The Most DISGUSTING FOOD EVER on Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

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J : I wonder how much food poisoning he’s had

Nugget_ PlayZ : Gordon: Is the ice fresh Server: No it’s frozen Gordon: Fu€k me

Manuel Machado Canelas : *Gordon Ramsey:* *I’ll have a cup of water* *Employee:* **serves water** *Gordon Ramsey:* *It’s Dry*

Russian girl : You know... Gordon should make a video on how to spot bad food.(such as microwaved, frozen, not homemade, etc...)

Blah : Your eating at a restaurant and you see Gordon spitting out the same dish you ordered wyd

sliced banana : How old is the chicken I don't know

Ducky Duck TM : - starts video "Microwave these meatballs," *_oh aren't we in for a treat_*

Jim Harol : Does anybody else notice that they add in slimy sound effects whenever Chef Ramsey cutting into food that is gross?


Owen Boerboom : 7:34 the old guy in the background

Vsauce Puppet : Bless Gordon for trying all these foods

3AlanKing3 : The reason why nobody has kicked Ramsay's legs yet is cuz if they do, instant restaurant shut down and celebrity abuse.

Hello Hello : How to be gordon- 1 .So basically go to a restaurant. 2. order everything on the menu. 3. talk politely to waiters and say each dish is horrible. 4. ,|,, the chef.

A Kelp Shake : “He said the snapper was soft. How does he want it? Hard as a rock?” something tells me this person has never eaten a piece of meat ever.

301 logic : This man was beating his meat

pennylane36 : They are eating in the kitchen. Not wearing gloves and one guy touched his face close to his nose That meatball sandwich he pried the bread open with his bare hands and dumped sauce in. The sauce got on his hands then he put cheese on top with his bare hands. So many health code violations

YaGoyle : He is SO nice to the waiters/waitresses, specially the one at 13:37 (lol) Where he knows she’s just the messenger of the OWNER’S bull. Good on Gordon XD

Beef Wellington : How many gallons of spit has Ramsay eaten lol

*a cup of Tae with Suga and a Kookie* : People wonder why he is always angry, It’s because he has to try shit like this.

kairo • : Gordon Ramsay may be mean, but he’s a world class chef, and the restaurants should be grateful that Gordon’s giving them advice. It may not sound like advice, but it’s still helpful for the future

Feta Cheezz : Nino never serves disgusting food. Nino has pictures of happy customers to prove he never serves disgusting food.

Borris G : "There are starving people in the world. I'm not gonna make another meal for him to throw in the trash" I almost want to side with her on that one point but resturaunts toss tons of food regardless. They are not allowed to give away their excess food for safety reasons so there's no sense in bringing it up. All of the leftovers would have ended up in the trash even if he thought it was amazing. It's a sad waste of food until your shit food makes some homeless person dangerously sick.

Smart Nugget88 : 7:47 im from uh...uh...uhh from cala-calamata

Emmanuel Houle : "PEOPLE STARVING IN THE WORLD" -and now we know why

Elijah McKinney : *1918 people* "In 2018, we'll have flying cars." *What is that?* *it's fat free cheese dipped in fat.*

Rowtistic ღ : 14:28 "I don't care how many stars he has. He can kiss my stars." Like you have any stars, lady.

GH0ST6 : I always feel bad for the waiters because they’re so embarrassed to be working at trash restaurants

manos kall : 7:01 WARNING!! THIS IS NOT GREEK !! (I'm from Greece and I know )😋

Oro : 0:05 i lost it when he tried to put sauce on the bun and made a mess 😂😂😂

Lucas Kronbeck : The waitress at 8:30 is hot

Senura Kaduwela : If Gordon comes to my kitchen 😑 He would stab me with a knife 😂

I stole ya hot frie ss : They don’t even use gloves 💀

Rebecca Wilson : .... If he saw what I ate at my house he would take out my kitchen 😂😂

charmain killoran : Half these people should never own restaurants. What a cheek they have if you don't like the food leave!!! What kind of business attitude is that. They deserve to go under. Why do they ask for help if they think they so great?

Adnan Sarajlic : Still better than our cafeteria food...

Cerdaspedia Indonesia : I'd like to see gordon eating burger king foot lettuce.

Dalila Idkmanwhatmysurnameis : The special effect noises always get me.😭😭

Jeff Liss : I'll have an order of salmonella with a side of ptomaine. For dessert bring me an order of botulism. That should do it.

Tomi Abatan : 0:01 you’ve already messed up mate

JaseT-videos : The cook for the last one was a terrible cook and a terrible person

Midnight Cravings : Freshly frozen! 😂

TheHugestNonce Yas : *Imagine eating the food and then seeing it Moldy.*

Jay mujaahid : That women at 8:20 is just too beautiful to shout at.

Litt Studios : Waitress: it’s also canned Ramsey: oh shet

Sarah Garcia : I wonder if the restaurants i think are really good are really good to him... oof

Fire Foox : Nothin like some Gordon Ramsay.

PRO GAMING PH : Im surprised Gordon is still alive

Mtdmpls : I'd love to see one of those youtube eating channels eat The Colossal pizza as fast as possible.

Mia Z : Them looking at the ravioli ingredients had me dying 😂😂

AG_BEASTLY0000 : What episode was the last clip from?