Happy St Patrick’s day from the US Army

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Tarvis scatt : https://m.soundcloud.com/scattonthatrack

BONES SKATING : Reminds me of something that would come on during the commercial breaks on Adult Swim when I used to watch that. Lol.

meteora maidan : Love everything about it from the clover, music and dance.

OneofMany : 10/10 meme

Jp Jp : This is freaking awesome!!!!

Eric J : Your tax dollars at work...

Zamo : mr.t lexify anyone?

NOOT NOOT : What a meme

Joe Norman : Why are people offended by this?

Mary Vogt : Horrific.

Sopmod Monkey : Lit!!!!


Biggity : North Korea and Russia ain't even slap like this

Rod Tipton : WTF?

Ivory Khan : Sick.

Robert the Robot : song

Ralph Zodang : What's the name of the music/song?

Towelzz : This is so bizarre

OAFC Blue white army : IRA

Joe Howard : Apparently most people don't know this. Four leaf clovers are not about St. Patrick. St. Paddy used the 3 leaf SHAMROCK to preach the triune God, three persons, one God. Try again. But nice Irish dancing... not.

Cute anime girl : bruh, look at this country. Wait until you see the uh, heheheh, oh ho ho, oh no NONONONONO fppppppppppphhhhh HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

PrincessFlowers Tutorials : My brain is trying to escape from my ear 😫😫😫

Gaurav Sharma : Where i get this ringtone

Eng1967 : Does anyone know the name of the song?

Chris Peters : demerrit for b boying in uniform. gonna be doing some pushups from now on soldier

Mary Glaros : Let's keep dropping those bombs on everyone. Interesting that the video doesn't show where the bombs land.

anon : Nothing like shooting and bombing terrorists with the international symbol for good luck!

sean byrne : No words ...scum of the earth