Bitcoin: Boom Or Bust (Part 1)

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trapped cat : Stop showing those shinny physical coins. Show us your private keys.

Steven Campbell : Jordan Belfort is the least person on this planet with any kind of integrity.....he is the most rat like human on this planet; his opinion is like garbage

Bijar Jatoi : When people say Bitcoin will never be the reserve currency of all ethical humans, I have to wonder what kind of world they want to live in. A world where their money is controlled by an elite group that answers to no authority, which inflates and is worth less each year; or a computer whose code and nature can be audited and verified by all humans? A financial system that restricts power, or one that spreads it to all? Who do you want to be?

Glen Veitch : What a joke CNBC. You couldn’t muster a team with an ounce of respect for the technology and your audience to perhaps create a “documentary” that researched and explains the Bitcoin phenomenon? Instead you roll out this garbage.

Hal Taylor : Too superficial. Sometimes wrong. The origin of HODL is not hold-on-for-dear-life. It came from the an early comment post in a tech forum where the poster misspelled HOLD, as in "hodl your Bitcoin". This interpretation is of course much more interesting than hold-on-for-dear-life but doesn't fit the agenda of CNBC as portraying bitcoin as a dangerous fad.

Alpha Anderson : CNBC is back to its bitcoin rage mode again. Part of the reason why Bitcoin was sucessful at one point was because the nonstop boast from CNBC

Xochi Pilli : BTC > USD

The Man : CNBC is bullish.... guess I’ll take that as advice to short 😓

shlakser : Every time CNBC promote btc it drops!!!

Brian Schreech : CNBC picked a role-model (Kripto-Kid) who all serious investors will follow. Is this sponsored by bears? Interview more 'Intelligent and Serious' investors next time, please...' This documentary is a true mockery....

Crypto Hizz : The only thing that paw-scarf-kid HODL's onto more dearly than Bitcoin his virginity !!

ItsLITTv : I have been hearing and reading 'bitcoin boom or bust' for a year now so i am pretty sure Bitcoin is here to stay and y'all here either support it or leave it but bitcoin will stay regardless either way.

Dan Honour : Great video, a lot have happened in recent time about crypto and I must say its been so interesting; I got into crypto few months ago clueless on how to increase my portfolio I started looking for videos on YT. 4 weeks back I came across a comment on CNBC channel about a certain man named Charles Garry who teach young traders how to increase their portfolio and the comments from different users convinced me to contact him, I was overwhelmed with his strategy, he turned my *2BTC* to *10BTC* in 5days with no risk and I was so amazed. If you looking for the best way to increase your investment with no risk of losing, you can reach out to him on **Telegram:+1-631-620-6929 and via email

Munchy : Give me part 2 now! Please and thank you.

John Constantine : DoNt hAvE To KnOw HoW mInInG WoRkS!?!?!? Whaaa. That's the important parttttt

Jahed Miah : My economics lecturer used blab on about BTC before the big boom. But I never used to pay attention to him. Now I'm kicking myself!

Omer Oner : Where is part 2?

Tron Takeover : Ask me again after the collapse of traditional markets crash. 😉

the picturespec : OMG WHAT SONGS ARE THESE!!

Lazy Mary : Bitcoin is a bubble for illiterates but a source of income for literates. #BitcoinWillRuleOverCentralisedMoney

Ohboy Peach : Those Bitcoin songs were lit...

Cory Ryker : This chick...gtfo. How many currencies? Not even close to how many there are. So she stuck a bunch of Wiki articles and clips together. Good job.

petespirals : why live like that if you are a millionaire? weird

Ashley Wass : Electroneum

W4sabiNinja : There is no definitive proof we landed on the moon, so yes the biggest thing in the history of the world. 😎 Oh and go tell that con artist you keep bringing on the show to go read the code as it's open-source. Your "scam" argument is purely flawed.

Kobe Wild : Please don't start trying to pump bitcoin again.. video card and ram prices finally have started to come down.

trapped cat : 6:53 "We call Traders... Taitors" Love it!

Sinist3rX : Don't waste your time here. Just dislike the video and move on to people who actually know what crypto is

Noah McCloud : You’re saying people still have faith in BTC after it went to the bear market? Edit: oh no wait it’s only PART 1 never mind~

Eric Smyth : I remember reading about BTC at $5 in a magazine. Whoops!

Father Finger : she talks like sucking a pacifier

L F : So last year.

Grim Investor : Crypto kid should change his name to Winnie the pooh

kushismycologne : CNBC pls stop existing and delete your past from history.

Carlos Manuel Rodriguez : BTC to the moon.

謝宗佑 : Medias... please..... Cryptocurrencies are virtual, do not put a photo of physical gold coin with a B on it when you writing news.

breon31774 : Are You Going to Post the 10yr Anniversary of the Crash...??? I Never Got to See it on CNBC TV the Only Day it Aired.

Father Finger : she got no nose

Philson : Her age is starting to show...

Robert Evans : Pyramid with you on the bottom and feeding your hard earned money to the few early adopters. You will never get your money out but go ahead and fall for the lure of easy money.

belajar menggambar : Cnbc should talk more about XRP.. do you agree???

Brandon Beavis Investing : Great potential here. Still have to understand when an asset is overvalued!

Zach Dowlan : Part 2 NOW!!! I demand it!

noah wayne : This video and host are hilarious. Why did we need the montage of her getting ready/walking to the studio? Whats with the constant shots of her hands? What was the point of removing her jacket to pretend to be at a party? That had nothing to do with the explanation that followed. Its almost as if she was trying to mimic Margo Robbie's scene in the Big Short for some reason........Its just a lot of fluff. Also why did they pick "crypto kid"? Why do news organizations always try to find the biggest weirdo for a movement and put them on camera? I feel embarrassed for the host, this just reeks of a high school AV club presentation.

JakeWhiteHat : Given CNBC’s track record on BTC - whatever CNBC says - believe the OPPOSITE will likely happen!!! Lol

William Poole : #ETN #ELECTRONEUM to the moon #HODL

FreeSky 542 : If the government fails bitcoin will become the main form of currency. And if you watched the news lately there is a good chance the government will get locked up in a battle and shutdown, especially after the elections and the Democrats win seats back

rockopocko : Had potential, but you ended it on the fear mongering media is known for. Again further reinforcing that CNBC chooses to be the joke of crypto coverage. One day you'll look back at this time in media and think you could've done so much more.

divizionx : Typical mainstream media. #fakenews

mohak prawal : When is the part 2 coming ?