The Most DISGUSTING FOOD EVER on Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

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Comments from Youtube

Lucinda K : I’m so happy that he doesn’t give shit to the waiters and just the cooks and chefs

Shirowid Sharma : Chef: “He didn’t like the pizza?” Waitress: “He didn’t like anything” Chef: *OOPS*

Chase Dorman : “Where in Greece are you from?” “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” **Sees jar of Olives on the shelf** “Kalamata... yeah I’m from Kalamata!”

Malcolm Washer : that meat ball sandwitch at the start looked nasty

Peter de Frankrijker : I like how Ramsey stays friendly to the waiters and waitresses. It isn’t their fault. Seems fair.

Madeleine McQuaig : Who else really wants to see Gordon Ramsay at McDonalds?????😂

Vn7 King : 4:12 "its fat free cheese dipped in fat" lol

Lucinda K : Freshly frozen, omg me 😂

Leg Vlogs : I watch this because this doesn’t make me hungry like other food shows

Sora Oathkeeper : Owner: Asks Ramsay to come over help their failing restaurant Ramsay: criticizes the food Owner: shocked Pikachu face

anchuto : 8:23 old man checking out waitress’ butt

qyiesha smalls : The first store should definitely be closed. Especially with him eating back there while cooking. That’s disgusting

Plutot Crever : That Greek waitress is absolutely stunning. What a nice and pretty girl.

Matwej Frank : "Is it fresh?" "Yes, fresh frozen out of the can"

raining333 : Ramsay NEVER blames the waiters and will stick up for them if he needs to...he is the greatest

CutiePie Ella : 10:08 *me watching my mom and parent teacher conferences* 😬😂

Astral Strider Z : Gordon Ramsay: Is it fresh ? Waiter: *Well yes, but actually no...*

Planet Slime : Ramsey: is the ice fresh or frozen? Waiter: frozen Ramsey: *F U C K M E*

evilgoldenbonnie : “These British don’t know anything about pizza” Are you sure about that?

Ducky Duck TM : - starts video "Microwave these meatballs," *_oh aren't we in for a treat_*

zambien : "hes british he doesnt know anything about pizza" lmaooooooo

Kae_Bear Gaming : "Idc how many stars he has.He can kiss my stars" *What stars*

Lauren Hymes : 3:03 Oh *_hell_* no! Did they just serve him burnt _Pizza Rolls_ ?

Altruistic Me : When I saw the microwave... I knew they were F*cked

debaditya bhowmik : "If you don't like my food get TF out of here" Same dude : "WhY Is NobOdY ComInG!"

EmoTi.on.s : Why the chefs looks like mafia xD

Danzan Battumur : "If it doesn't tastes good, you gotta get the hell outta here" Boy guess no customer then.

Paris : These self proclaimed “chefs” are absolutely deluded.

Nugget_ PlayZ : Gordon: Is the ice fresh Server: No it’s frozen Gordon: Fu€k me

Fernando Contreras : **drinks water** Ramsay: *_"It's so soggy and with no flavor, 1/10"_*

Socio Social : Bro.... they weren’t wearing gloves in the first one...... they better be washing the hell out of their hands. (Edit) ONE OF THEM LICKED THIER FINGERS NOOOOOOOO..... IT KEEPS GETTING WORSE.?!!

Kae_Bear Gaming : *chef forgets what part of Greece he's from* *"Fresh frozen.Outta the can."* *"Crabs are from the sea."*

Cynthia Wagner : These people ask Gordon Ramsay to help them with their restaurants and then gets pissed when he gives his professional opinion about their food?!?! I think these people are not seeing the entire picture here, Ramsay has several 5 star luxury restaurants for a very real reason and these people don’t have customers in one lol 🤣

Yami Majin : Chef: If you don't like my Food, leave Customers: *Don't come back to restaurant* Chef: *surprised pikachu*

Mr. Asian : It's cool that the waiters usually hate their owner's food.

marc williams : That greek waitress would 100% smash

jiangran ge : Me:the food tastes good 😊 Gordon Ramsey: no, the water is dry

Anime Cool : *D I S G U S T A N G*

三高 : I want Ramsey come to Asian countries,he might like those recipes??

Coco Raspberry : "He's here to help us, not to tell us our food is bad" But.... that IS how he's helping you....

Ethan Roberson : None of these chefs or owners realize that Ramsay is there to help them If they would just take the criticism and realize that their restaurant is trash they might improve.

Tottenham hot : 'he's british he doesn't know anything about pizza' 😂 he one of the best chefs in the world and you r not going to listen to him!

Vince : Owner: calls Ramsay to help their failing restaurant Ramsay: says the food is bad Owner: disagree

igoofy92201 : This mfer said “FRESH FROZEN OUT OF A CAN!” Omg

Kathy Victoria : Kitchen nightmare comments are my favourite ☺️

Future Heavyweight Champ : This is so fake ...i saw that old dude eating with his "Wife" somewhere else.

Tooth Paste : How old is the chicken? Guy- Uhh idk When did we get it. Guy- uhh idk...

J : I wonder how much food poisoning he’s had

psycho clown : Sounds about right actually. Someone asks for you're help. You try to help them. You tell them what's wrong and how to fix it and they get mad at you.