"Is this a pigeon?"

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Kinoksis : Is this loss?

Kshitiz Garv : Is this a meme?

Laura Solis : Is this Detroit?

MoonSt0n3 : he look he mistook but most importantly he floort (with the car doot doot)

Snow __________ : Is this despacito

Dusk Moonlight : So he's a robot no wonder he has never seen flowers or animals

Bigwhal : Is this hentai?

Neko Michaelis : Is this Detroit Become Human?

Jaelyn Coleman : Is this the real life? or is it just fantasy? (I’m sorry)

apenas uma sixth gun : *KORE WA HATO DESU KA?*

B.J. Roes : Is this Pokémon 🦋👋

Chicken Man : Is this America?

AlienLee : 1:07 Kawaii overload

çay 896 : anime name ?

Naief Alromi : Is this naruto

Retierashia : Detroit: Become Anime.

Alex E : What anime is this

Bismuth the liberal : Is this an anime

707 : is this a space robot?

Otakayla _UwU : Is this connor?

The Once-ler : 0:41 a meme was born

I am A Mouse : This reminds me of Detroit: become human

Lucas : 0:45 Is this a new meme format?

thememeboi : Is this good content?

Cupkake Katt : Why is he....... LMAO

Noah’sToons : *a little baby pigeon.. :0*

Dante Nosferatu ID : Literally any word in the English dictionary Roblox: Is this a swear word?

Space Boi : Is this good boys study?

Captain Pålegg : When he waved to the police car, I died. x’D

Itz Angeクイル : When your phone got a low battery and you started wandering thing around you

Pinkpiplup72 : Is this a Jojo reference?

a snaky snake : 0:42 A PIGEON?

Epoch : wow a *pigeon*

Soy Ow : Detroit Become Human brought me here, who's the same as me? XD (Also, this anime looks older than Detroit Become Human!)

Draco Malfoy : -a pigeon- Is this boy stupid

Erick Zamudio : Is this a cartoon- adults

Filip Štefek : Is this dementia? :D

Light Yagami : Is this chungus?

Pink Aipad : он сказал "бляя"??? 0:14

Light Yagami : I am here for the memes

Mauri Gamers : is this sparta?

Pandadude12345 : 0:41 is the meme.

The DisneyAddict : *is this* *a grape who had surgery?*

Indigo Arts : Is he a robot?

Hexa Decimal : is this a free play version of just shapes and beats?

dark death : 0:52 he said G.G

NoItsGod : Is this a Fortnitw Fanbase?

αму fм : Is this connor?

Hoshi Potter : ”is this a pigeon?” Child stay away from that flying thing! That thing kills memes!

Pastor Gimenez : Is this getting old