How to play the iPhone marimba ringtone on marimba

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Alexa Don : 0:16 AN XI ET Y

Nick Day : How to confuse the heck out of your band director

Yung D : Marimba ringtone but it’s played on a marimba...

ilkercavdar : next time making a video, put your phone silent. i couldnt hear anything

Pietari : Played this in music class and the girl really started digging her phone from her pocket :DD thanks!

Larasati Tribuana : Try playing this with your windows open to piss off some neighbors

Elijah L : This was my alarm at one point and as soon as the video started I felt really irritated. Great vid tho

Ruben Sana : no joke a percussionist in my band class did this and like 3 people reached for their bags and everyone looked around

Brawny Mystic27 : That was awesome. It sounded like the real thing

Oof : Wow it sounds just like it

Justin Daniel : My new Android ringtone. ~

Cube the Squid : I play trumpet why do I care about this

Lucas Guimaraes : What are the notes please?

James Evans : Damn! I need to set this as my new ringtone


Infinite Flight Solo : Haters will say its fake 😂😂😂

OmniBass : "Who's phone's ringing" **throws phone cases**

GingerStarburst : I showed this to my brother, who plays marimba in marching band, and he played it over and over at practices and I watched people get so pissed off.

it’s puppetry : Bout to play this in the middle of band practice

Jaren Cascino : Never realized this was on marimba!!

Filiberto Landaverde : nice

BAT BOY : literally sounds like its coming right out me pocket!

Cheyenne Weston : i can hear the snare in the backround aha

Olivia Petrowski : I should prank my school band with this.

Space Sargent : *WHOS PHONE IS RINGING?!!*

3Danimationmaster : Who's phone is ringing? *Phone and cardboard box hits face*

KAMIKAZEKITTIES : Am I the only one that gets pissed when hearing this cause I associate it with my alarm in the morning? (Even though I haven't even had an iphone for like two years...)

ArtistNoodle : I’m just imagining someone playing this in my band class and most people look around and their butt pockets looking at their phones oml

Nicolette Alameida : Impressive

charlie : I was scrolling through the recommended videos on yt mobile and this is the one I stopped to watch

CharismaticKid : Who else pulled out their phone we he played the tune? Lol

Polish Filipino : I mean you could just buy an iphone but what's the fun in that *Buys marimba*

Flex God : We need more videos like this. Straight to the point no bait

Loren : Genius

Ceca Siahaan : 0:04

1 : When you play it public and everybody check their phones😂

Adam Taurus : Someone give this man a medal

Meme sweem : Finally!! Someone who actually knows what the Marimba ringtone is. Most people think Marimba is Opening. PLEASE get it right people.

Sng Yi Long : I pranked my whole band with this at the middle the combine when the conductor was talking about the mistakes. everyone knew that I trained but the conductor and he screamed WHO'S PHONE IS RINGING?!?!?!

Johnny_Tahn : Also works for piano 👌😉

Depressed Kathryn : i Remember when i was A Kid Marimba Scared Me to Death Cause This Ringtone Played in horror movies i watched

HoodieSticks : One of the Windows XP error sounds is a single b natural on marimba, so whenever my music teacher would use the computer I would always try to play that note at the perfect time to confuse her.

Joshua Milo Music : *o n e t w o r e a d y g o*

Jon M : Perfect! Never stop playing.

darce deemstar : I can't stand that alarm

6969 subscribers with 0 videos challenge : music

Implications : Why are you beating the wooden keyboard with lollipops?

Lollipop : My moms like *”WHOS CALLING YOU THIS LATE?!”*

lizthecrazycatlady : I accidentally fell asleep watching YouTube and I woke up to this cause I thought it was my phone ringing

CVerse : Oh cool, I'll link your video on my marimba video for others to learn