How Dolby is measuring human emotions to hack Hollywood

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Kevin S. : Great series so far, love the insights. Keep it up!

Ray Blvck : This series is fantastic Great job The Verge

José Guerreiro : Interesting episode, also amazing shots, editing and of course Lauren. Good job The Verge!

The Master : Illuminati confirmed 👁

Atif Hassan : Yet another tool for Hollywood to use instead of making a good movie. Pixar is already really emotionally manipulative when it comes to their storytelling, now they can trick people with a bright screen and loud louds.

Lucas Hölzenbein : Loving this series so far, keep 'em coming!

Leonard Wong : This is the best series ever!! Love it ❤️

razorriz : That slo-mo Lauren intro 😍😍😍

Roy J : You should try this on your twin sister that's in all of your videos and see if you get similar results.

João Gonçalves : "I've been reading about shark lately"

Michael Pruett : I really want to work for Poppy now. She seems very involved and engaged with her job. She seems like she would be a very good boss

sky master : where's her twin?

December : sounds like this won't be abused at all (;

DJ Qu8ke : What if someone were to use this physiological biophysical data to produce media with the goal of eliciting a predictable response? What if that media could always guarantee the expected emotional experience. What if this was used to allow all of us to feel happy and complacent all at once. What if the form of media delivery was your daily news. What if this was already happening? What if your thought right now is a predictable one that has been embedded in your ideology through academia, mainstream media and Hollywood entertainment. What would that thought be? "Man this guy is a conspiracy theorist, break out the tin foil hats Alex Jones". What if someone has always tried to open your eyes but you dismissed them on each occasion? What if I tried, one more time? Wake up America... we need you!

ronnor hgih : what song was in the vid???

Grant Hussey : Lauren is by far my favorite now.

Joshua Chew : Yay! New episode!

Ivan Tyk : "with willing subjects" Why is there a need to clarify whether or not the subjects are willing..

Dan Moriarty : Why else would they be testing all these things other than to make more money? Of course it's manipulative, there's absolutely no other motivation at play here. Stop giving the benefit of the doubt. Other than that, interesting vid!

Mike12mt : This is just giving me nostalgia of 1984 Ghostbuster's

ohmygoshiloveapples : Isn't a good movie a good movie? Seriously? I recently watched this Japanese film called, Your Name, and I was moved by it because it is a great movie, not because of its obsessive use of colour and sound. This seems unnecessary.

InverseAgonist : Some questions: Why do they show the subject the sensor data, on displays far larger and brighter than the test screen no less? Do you genuinely expect me to believe that tiny screen is actually putting out 20k cd/m^2? Can you determine anything beyond the most basic, primitive emotions with all those sensors? Did I just hear a professional neuroscientist refer to a sensor as a "lie detector" in 2017? Hell, even when people believed in the validity of lie detectors, they consisted of *multiple sensors*. That's why it's called a *poly*graph. Last question: When did you last calibrate your bullshit detectors, Verge?

Anais SeventySeven : And we want Hollywood having this information about us, why?

quantum being : I need those sensors

suf23 : fascinating video, great job Lauren. looking forward to episode 3.

Gabriel Lopez : Why did she get so offended by the sex scene question? Like da faq lol

Manic Jest : This is the beginning of that TV room found in Fahrenheit 451 (the book)-- there's no story, it's just sounds and colors that make people feel a specific way. (Which in the book was used as ultimate entertainment that made people obedient and unmotivated in other areas in their life.)

Javier Veneracion : Lauren is my favorite in the verge. she is bae

Anurag Deshpande : very interesting series keep it coming, cannot wait to see more

Your mother hoe. : yay brainwashing!

Abi Nubli : How cute. She caught off guard by the Lauren's sex scene question

ohmygoshiloveapples : Van Gogh would spit in your face if you told him to use colour where a machine recommended. That's not art. Art has randomness to it, and it isn't fixed to studied spikes of human emotion. The Star Wars lightsaber sound is iconic not because a computer created it, but because someone intuitively felt that it was correct and emotive.

Who Dis : There's nothing wrong with companies using this research to create more impactful movies for us, the viewers. That's what we want. We want to feel the movie. We want the movie to have an impact on us. That's why I think this is the best research the movie industry can use right now to make movies better.

Lego Play Time : So a movie that gets 100% in Rotten tomatoes is now a possiblity?

pSyk : This will ruin movies and make everything look the same just like Marvel movies already do today... :(

Chris Holland : Please go away

Harry Tsang : measuring is the second step, they have mastered manipulating viewer's emotions since forever, Just watch any Pixar and Disney Movies or hour event on certain shows of them.

onee : I thought Dolby was only audio stuff.

John Doe : so do you test it on sex scenes?😂 I'd have asked that too

Amy J : Oddly enough, I don't go to movies to get manipulated into feeling anything. I prefer stories that just tell themselves and allow me to choose how I want to perceive what's happening. Whether it's from books or on the screen, I have much deeper respect for story tellers that can lay it out there and let it naturally develop. I tend to prefer the episodic format for this reason.

James Reimer : That opening scene made me think of A Clockwork Orange for some reason.

Christopher Deutschler : so funny to see Lauren's heart-rate pick up when she asks her question about being aroused... haha

Marc H : Movies are art, not commerce. Yes, the artistry of movies has been gambled away into commercialization. But the core of a movie is art. Data-driven design is a modern obsession, and we desperately need to ask ourselves as a society if this is the trajectory we want to go. All previous works of humankind vs. technology were thinkpieces about the future. We are now IN that future. This is not a game, it is a true decision point.

Omar Sharif : Black Museum

AJ Estur : Black Mirror episode.

Max Althemyst : 3:17 oh Lauren, ure not only jumping to conclusions...ure summoning them (arousal, sex scenes). I like her :D

John Doe : wow they love using the word hack for no reason

NoName BadAss : I hope it's good at measuring anger and frustration.

loserface : cool technology, but i hate the concept tbh

Parzival : That slow mo walk though, m in looove.