Had to delete some Bluetooth devices from a used car
Had to delete a Bluetooth device from a used car

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SomePoorSap : Helen Keller's old car?

Mike Lytou : Ah, native English speakers and their fine ear XD The car assistant is hilarious too.

Viktoria Wilkins : That was quite the boastful assembly of words to create a sentence in which you speak with excessive pride of ones achievements, but I guess I may be able to express assent, agreement or acceptance to said assembly of words.

Something Deep : weird flex but ok

TrashPanda138 : Connecting to Bluetooth after 2beer

Lee Trott : Bluetooth for mooses? MooseTooth?

Jaylin the memer : Xd

KaykeyK : Stewie

Derek Ferdinandi : is this a white 2011 silverado?

DaNthe : :D :D :D

Sap. : MOOSE