I'm Truly Sorry (Short Bullying Movie)

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redneck hunter : Everyone that has had gone through bullying I hope you have a good day and stay strong remember people love you even though sometimes it doesn't seem like it have a good day everyone

Logan Burley : One like=no more bullies

Rituel De Bangtan : I don't always look in the mirror but when I do... I realize how beautiful I am

Sitaracool 426 : the last part when the bully comes and tells that girl that i am truly sorry, i cried that time because they both were crying

SmasherREX : This is one great Message to every Bully out there, but... *CAN YOU TURN DOWN THE BACKGROUND MUSIC FOR A LITTLE!!!*

Maegan Lewis : In the original video the sister doesn't kill herself.

Jackson Vlogs : GREAT video, music was too loud, dialogue would have been interesting, did the sister kill herself or run away, it was unclear

Aniya Hayes : OMG I FR started crying everyone please help this world to change. PLEASE !!!

Moonlight320 : YOU HAVE TO STOP!!! I AM CRYING ALREADY!!! But you know what is really scary? This happened in real live. I am not a victim or bully and I never see anything like that in my own eyes but... I know that the victims really can make a suicide. So (that's from people) don't bully anyone. Do you think was that funny? What If that YOU go to be a victim?! Think about that and answer me: you really like it? Bully everyone who is a "loser and ugly"? All peoples are beautiful, so don't kill yourself, just ignore it and they will stop. When you kill yourself you don't stop it, you just make sad peoples who really loved you. Remember, you aren't a loser, you're a beautiful and over peoples just are jealous. (sorry if my English is bad but i'm from Poland)

Lil Logan : And people wonder why there’s school shooting when people get humiliated in front of everyone 🙅‍♂️

Sakuraii : I've watched this 100 times... And cried 100 times.

Nidia Harris : I just want to say if you are a bully TAKE A LOOK AT YOURSELF AND MAKE THAT CHANGE

Banova : *mom walks in room* “Why are you crying?”

FROSTY ME1 : Is brother is a coward he didnt help her sister

ARPITA AGARWAL : Be Helpful Not Hurtful

Natalia Water-Fairy : *sends to bully* bully: WELL WTF IS THIS FOR

Jordan Christian - Mount Pleasant Village PS (1534) : I cry every time i watch this video

Andre Parks : You watch these videos and say I would never do that but when your friends is doing it to some lame kid you just join in later you wish you had never. I have done it before I’m sorry to all the people I really am

Aye Your Ma : can i just say that the bullies would get bullied for doing that where i live because it's legit the stupidest thing I've ever seen

Arjya Purkayastha : tbh my sister always tells me if someone is bullying her and when she does I go and beat the hell out of them XD

Timeless TM : ALL bullies should go to HELL

poop monster protector : Where is the original? In the original the sister doesnt kill herself the brother finds her on the porch and asks her about the bullies and she says he is one of them

Sydney Ingram : I'm in 7th grade, but I'm sure high school won't be that bad.

Keneilwe oli : People say I'm a bully because I tell the truth to much🙈🙈🙈

Eduardo Orama Del Pilar : Don't push, any students ,who ever they may be. Bullying is dangerous to everyone ,be cool don't push!!!!!

beast channel /cash is boss : i did a project on this a school and got 25/25 this video is awesome!!

Ocean Man TBE : And they wonder why school shootings happen.

Geron Kincaid : If I ever saw this I wouldnt be able to fight the urge to walk up to her and give her the most honest and heartfelt hug. I could, and I would.

apeasskicker : I would not support bullying.. but one thing is clear.. if *you* cant defend yourself... No one else *truely can*

Josh Thorne : This was edited to make it look as if the sister killed herself, but in the actual video she didn’t...

Peach Reee : I was severely bullied for my height. I was the tallest in the class since first grade but it wasn't until 4th grade that I started getting bullied. It started with one girl from this academy i used to go to before it got shut down because not enough funds to at least get a renovation. She was assigned seated next to me on the bus to and from school (she'd go as far as to try to scrape my face with the staples from her homework pages) and I never spoke up about it until mom got me to confess, then she told the bus driver and I never seen the girl since. But it didn't get as bad as 5th - 7th grade. In 5th grade i was in a new school, thing were fine at first, i honestly dont know when the bullying started but it was all focused on my height. Multiple students, damn near the entire class actually. Called names, made fun of, even kept saying I had a bad odor because in typical cartoons giants are not very appealing and ave a foul odor. It was really bad to the point I found myself storming out the classroom at the end of the day instead of waiting for the bell. Somedays I tried to prevent the B.O. teasing by bathing so tediously that it hurt but it didn't stop them. And whenever I tried to talk or start up a conversation I was always shut down by teasing such as when they cover their nose because I so called have bad breath. The teacher tried to be helpful but i dont remember to what degree because she wasn't very sympathetic to my struggle either. The height teasing ended when I passed 6th grade and my family moved to another district where I went to a junior high school. In junior high they praised my height but it only lasted for as long as the "new girl" status lasts. I was already socially awkward at that point so I guess I just bored them with my small responses. I wasn't bullied per'se throughout this school district but I was purposely ignored a lot when i tried to socialize. I even tried to fit in with this small group of girls who gave me some form of acknowledgement, but even they started going as far as to leave without waiting for me. Once again my family moved to another district because my parents divorced and couldnt afford the home we lived in, so in that junior high i was already isolating myself from people. I had a couple nice friends, even one who was friends with me from the academy bumped into me but friends come and go when they have to move with their parents. High school I was alone but I was fine with it. I didn't care if i had friends or not, my mom did care but she couldnt just force me to have friends so it was just up to me to break away from this thick anti-social shell i developed. I'm 22 now, I still have no friends but I'm well liked at work by just about everyone because I just rather be liked and alone than to be disliked for no reason and be alone. I still have my awkward conversations because I don't know any better when I socialize (late social bloomer), but it doesn't really affect the reputation I already have: Hard working, polite, and shy. Even though I'm still reluctant on opening up, I can say I'm just glad I didn't succumb to my sufferings and commit suicide. I'm glad I stayed strong so I can keep breathing.

Sara abigail Sosa : You shouldn't judge people the way they are and like them the way THEY are cause soonly go to far and she might kill herself and guess who's fault its gonna be YOU so dont make them go to the second level to depression and self harm yal need help

Deltoni Lajqi : The music plz ?

Daisy Maisy : 5:46 getting his clay Jensen on

Unicorn Family : This video is copyright and Jessica was outside the window you guys just haven't seen the real video!!!!!!

Levi Santos : As vezes a gente faz com os outros sendo que um familiar ta passado a mesma coisa que ele faz com a outra pessoa seja da escola ou da sua rua não importa sempre acontece.

Haadiya Usman : HEY.....did you know that ? 20 kids commit suicide because of bullying 50% of people face some type of bullying 30% are scared of school People who are bullied are more likely to skip,miss or drop out of school There sleeping and eating patterns change Comment something you learned and leave a like if you want BULLYING to STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YANKEEMATRIX 1203 : Did his sister die

Sophie Acford : I cried to this, if anyone reads this and they have been bullied, ingore the bullies your worth it, your better than them, they are just jealous of you, and remember to stand up to bullies

Christhefreak06 : I hate this

Jodie Lewis : Never bullying and then no trouble I got bullied once😂😂😭😭

Leneah Scherm : I am crying 😭😭😭😭 dude the sad thing is is this actually happens to people 😭😭

gacha toast *-* : I know how it feels i get bullied everyday so i havent been going to school but i get forced sometimes

Young Gymnast : This is the first video to make me cry😥

Vampire girl : Omg did this actually happen?

Yadira Ortega : I cried 😭a little

Tanglewood : Back at it again infiltrating my recommended

Liv Avakin : I cant even hold the tears in😭

Xanotic : Truth is they look like the most bullyable persons ever