Football vs Soccer Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

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Dude Perfect : Overtime Ep. 2 launches MONDAY @ 5 PM CST! 🔥

F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel : What a privilege it was to collaborate with you guys! We've wanted to do this for years & this was probably our most fun video to film EVER! You guys are the best in the game :) Anytime you wana do a round two just let us know! ;-) LIKE if you want us to make another video together!...

Rudransh Singh Charan : Who love dude perfect like here

Alex Malcolm : For us brits it would be Rugby vs football 😂

Bryce Glasby : Soccer is better

romaine Cohen : Soccer is better

Bilgi Dünyası : Who thinks F2 won this ?

Nini Dang : Witch do you guys like better soccer or football

big cok : Football better that rugby

ana cuellar : Who is in a soccer team or football and watching this video.

Master OF All : How u do these soccer skills.I would not be able to learn those in my 7 lives.!!?

Saint : Change the title to: "Football Vs American Football"

Weston Vance : Definatley Billy

nazim raza : Football is better than soccer so F2 won!! :)

Weston Vance : Sorry Ty

AntonPro 44 : Billy did the best pose

LightCentaur1167 : F2 is a lot better cuz...SOCCER ROCKS

Mahmut Yakin : Soccer ıs better

Ricky Crews : Why aren't they soccer players

Fatima Moura : Quem e brasileiro

Susan Schofield : Do you like football

Meme King : Like = F2 Comment = DP

The Oberas : F2 love there kicks

Ashton Kobarg : Sidemen would be cooler

Terane Mustafayeva : Billy or ty ty

Akhmad Rossidi : Waaw so amazing

Dude Perfect : Comment “flat earth” if you see this 😂

0 Subscibers with no Vids : Flat earth

Free France ball : But...its not soccer

irmaos silva 07 : Tem um brasileiro aqui?

British person : Sry ty but this is fight you didn't win that battle

John H : More like Football vs American Hand Egg!

Delmar Carneiro : Futebol e melhor não adianta

Hiro Boitelle : Billy is a leg but I do love American football also the earth is not flat because when the spins round towards the moon we would die

Gamermatt451 G : Billy did the good pose

Kabir Hussain : SOCCER IS BETTER!

Mistikei : Dare you call Football ''Soccer'' wtf smh

Zuza Zuzek : I love this canal! 😻😻😻

mustafa serwan : Billy

Lucas:1 Chalmers : But the earth is flat at the poles I'm 9 outsmarted

caleb saenz : Flat earth

RamboFYI : This is the greatest collab of all time. 🙌🏾

Moises Fierro : Billy lol

Szlavits Peter : Awesome Video :D

Unknown Dude : My brother is jealous of u. He calls you fake

Kabir Hussain : SOCCER IS BEST!

Wolfes Finder : What's better Like=soccer⚽️ Reply=football🏈

James Trewin : Go dp!!!!😀

Rose Larkins : You got really rect

Reno Dede : Amazing