The Most DISGUSTING FOOD EVER on Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

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J : I wonder how much food poisoning he’s had

sliced banana : How old is the chicken I don't know

psicofukapus : "It's fat free cheese dipped in fat."

Bilbo Targaryen : Watching Gordon talk shit to people makes me feel better. It shouldn’t, but it does.

angry paul will steal youre childrens : “He’s supposed to be helping us not telling us it’s bad” But that’s helping *uuuuuuuuuuugh*

Midnight Cravings : Freshly frozen! 😂

Kris Hammer : First two brothers look like a couple of meatballs.

Paranoid : *"There are starving people in the world!"* Uh bish, i wouldn't even feed that shit to the starving people, i'm paying for this shit. You better make it right.

Achol Aroman : "It's fat free cheese....dipped in fat"

Grace Fout : the sound effects on the food is making me so uncomfortable

Feta Cheezz : Nino never serves disgusting food. Nino has pictures of happy customers to prove he never serves disgusting food.

Rokas Lankas : Did that nibba just say fresh frozen outta the can

Cameron Wiser : Passes drink to Gordon Gordon: it’s so dry

Ganja Smoker : 8:09 The woman behind staring at them is like, "Omg, it's Gordon Ramsay, in a sucky restaurant. Probably I am gonna have food poisoning today. "

Daniel Mackowiak : I call this video. How to lose your appetite in 15 minuets

pennylane36 : They are eating in the kitchen. Not wearing gloves and one guy touched his face close to his nose That meatball sandwich he pried the bread open with his bare hands and dumped sauce in. The sauce got on his hands then he put cheese on top with his bare hands. So many health code violations

Kaitlyn Chanel : *It's fresh frozen out of the can*

Faith Uzoma : He just said if you don't like the food gtfo out here but isn't he the one that invited Ramsay??????

MiMiB__ _ : It always baffled me how some owners were a dinner service away from giving people foodborne botulism, and had the nerve to get mad about the criticism...smh

Ste Mr Bounc:n White : It's fresh frozen out of a tin, that's in a glass jar wrapped up in newspaper in a container that came out of the sea, in a lake, towards a paddling pool by the ocean, in an oven, by the fridge near the microwave, yesterday, today, tomorrow, last year.

Senura Kaduwela : If Gordon comes to my kitchen 😑 He would stab me with a knife 😂

Uzi Marie : 6:18 *Italian accent has left the chat*

George Vieira : What's sad is that this is what 90% of American restaurants are like. It's industrial slop plopped on a plate. We're the nation of shortcuts and it shows in our food.

Fish ball : I swear not trying to sound creepy but in this show all the young waitresses are always super attractive

Sam Liu : Plz let me have Gordon Ramsay's dish once in my life time

THE 777 HP : “Please a little smile, a little smile, anything at all, please eat it he shook his head

jaylee : For the first clip...Tweedledum and Tweedledee, amirite

SpyengoEen : I love how they insert fake mushy sounds every time he plays with disgusting food on his plate xD

*•.Raven.•* X : Trust me Lady, no one wants to touch those stars.

Rowtistic ღ : 14:28 "I don't care how many stars he has. He can kiss my stars." Like you have any stars, lady.

Sujata mali : Lady : I am suprised Ramsay: I am shocked😂

Thestrong nerd : Of course it's bad when tweedledee and tweedledum are banging on the meat and cooking.🙄🙄

Mia Robertson : Their hands all over that meatball sandwich... that made me want to vomit

Noah Day : 7:33 that old man in the background 😂

I haven't taken shower for 7 weeks, but : I'd like to see gordon eating burger king foot lettuce.

Huang Tian fu ryan : Does anyone else not know what canned salmon caviar is😂

Free Spirit : The first two remind me of the twins from little nightmares 💯😂

y k : 0:28 , such an ashamed yes 7:48 , how thick dyu have to be to forget where you're from!?

Maddy Julian : Has Gordon Ramsay been ever food poisoned ? I'm actually asking

Vsauce Puppet : Bless Gordon for trying all these foods

Legoman 643 : ‘Meatball sandwich’ (Brings sloppy disgusting excuse for a hot dog)

ttopadedoyin : 9:10 dudes kinda pervy and she looks scared

SHYLA HANNAH : Does anybody else pretend to be Gordon Ramsay when they are eating they're own food? Only me?😂

Gamergirlaaa : 12:40 who carries there forks like that? 😂

Fire Foox : Nothin like some Gordon Ramsay.

ToonGame : 1:04 He’s beating his meat.

Steve Harrington : Looks like he needs a chug jug.

YoLo : *How Old Is The Chicken? I Don’t Know* !! 🤦🏽‍♀️

soleigh xyris : Looks good but bad taste

Zachary Valdes : I kinda felt bad for the waitress 😢