IKEA against the machine

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Patrick Hunter : Hahahaha love the added distortion at the last bit

PlasmaSounds - Gaming : very impressive, but can you play piano on guitar

Hammer head : Rage against the ikea

Tolga Secilmis : Where is the dog? You became sensational with that dog. You can’t hurl it. This is the definition of animal cruelty. Animaaaaal rigiiiihts.

Boosted & Built Garage : Knew this had to be good as soon as I got the notification 😁

Shelby Delane : Also, the door stoppers that buzz because they are spirals, those are fun to play with

Isaac De Acá : As always, this was GOLDEN !

Al Gadjiev : Killing in the name of Ingvar Kapmprad (Ikea founder)

vuriby : I never laughed that much on a music channel xD

Jaap-Willem Dooge : Thank you for making my day, lol!

Borschec M : Amazing 😍😍😍

Patricio Gonzalez : 🤘

Сергей Голованов : so cool


Валерьяныч : Ты же говорил, что не умеешь играть на гитаре. (Точнее, что хотел, но отдали на пианино, я помню)

Borschec M : I like this♥️♥️

Randy Farmer : Lmao love the sence of humour man!!!

Shantanu Aryan : early bird


Albert Krisztian : Genious😄

kamvitrus : ОРУ

ANTHONATOR Gaming : Awesome, but I have very mixed KITNO feelings on this lol

Eevnos : YES.. OMG dude, I'm obsessed with your videos tonight.. this was amazing!

Mr Skatosakoulas : Sure I'll sub. You seem creative and interesting. And I always like to learn about young intelligent people who are also into comp. science! :)

tkzsfen : i just noticed your avatar - is there a piano divorce going on?

Tim Robinson : This is genius

Gökberk Aslan : sooo creative and nicee

Martien Abrahamse : Never realized how cool ikea was

Pastor of Muppets : It could easily be warped into a Seinfeld theme with a bit of pitch shifting

Koson Amsuk : 0:42 = The most awesome moment I ever had from youtube. THANK YOU!! \m/

Lorenzo Leonardini : This is my new favourite video. Thanks.

That Guy : song name?)

jonas eggen : LOL : )

Я : i thoud that d be a pad for the final countdown song

Bru- Me- Neander- THALL : I'll bet you didn't get all the parts now didn't you Ron?

Sweeney Dunston Gaming : I would like to see a full length video on this.

Hannes Lehner : bratan thats nice

David Garcia : Song?

Andie Shore : Creative as always! Bravo, Ron!

haha yes : cool

Melo Miceli : Ahahahahahahah!!!

Shelby Delane : Me

Samuel Azeredo : lol you are amazing

gamerboyzeke : sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.................................. is your hobby putting distortion pedals on random objects?

ZQD : People who film vertical are worse than Hitler