dubstep gun!

Richard Love : The best thing about this video is that it shows all races, young and old, dancing in the streets !

Michelangelo D'Imperio : This has got to be one of my favourite movies.

MinorCirrus : And to think this masterpiece film stems from skits and jokes...

Mu4dD1b15 : That little girl with the wavy hair. Wasn't she the cutest thing. Had some pretty good moves too. I wonder what all the people who were fill ins view this movie now. It's got to be kind of cool to look back on it and see yourself as a kid. Plus if you look at the scenery, most of it is all different now. You think the soul food cafe is still there? this was a great flick. I still like the music. and the chase. How many 440 cids engines went to the junk yard with all those Dodge Polaris' being crashed.

ACNC1 : First flash mob.....I love the fact that even the word 'Flash' appears if you pause it at 2:35

Munk E. Punch : I broke my VHS copy of this trying to learn the intro riff Ray plays, such a huge tune

Maggie Mack : My kids were 7, 5 and 3 when they saw "The Blues Brothers" ... after that they were playing Frank Zappa's "Dancing Fool" at 78 RPM. They also could sing any Buddy Holly song knew that Apple Records was RIPE after the apple stopped being Green before John Lennon was murdered. And I bet that any one of them can quote you lyrics of ANY Pink Floyd album, in fact they watched "The Wizard of Oz" and my eldest laughed loudly when the tornado swept Dorothy's house away because the song was THAT GREAT GIG IN THE SKY!