How Dolby is measuring human emotions to hack Hollywood

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Kevin S. : Great series so far, love the insights. Keep it up!

John Doe : so do you test it on sex scenes?😂 I'd have asked that too

João Gonçalves : "I've been reading about shark lately"

Gabriel Lopez : Why did she get so offended by the sex scene question? Like da faq lol

Grant Hussey : Lauren is by far my favorite now.

Ray Blvck : This series is fantastic Great job The Verge

sky master : where's her twin?

Michael Pruett : I really want to work for Poppy now. She seems very involved and engaged with her job. She seems like she would be a very good boss

pSyk : This will ruin movies and make everything look the same just like Marvel movies already do today... :(

onee : I thought Dolby was only audio stuff.

Lego Play Time : So a movie that gets 100% in Rotten tomatoes is now a possiblity?

Chris D : Tracklist?

Trey Johnson : No thank you. Also, this should be optional

Dean Shull : Kudos to the editor that added the outtake: "I've been reading a lot about sharks lately."

José Guerreiro : Interesting episode, also amazing shots, editing and of course Lauren. Good job The Verge!

Manic Jest : This is the beginning of that TV room found in Fahrenheit 451 (the book)-- there's no story, it's just sounds and colors that make people feel a specific way. (Which in the book was used as ultimate entertainment that made people obedient and unmotivated in other areas in their life.)

Marcel Aniceto : What got me thinking is, like in world war 2, this could be a propaganda asset... Mass communication and its caveats.

TLL : "I've been reading a lot about sharks lately." (Impressed) "Waaaoooow"

raze83 : "Better than life" chips anyone? Only a few nuyen.

James Kaufman : This girl's thermal image is the most adorable thing i've seen all year

Paul Liam R. Du Bois : SCARY AS F*&K!!!!!

meetajhu : Lol this entire dolby technologies are a big joke. These are some ancient technologies on PC made by Creative labs

Love : yay brainwashing!

MrThestingman : did they show her images to evoke that clueless look on her face all the time?

malakautube : This two women in the video looks like they are siblings or twins

Fawad Kazi : Great Job, very well made series!

Tobias Brock Korsgaard : "I've been reading a lot about sharks lately" 😂😂😂

iObsidianROTMG : Great video!

Karl Ku : I think in the future we can take this to another level. Machine learning could see what you like and not, then edit films accordingly to make them personal. Same with books, music ...

Chris Holland : you smile as you destroy

Tom the Great : Cool video!

MY GT PHARAOH ATEM XI #1 5DS #1 MDS #2 LOTD : i will use the lie detcetor technology to make a religious society for virgins we will make a new religion together

Atif Hassan : Yet another tool for Hollywood to use instead of making a good movie. Pixar is already really emotionally manipulative when it comes to their storytelling, now they can trick people with a bright screen and loud louds.

Evan Aagaard : Good lord that's a crisp resolution. Especially the shot at 0:02. What's your secret?

December : sounds like this won't be abused at all (;

perceivingacting : More bs thought manipulation from the archons behind Hollywood's hoax.

reas aldwin : someone at dolby must have watched FUTURAMA to get this idea (when Leela goes to orphinarium to tell kids a story she came up with, a cable network manager secretly measured their reactions with his device lol)

The Details First : As we learn how the mind works more and more people will start to manipulate it more and more.

Malik Lee : Deer each traditional schedule profession African meat.

ohmygoshiloveapples : Isn't a good movie a good movie? Seriously? I recently watched this Japanese film called, Your Name, and I was moved by it because it is a great movie, not because of its obsessive use of colour and sound. This seems unnecessary.

kent clrak : were you trying to look like a video game character

George Phillips : Standing light knock gesture way zone version.

Uki Malefu : Nobody can be told what The Matrix is...

Jubach : Dude the music in this video is freaking sweet.

Alex Vahter : This is only the second episode, but I already want a second season!

Pi : all this tech but movies aren't even half as good as they were 20 years ago

Chris Edgerton : The smart home of the future, no internet, no tv, and freedom from technology.

Vishal Bhoir : Great job... thanks for bringing this series 👍🏼

Anamol Shrestha : Does she says "I'm poppy"? lol

Andrey Kolesnyk : First thought - Black Mirror