Selfless Hero: Man Stranded In Desert Uses Last Of His Water To Wet His Expanding Dinosaur Sponge
Selfless Hero Man Stranded In Desert Uses Last Of His Water To Wet His Expanding Dinosaur Sponge

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SomeGuy10002 : The dinosaur grew up to become the first black president, Obama

Slightly Sleep Deprived : It's not a coincidence that this man looks like jesus.

RoniverDoggo — : That was actually very emotional. A man that knows he’s going to die, but he wants to see something he loves first. I believe that as a child, a growing dinosaur capsule was one of his favorite things. And even now as an adult, he brought one with him to what would become his final trip to the desert. Even with all the fear and pain he was in, he wanted to die happy. And so, that’s what he did, reliving his childhood wonder before taking his final breath.

Big Red : You can see the relief in his eyes as he watches the dinosaur expand. His last dying breath used to save a life. RIP.

arc uwu : The unsung hero

Zuzu : One day, a man lost his way and found himself stranded in a desert. He lost his food, supplies, and his backpack. He drank his own piss and ate cactuses a few times, but he knew he just can't make it. He fell down, feeling hopeless. Then he remembered that there was hope. He quickly let out his expanding dinosaur sponge, and poured the last remaining water on it, and it raised He died, as a hero.

silverbeach : his soul can now be at tyrannisaurus rest

The Inconceivable Glue Man : Now the dinosaurs shall reign again

The Brony Notion : This is so sad can we hit women

Alienspider1 : that dinosaur sponge was waiting millions of years to smell the sweet aroma of water

John Fred : Lol u still have the water and now you got a baby dinosaur to think about. Get up selfless hero man your time has not yet come!

Grayson Cogswell : Truly a selfless man..

CaptainFawfulll : Dammit, I was hoping for a T-Rex. This is the worst thing that could ever happen to me!

Joshua T : This is so emotional im crying

Adam K : This is what capitalism does to people. Had the man lived in communism, none of this would happen. He would die in a gulag.

A Vsaucy Boi : *He died so others can live*

Aristerà : Beautiful. Truly beautiful.

Juli : We didnt deserve this man, we need him.

contrary otter : he’s finally at rest

ephemeralphantasmagoria : Wow. Faith in humanity restored. Heartfelt and beautiful video. RIP, to a selfless hero

Otto Linko : What a trooper

Vossavic TL : Brings tears to my eyes

Metanoia : Faith in humanity Restored!

Myles Ribbit : Fake! Someone has to have been filming him

Y.Z. sheikh : This is so fake The water would evaporate before the sponge could expand Do you even physics bro

The Queen : I almost forgot this was Clickhole😂😂

Filip : Inspiring!

Sh0gun : We need to keep these drugs off the streets.

Hello : THIS is what bravery looks like

REDHOT Gaming : A god among men. Your sacrifice shall live on throughout the ages my friend.

thelegdendarytank : his legend will live on in our hearts

Zeyo : That's a pretty wet desert


Adam Stetler : i mean it makes perfect sense. stranded in the desert, already accepting an inevitable death. might as well spend those last moments with some form of entertainment. i'm certain this man died happy.

J3llo Tv : This is sad but one question. Who else came to see was this true on IG memes

Savitra : Just came from the Cowbelly livestream

Autumn Sushi : This channel is Florida Man in video format.

zbik : Not all heroes wear capes.

Markus Demerius : Omg this is more of what I want to see Titles that mislead Not being sarcastic


spyfox26 : Looks like Mango #TeamBeer

Jy-Joe Bonis : that Rob Schneider?

Margaret Thatcher : A true hero, I will remember this for years to come. amen

ꌗƿ૦૦қሠคʋ૯ : FAKE! Water isnt wet so it coulnt expand the sponge!!! Youtube should take this down for filming someone dying! So disrespeckful!

Rigoberto McFarlane : But before I die, lemme water muh dinosaur.

burningflurber : Looks like a pretty damp desert

Johnny Boy : I would've done the same. If you're gonna die anyways you may as well watch a dinosaur get big before you go

ThreeShitsToTheWind : Here's some trivia for ya. The actor was in GG Allin's band in the late 80's.

OatBoat : Watch Mojo Top 10 Anime Sacrifices