Susan G. Komen "For the Cure" is wasting your donations
Your annual remindernotification of how the Susan G Komen foundation is a fraud that doesnt actually want to cure cancer

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Susan G. Komen "for the cure" is a marketing empire more concerned with perpetuating their revenue-whoring existence than actually finding a cure for cancer. They exist only to ensure their future existence - the money you donate is used to advertise and market so that more people will donate after you. In a world with infinite resources, you could argue something [11%] is better than nothing. But charitable giving is historically a fixed percentage of GDP and income - meaning there's a pie that is only so big, and Komen wants to take larger and larger slices, meaning less and less charitable funds go to research as they grow. Please, if you want to see a cure in our lifetime, give your donations to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation at