Why Vox's MCU Video Feels Empty - Vox Response

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captainmidnight : Go to https://squarespace.com/captainmidnight and use code "captainmidnight" to get 10% off a website or domain. Do you think Vox was right about the MCU? Here's the link to their video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2qZ2_tp-jY&t=

Real Engineering : Fancy editing doesn't cover up terrible writing. Good work CM!

Mysterious Middle East : Vox were clearly fishing for clicks. Not sure why so many people watched and why so many YouTubers are responding. It was a forgettable video.

On the Stick : So, a thing I find kind of interesting about their argument that you didn't mention (and probably others in these 2000 comments already have, but just in case): Mork and Mindy didn't "crossover" with Happy Days. Mork from Ork was a character who appeared in Happy Days and was so popular, he got his own show. It's not a crossover, it's a spinoff.

Wilo Polis : How to get attention on YouTube in 2018- Complain about the MCU Works every time

Rory Lennon : That Vox video literally said absolutely nothing

HoustonProductions1 : Thank-you very much for this my good sir. That Vox video was a total mess.

jalabi99 : The reason why I downvoted that video and unsubscribed from Vox's YouTube channel was their mention of the X-Men universe as being "better" than the MCU. That alone showed me that they know nothing about comics. The X-Men are Marvel characters!

Paris Cloud : Forgets that Phineas and Ferb have crossed over with Marvel and Star Wars.

Stormy Kopa : I also disagree with your assessment that Vox got it right in saying that the Netflix shows only pay lip service to the larger events of the MCU. Jessica Jones was discriminated against and shot by a crazed couple because they blamed her for the death of a loved one during the Incident. Luke Cage was also shot, twice, by bullets made from Chi'tauri bullets, possibly sold by Toomes' crew themselves. And lest we forget, the population generally fears these characters (Luke Cage being an exception, for very good reasons) because of The Incident; the writers just prefer to work this into the general flow of the narrative rather than address it in one or two scenes - they have 13 hours of storytelling to integrate it into, after all, rather than having to cram it into a 90-150 minute film. The whole point of the shows was to represent the "heroes" who aren't rich and resourceful and fly around the world on high-rise adventures all the time. They're just trying to live their lives and blend in as everyday street-level folk do. The fact that the people around them act as if life is still going on as usual is completely believable; it's human nature to be afraid of that which we don't understand, and our coping mechanism is to often turn a blind eye to it altogether. And yet Vox tries to make it out as if _Jessica Jones_ (the show) was an excuse for Marvel to sell Captain America action figures. We see that action figure for less than 10 seconds, for crying out loud. Each episode is an hour long, with 13 episodes per season. If anything, I'd say the Netflix shows have an appropriate quantity of references to the larger narrative. Anything more would be distracting, and had they done it, doubtlessly Vox would have complained that they tried too hard to tie the movies and the shows together. Sorry, but I'm not giving this criticism any merit. The shows, low-budget as they may be, have the freedom to excel where the movies are often constrained. They provide a type of humanity and familiarity to the MCU that's almost reassuring, a comfortable level of individual relatability that's different from the flashier Avengers, who provide relatability on a broader, more universal scale.

John Hughes : I don't even like the MCU all that much, and I thought that Vox video was baaaaaaaaad. I couldn't finish it.

Aman Ahmed : This is a well made constructive criticism video without any hate towards a channel. We need more youtubers like CAPTAAAAAAAAAIN MIDNIGHT

Tiwaking Tiwaking : 7:54 To be fair.... I would totally watch an ALF/Law & Order crossover episode. Hopefully it would be about ALF trying to get the lawyers to get him out of the government alien detention facility he is being held after the ALF final episode by being declared an American Citizen

Marcus Lake : Despite claiming up front that the Vox video was not clickbait- it was click bait. The end.

NoExit NoProblem : I don't see how artistic compromise affected Marvel at all. I don't understand what people want from these films. The Marvel universe as a whole is fantastic. Please correct me if I wrong. What do people really WANT from Marvel. This is a huge head scratcher for me.

Wallace Is Easy : GUYS IRON MAN 3 IS GREAT Ik people hate the mandarin thing but I didn't care cause i didn't know who he was seeing tony going through ptsd and depression was great because there was consequences from the attack on new york People argue there wasn't enough iron man scene but TONY is iron man Batman in Bruce Wayne, the day his parents died Bruce died with them and became batman. Bruce wayne is a shield and a mask for batman to do his stuff Tony though is way different that is why he told the crowd in the end of iron man 1 HE is iron man That sequence of him sneaking into the mansion is amazing and shows he can do stuff without the suit This was alluded top in avengers where cap asked him what he is without the suit

GenerationWest : Your video matched my thoughts, but further expanded upon. It was a bloated explanation of crossovers, with glossy editing that didn't explain their point clearly (there is a kernel of an idea to work with), and of course the biggest sin committed was wasting 10 minutes of my time. No wonder when I first watched the video it had up to 80 to 90% dislikes, it didn't just insult the MCU, it insulted the fans, and an entire medium.

Tommy M : Wow! Vox was wrong about something? Color me shocked.

Zach Beresford : Vox...to feel so desperately that you’re right...but to fail, nonetheless

Griff Fourn : I was really worried clicking on this video. I find a lot of response videos, particularly those from male dominated cultures (sports or nerd culture for example), and even more particularly those aimed at perceived "liberal" sources (in this case Vox or to continue the sports analogy; ESPN) to often fall into critiques about "how everything is too PC" or "they're forcing liberal propaganda." I, however, was pleasantly surprised by this. It's really good. The quality is outstanding, your message is well thought out and incredibly delivered. This was great. If you're wondering what I expected go watch something by "Unsleeved Media" or "Eight Thoughts." That's the type of response videos I feel often come out of these cultures, aggressively on the offensive. This isn't that, and it's fantastic.

Ethen Millard : I definitely think the worst part of vox's video was comparing the work of Stan Lee, Jack Kerby and Steve Ditko to a ham fisted sitcom cross over from the 70's. I mean a planned out comic book universe filled with interesting and dynamic characters is not the same as a cheap cash grab.

Spider Man : Half to be exact because of Thanos.

Eric Carson : Vox has never been right about anything

Darth Azathoth : Vox seriously said Disney would not allow for deep tonal experimentation? They must have missed the time that Jessica Jones went up against a super-villain who chiefly used his powers to rape women, in a storyline that really explored some of the darker sides of misogyny,.

Miko xmas : Vox just want an easy clickbait

theboo222 : @15:04 ok, how about thumbs up for that squarespace crossover. :P

Chanray : Those Captain American cartoon clips give me life.

Cavan Chong : they should fire the vox guy

Manx Marvel : I see what you mean with your main point that crossovers are inartistic and overused but... a good crossover can be more artistic than the separate movies would you prefer it if Iron man, Hulk, Thor, Captain america and Spiderman existed in different universes? I would be devastated to see such potential as the avengers be ignored for the plot of each individual character. I understand that a character needs to evolve and develop but It's also important to see that development as a group. If Black panther and Antman did a cross over, I wouldn't be that thrilled, Its similar to as Starvengers crossover but to have a Captain America and Iron Man crossover is brilliant as they both have opposing views that exist in the same universe that DIRECTLY relate to the people their trying to protect. Should they be free to do what they want or should they be licenced by the government. Like Captain Midnight said the whole of Spiderman Homecoming's set up for the Vulture is a spectacular example of this. Damage control is a great comic series and I'd like to see more of it. Dc fails at this from going from a divided city on whether Super Man is good or bad to "EVERYONE misses Superman. Why is he dead." The Superman vs Batman movie had potential but misused it by making the characters connected by plot and not by their beliefs and ideology. If Thor just popped into a Spiderman film or comic and said. I was there when your father died and didn't save him dispite being a doctor would be a prime example of DC's mistakes. You can't throw different properties together without a level of connection or contrast that works well with each other. Again this relates to the tone and themes of properties but that's enough from me. Anyways good video and I'd love to see more like it.

Luke Lim : If vox video is a thesis paper about Marvel Film, I will definitely fail the student.

Nasim CCZ : Legends say if you’re very early every comment on this channel will say, “CAPTAIIN MIDNIIGHHT!!!”.

Kento Bento : great stuff, completely agree

legobriker456 : Hope you respond to Pwedipie’s video on Marvel as well!

Ford Rasmussen : Your Squarespace advertising at the end was worked in seamlessly. Native advertising like that makes me not even mind it at all. Great video, by the way!

Ida Killerrich : Thankyou! Of course it was a great video, and you made some really good points, but I'm just really happy you explain what Vox was saying, because I reeeally didn't understand that video!😁

ZombieHero : Vox is all about the clicks. I dont even think they care about being right or wrong, they just want clicks.

Rohan Mohall : Well this video doesn't feel empty. 👍

Sedna Dragon : Personally, I would love to see a Star Wars MCU crossover!

Stan Mitchell : That video got more dislikes which explains everything.

Frootlup : Growing up I just assumed all of Marvel was connected and all of DC was connected

Arch : Thank you for explaining it! Man the Vox video made my head hurt and I had no idea where to start. You flushed my ideas out nicely and coherently. Oh, and it sucks that Vox made such an error of a video because their videos are usually astonishingly good - and especially their editing!

King Mojo : I would like to see a Law & Order SVU/Friends crossover

spite lionheart : i think vox should stick to politics no matter how bad their political views might or might not be.

EdgyLegendLife : Just think of mcu as a netflix series but each episode is a good high budget 2 hour movie

Joshua Gerald Butler : Whilst I might not be the biggest MCU fan, I do like it, and the Vox video comes across as really ignorant.

Official Filmilen : The MCU never feels empty. It feels like a whole universe where everything is connected.

DovahTarkus : It kind of seems like Vox is accusing basically everyone at Marvel, well, ever of being artistically bankrupt, which is honestly pretty insulting.

Firebender 117 : "You got me alright got me in perfect position" lol

Lance Black : Thank you for this Captainmidnight.

potlovingchef14 : One of voxes worst video very shite