Football vs Soccer Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

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Dude Perfect : Overtime Ep. 2 launches MONDAY @ 5 PM CST! 🔥

GREED : Amazing !

Mo Music : Spain : football 🙃 Brazil : football 🙃 Saudi Arabia : football 🙃 USA : soccer 😒👎🏻


X marks The spot : Who is better? F2=LIKE!!! Dude Perfect= COMMENT!!!

lucia vlogs : billy

RamboFYI : This is the greatest collab of all time. 🙌🏾

cupcake dog : Billy

olha o many yokshire many yokshire : Hustler

Riley Taisalika : billy off cause

Reem AlDomani : Soccer is better than fort ball

Christopher White : 2 K flat earthers disliked... Damn I didn't now there were actually flat earthers till this week 😂

jennifer doss : Billy His was so much better

Joshua Daniel : Billy

Eva Silerova : Billy

CRISTIANO RONALDO : When you randomly search f2 dude perfect collab and this appears!

Juan10 Renteria7 : Billy

Clashing With Hamza Kakar & Mobile Gaming : Billy

patrick ngo : I like football and soccer

david_soocool : Billy

Alex Perez : Soccer is the best

Mistikei : Dare you call Football ''Soccer'' wtf smh

Udi King : Wow

Aubrey Summa : Did anybody else cover there eyes when the glass came flying at the camera?? Or just me?!?! And of course Billy!! Soccer wins EVERY time!

Marko Djordjevic : Lajk ako ima srbina

NL gaming : *football vs football trickshots

F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel : What a privilege it was to collaborate with you guys! We've wanted to do this for years & this was probably our most fun video to film EVER! You guys are the best in the game :) Anytime you wana do a round two just let us know! ;-) LIKE if you want us to make another video together!...

drearycarcass3 6 : F2 is better

Crazy Clad : Молодцы

George Thomas : .......They've just hit 1 million subs so help them get 2.......They must have hit 2 subs a long time ago.......😂😂😂

kamal Mohamad : how the hell did they do all of this


Belv : Billy

JJsteck 124 : Billy

Filippos78Plus Touratzidhs : Amazing

Wania Ali : LIT

Diganta Sanyal : Flat Earth

Tuğkan Sapmaz : Billy

Prasad Sadhankar : that football guys are awesome

Goff Playz : Billy

Lion King : Billi

Meme King : Like = F2 Comment = DP

Jefferson Ore : Billy


Jefferson Ore : Superhumans

Alsady_ _Iraq : Ilove

Jamie Roberts : I have been waiting for this for soooooo long

drearycarcass3 6 : Billy

Max Del rio : F2 bro

Stewie's Voice : U mean eggball vs football trickshots?