I'm Truly Sorry (Short Bullying Movie)

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SmasherREX : This is one great Message to every Bully out there, but... *CAN YOU TURN DOWN THE BACKGROUND MUSIC FOR A LITTLE!!!*

Crazy Sarah : I've seen this video before,But some of the portions were cutted off in this video... After seeing the messages, he found her sister sitting outside his house and crying

Peyytan : my brain: *don’t do it* *don’t do it* *don’t do it* *don’t do it* *don’t do it* *don’t do it* *don’t do it* *don’t do it* *don’t do it* *don’t do it* *don’t do it* *don’t do it* *don’t do it* *don’t do it* *don’t do it* *don’t do it* me: cries.

Esaú Almodovar : That meme was pretty shitty

CoLLaPsE FaLL : 2019? Lol bullies are just jealous we people are better than them. #BeKind. Also thank for the likes (LOL) I wasnt begging for this much! Dont press read more your life will be with love. Your gonna get bullied with love witch means no one can heart you, your just getting to much love from family no harm to anyone at all. Read more........ Read me now...... Hi your now the best kid in the world:) (read more again) I'll be good I'll be good I'll be good I'll be good I'll be good ____________________________________________________ Im not perfect im good.


Jonathan Lozano : I feel more depressed now

aubrieFACE : Not gonna lie the music ruined this for me

Love to All : Tbh the girl was pretty

Oreos and milk : The guy was low-key kinda hot

ARPITA AGARWAL : Be Helpful Not Hurtful

siqui : ok but we gone ignore that trash ass meme they tried to make

The Wolf Pack : I wish there were more ppl like him....It hurts in the real world to get bullied....Please stop bullying!✋

Yusuf Samra : I have been bullied and I’m scared for life I still remember my friend jack when he😭😭😭😭 Took my burrito and ate it sideways

Maggie Sim : People should show this in schools

Arjya Purkayastha : tbh my sister always tells me if someone is bullying her and when she does I go and beat the hell out of them XD

AT reddeadthanos : I'd like to apologize to any one here. I have been a bully throughout my entire elementary schools years through your middle school years. I've bullied people, threatened people, made people not want to come to school. I am so, so sorry. Please, all I ask is forgiveness. Even though I might not have bullied you, I still encouraged bullying. If you are one of the many people I may have hurt, I am truly sorry for what I have done, and I will strive to be better and more socially acceptable to all my mates. - Jared Van Teyton, East Side Oklahoma

M I G U E L : *2019..?*

Airikah Mcmanus : It is a sad song and story get rid of the piano

dead shober : I can tell by my experience that the bullying hurts and a lot, if u bully somebody pls think u dont know what problems is the person passing trough, good luck.

Josh Thorne : This was edited to make it look as if the sister killed herself, but in the actual video she didn’t...

Yeichelyn Rodriguez Gonzalez : BULLYING is not good. Never bully someone like that

Stories of Wonder : So sad. Like if you cried.

Alexandre Marques : Alguém do Brasil aí 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

Alana Teodoro : \2\ \0\ \1\ \9\ \?\

Lil Logan : And people wonder why there’s school shooting when people get humiliated in front of everyone 🙅‍♂️

AsianBoi 69 : *The only meme that made people laugh instead of cringe*

Maria Vitoria : Qual o nome dese filme/serie ♡♥♧♣;-)

Tarren Canamore : this teaches me a lesson like if it teaches u a lesson

Javeria Khan : I had tears in my eyes! Literally how can you hurt someone and have peace...! I can't even sleep if someone is hurt or is crying because of me ! Y wait to realize it is wrong until it happens to someone you love Amazing video!

Sophie Acford : I cried to this, if anyone reads this and they have been bullied, ingore the bullies your worth it, your better than them, they are just jealous of you, and remember to stand up to bullies

강다현 : I honestly love and learned a lot through this video but one thing is the background musics are too loud so i even can’t hear what they were talking about.. but it’s my fav video and i’m actually crying for 20mins rn lmao

ROMARIO HARRISON : Oooo please if this was the school I go that pic would mean literally nothing to me true story 😎😘😉 DONT.GIVE.A.F***

Влад Скореднев : Эээ Русские есть?

Marcos Souza : Tradução? Português?

Eduardo Orama Del Pilar : Don't push, any students ,who ever they may be. Bullying is dangerous to everyone ,be cool don't push!!!!!

MinipongTV : Not hating, but the music is too loud and kinda unnecessary

Fortnite Chanel : frak i cried like if u agree

Yousef karimi : Why was this in my recommended

Trinity Coronado : This was posted on my birthday and AMAZING VIDEO

anime lover forever : I don't know if this counts as bullying but this girl that sits at my lunch table said I don't have any friends and I pretended I didn't care but inside I was really hurting ...she also said I know nothing. I really nice and I forgive her even though she is mean to me but my parents aways taught me that being nice aways win..so I'm nice to her.....I may not know a lot of things form the out side world because my parents are always away and I stay at home and even after school I stay at home cleaning the house or cooking something to eat and I kinda never been outside by my self but that's life...

ONeil Kidz : I cried because well i had a B.F.F and well i thought we were than she said i dont wanna be ur B.F.F any more bc ur a cry baby than i left after some months i left to another state and im happy bc i have better friend's and there nicer i love it here but idk if she regets doing that bc im a cry baby IT DOSENT MATTER WUT WE LOOK LIKE IF WERE NICE THATS ALL WUT MATTERS AND CARING I WAS BUT SHE DIDENT LISTEN DOES SHE EVEN KNOW THAT GOD HEARD HER NOW IM CRYING JUST DONT BULLY IT FEELS BAD AND OT WELL U WILL BREAK DOWN NOT WANTING TO LIVE WANTING TO DO SUICIDE I FELT LIKE THAT SO DONT BULLY GOLDEN RULE PPL!!

cj rocker : i hate how people dont know how to behave it made me sad and im a grown man this hard i remember i got bullying and i was crying for weeks

moon white : لي عربي لايك الي مافتهم الرساله لح ترجمهه ... 👱- لماذا لا تتركوني وحدي؟ 👲- اور وحده . لو كان خاسرا مثلك ساقتل نفسي. 👲-اور يبكي . 👉 هي الترجمه ولاتنسوا لايك لان كلش تعبت من ترجمته

DISTURBED GAMING : Everyone that has had gone through bullying I hope you have a good day and stay strong remember people love you even though sometimes it doesn't seem like it have a good day everyone

Taylor Beddow : Ahhh, this is so sad I couldn't help it. I started crying when he went in his room and took off his scarf bc of his sister being gone

kJ Sen : Wtf I cried 😂😭😭😭

Zero Play : brasileiros ? 🇧🇷

Max Tamayo : This is very sad why do people bully others it's not ok there s a lot of news when kids kill there selfs the mom and dad have to cry a lot cuz of that like if you agree

Det._Hoffman : the guys acting is unexpectedly good