I'm Truly Sorry (Short Bullying Movie)

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Eduardo Orama Del Pilar : Don't push, any students ,who ever they may be. Bullying is dangerous to everyone ,be cool don't push!!!!!

Emo : Hi guys, I thought I’d write a message to those confused after reading the comments on what actually happens in the original video that I stated could be found on ‘The Morman Channel’. Three years ago I was told by my drama teacher to put together a piece about bullying for an exam I had. I enjoyed editing videos so I thought it would be a good idea to play a video during my peice which would really get to the audience. I edited this video purely for my own sake. At age 15 I spent almost a day editing it so it was suitable to MY drama piece. I wanted to show my efforts so thought I would put it on my YouTube which had like 1 subscriber at the time. I never went onto the account until like 5 months ago to find out my video had blew up. I never made this video to please anyone on YouTube. I even left it in the description that all credits should go to the Morman Channel. So if u are offended by me editing it then don’t watch my video watch the one on the Morman Channel, I mean it is their video. I also handed my account to my cousin Dina for a bit who put up her own video cuz I really didn’t know what to do with 65 000 subscribers

Rits Nay : The ending was so good be helpful not hurtful....😊😋😋😘👌👏

Eliza Grace Rowell : I’m bawling. Bullying is horrible.

AZ CLAN : You know guys even *Charlie Puth* was also bullied .. but now see him 😊😉💕 never loose hope ! never think negative !

Wadd : I mean, I'd be happy to be a meme lmao. BTW guys, dont take this seriously, its just a joke, u shouldnt be bullying anyone for any reason.. Bullying is not a joke. Everyone is different and special. In a good way.

Greek Girl Gamer : The dislikes are from the bullies

Little Skier : She is so pretty why would they be mean to her? They are jerks i would punch them in the face

Wolfy Girl : People reading this, you are worth respect as everyone else, and believe me because I've been bullied and been talked trash to. Everyone is human, everyone is equal. Short, tall, skinny, fat, no friends, a lot of friends, everyone deserves respect and there are no reasons to be rude to anyone. Stay strong, nice is the new cool, and always keep that in the back of your mind. Kill em' with kindness if people bully you. If your still reading this never give up, never feel unwanted, never think your not worth anything, because you are❤️ Spread love not hate. Love WolfyGirl

Eduardo Orama Del Pilar : Remember only humans beings, imperfect, don't bully, anyone ,it's too dangerous, in various way's ,don't do it ✌🏻🌹🌹🦋🌼✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

Midnight Thefurball : Aww the music is blocking out everything they’re saying...

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ : Ok but the girl with the fringe is genuinely pretty, and I’m not saying that to be nice

KevoGameplays :3 : This is so Sad, can we hit 50 likes?

Kaelyn Miller : How can we say we love God when we can't even love our own kind 😤

Monse Navarro : This literally made me cry 😩❗️

Chloe Hampton : Peer pressure can make people do horrible things.

Batmantig Squad : 13 reason why porodi

FleX Sn1peZZ : The person who apologised looked like Andrew garfield

Yo Duud : expect a shooting the next day

Eduardo Orama Del Pilar : Great video, no more bullying🌹💖✌🏻

JikookOppa : I used to get bullied when I was younger in middle School and this made me cry. I hate bullies and I just want everyone to be nice to each other even though that's not how this world is. I feel bad for kids who get picked on almost everyday. And the bullies don't know what they might be going through, so it pushes more weight on the person. If I see I person getting bullied I'll stick up for you and I'll be your friend :')

tyron Jackson : Yuh see way yah do to other it come back to you. Harder than ever never you trouble others..

HN123 : That meme was hilarious

Minah Nation : That boy is a blessing I’m glad he realized that that was wrong I hope people in my school would stop to 🤩🤩

Eduardo Orama Del Pilar : Now, one has to be very careful, students are shooting other students, in schools

ايات الله : 😭😭😭👉💔💔

Antonia Rosa : Oh my😿😿😿😿

Acacia Taylor : I crying literally

Gohań : Trash no one in this world is helpful and i learned every wrong thing really just throw this song in the bin...

JoyBringerBea : i've been always called as Mia Khalifa cause i look like her😔 i maybe look like her but im not like her😩😭 its just im called mia by strangers i dont know is not appropriate specially to be called out as mia is not good, everytime they call me that my heart just break down to pieces 💔😭😩😔

Flora flora : I 😍 it

toast tiger : i was bullied before and im cried and this real to me

DJ -Alex : Nice story

Destiny Breaker : Yahh peace bro✌

Sophie Acford : I cried to this, if anyone reads this and they have been bullied, ingore the bullies your worth it, your better than them, they are just jealous of you, and remember to stand up to bullies

john wick2.0 : What's the movie called?

Boruto : Is this a movie?

CATREACTPLAYS : Is somebody bulling i don't care because i going to be more stronger and the people bulling me i going to distroy them and i going to save and protect the city and the malatary save the United state and protect my family

Zoran Jovancevic : I will fight 😎

ARPITA AGARWAL : Be Helpful Not Hurtful

Life as a Gamer : I respect you taking to the time to do this but the fact that people think bullying is for the cool kids they need see this video and else what they are doing this needs to be discussed with the law it should be something children get sent do a boarding school for or atleast be giving some helot stop bullying. yeah I'm only 11 but who cares right I still know bullying is wrong and those are who being bullied be loud don't be quiet. I am currently being bullied but I'm speaking aloud and its really helping me. I'm going to now tell you why I'm bullied some of you will be disgusted by it its because my dad passed away from cancer so they cll him a cancer bag they tell me to kill myself like my father now I'm moving to a bigger school bigger people I'm sort of scared but nt at the same time because if I'm bullied there is always someone bigger to protect you keep that in you mind always

rawan irti : I heat teens but I'm teen

Levi Green : Whats the song called

Zara Raja : "Make your life a fairytale and you will have a happy ending!"

Robert George : The ending was beautiful!

Maverick Launie : The 7.2K people that disliked this video have no heart or soul “Give this comment some Love”

Falaniko_ SIBLINGS!!! : We watched this at school with the whole of year 7 and sometimes u can’t help but cry 😢😢 Nobody should be bullied🙅🏾‍♀️🙍🏾‍♀️

Callida Gonzalez : awwww this mad me cry this is very sad bullying needs to stop NOW

Ruby Kelley : 😫😩😫 This shouldn’t exist but people just can’t be nice no matter what they do. Just say sorry, and don’t start crap, okay? Hold the door open, say please, say thank you, say sir, say ma’am, just treat people how you want to be treated in life. - Ruby <3

S. Crystine : Best video ever