5 Reasons Why SpongeBob Could Defeat Goku

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Randy Paynter : 7000 people have been defeated by Spongebob

LebrunJemes187 : While Goku's out there gettin beat by gods, Spongebob is down here training gods how to make cheeseburgers. Nuff Said

VINOS : That's cool and all but why in the world would you compare SpongeBob to a weakling like Goku? Compare him to Lord Popo! Now that's a fight I wanna see

Psi34ax : Goku: spends years training and gets yellow hair Spongebob sensei: completely yellow in base form

Crab Bird : Don’t forget, he stubbed his toe and only cried for *20 minutes* If someone is that resilient and in control of their emotions, Goku would have a hard time against even cracking his psyche.

Memes on a stick : Like I get that this is a joke but now I'm legit convinced Spongebob could curbstomp Goku

HoxyHexBug : Screw Ksi and Logan Paul. This is a fight I wanna see.

Joking around Gaming : I tried to change my password to Goku but it said it was too weak.

Kobinator : If we’re serious about this, Spongebob could literally erase Goku from existence using the paper from Sponge out of Water.

Mr Temporal : I'm shocked the reasons for Spongebob's victory even have to be explained

Meme Snack : Up next: 5 Reasons why Peppa could single handedly *pull God out of heaven*

Meshric : Spongebob has a top level defensive game. He has the reflexes and distraction kit to prevent damage all the while being able to regenerate off any damage, if he even gets hurt from an attack that is.

JRAB FILMS : #1 spongebob is a main character

willbates723 : This video didn't even take into account that Spongebob has telekinetic abilities. He beat Patrick into a pulp without even touching him! And after delivering the whoopin of a lifetime, he threw patrick off into the distance with enough force to cause an explosion upon patrick's landing! Spongebob is truly a God tier fighter.


spongebob squarepants : Oh yeah

William Afton : 7.1k disliked this video. I have lost faith in humanity.

Antonio gomez lopez : 5 reasons why patrick the star can defeat saitama

lemmingscanfly5 : You can’t forget that Spongebob can also summon potentially infinite sentient bubble people.

Own : Lightning Macqueen could beat Thor because thunder always comes after lightning. kerchew

ballislife2351 : This would be a battle of who gets annoyed first during the fight

Sebastian Vega : Lets also not forget that the spirit bomb only affects evil entities, spongebob isn’t evil

hesky marker : There is fairly conclusive proof of the power difference between these two. Spongebob was able to defeat Neptune, a divine being, in the very first season of the show. It took goku the entire dragonball series, as well as a year of training on King kai's planet, before being said to have surpassed a divine being (King Kai himself). Even with this, neptune is a divinity known to be a powerful combatant, wielding a trident and executing opponents at a whim, with a fighting ring being his chosen stage for any competition. In reality, the only combative divine beings that goku has faced on the field of battle are beerus, who he still hasn't beaten, and zamasu, who, having the same damage absorbing abilities as spongebob, was able to withstand any of goku's attacks. While both protagonists have been through many trials and adventures since their first brushes with godhood, Spongebob's head start in this regard puts him at a clear advantage.

YouTube Whiner : The only way Goku could defeat Spongebob is if he became his boating instructor.

Ajthem 55 : If spongebob gets ripped his parts turn into mini versions of him and he can physically reform

Trudermark : This video is so stupid I love it

Waifu 3.0 : I cannot believe that some people are taking this video seriously.

Picolololos : This isn't a joke, this is true research. Spongebob will destroy Goku

Canthro the Canthro : Why was this in my recommended feed

P : i was sure this was clickbait, but the reasons are actually pretty good. i'm starting to think this might be a tough fight for goku, but it's not totally unfair like popeye or something

Yohann : What if you put spongebob under a lamp?

Ann Sears : Karate? tf are u tlkn bout? it's fckn K a r a t a i y

Frosty_kaka man : *Top 10 anime battle*

TheFatestPat : You didn't mention that Spongebob is a fry cook. He can make so many kraby patties that Goku will be too distracted to even fight back.

road 2dawn26 : kame hame ha! That tickles!

mrmeatman : Tfw people are downvoting this vid because they think it’s a joke when this is actually deep analytical commentary.

King Drae : 6.9k people went to the Salty Spitoon.

Zero Zoroark : Goku may have ultra instinct but it's useless when a sponge can take every single hit and not take any damage! Please you're probably gonna be as ridiculous goku could beat spongebob! When he can't even beat Shaggy! And shaggy is a god!

enis kolar : Harvard wants to know your location

I'm Dirty Dan!! : Spongebob can't die due to cartoon logics so not joking spongebob could win

Stephen : Spongebob>>>Goku. Garfield is omniversal. Caillou solos all of fiction Batman with prep time can defeat all of reality in all possible universes in the real world

DAT BOIII : But currently in Spongebob: The Anime, Squidward has yet to be defeated, so can Squidward defeat Goku as well?

m0ist : I swear to god if anyone actually got offended by this i've actually lost hope in humanity. Just hit us with another astroid and the universe will be better of without us. Please

H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu : Goku need to see a friend or family being killed to become Super sayan meanwhile SpongeBob born Strong and yellow. SpongeBob>Goku

PARTYDOCTOR 101 : Oh god is unstoppable he's ready

MR. comic• ✅ : Next video on why spongebob defeat the one punch man

Micah74 : Don’t forget spongebob can create life with his bubbles and a pencil

X Thebuttbullbee X : SpongeBob is my favourite anime

Azax : Spongebob really is stronger than you think. Also he's kind of a joke character like Arale, so yeah Goku probably COULDN'T beat Spongebob if they were in a shared universe.

Chuck Stevens : Sponge bob can press the channel button on the remote 100 times and then press the other one the same amount of times. And that’s just at his base form. Goku simply can withstand that type of punishment