PRANKED! Served her own food in top restaurant πŸ˜‚ - BBC
Lady is unknowingly served her own food at Michelin Star restaurant

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Mi : They should steal food from Gordon Ramsay's fridge and serve it to him, when he is reviewing restaurants at the Kitchen nightmares.

ChoosinUsername : This prank proves she's a good cook and knows her flavours. She almost recognized all her food. This is the kind of pranks I want to see and trend on youtube. Wholesome. Everyone is lovely.

Kamodomon : I'm really impressed with her palate. I would have thought that she wouldn't have been able to tell, but she kept saying "this is exactly like how I make it at home." She is a really good cook or, at least, has great sense of taste. Good on her.

S0ldi3r : Hold on ur telling me this lady paid for her food twice?πŸ˜‚

Eloise Massett : Whoever came up with this is an absolute genius πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»

bye : From the title I thought the prank was she owned her own restaurant and they served her the food from her own restaurant at another one

Amarthya Chandar : 4:05 "Margaret, I took all your food, what're you gonna say to that?" "That's terrible!" πŸ˜‚

Nate AAiel : Now this is prank. Well thought of, entertaining, properly executed and more importantly, is polite and respectful

Sneaky1210 β€’ : Sometimes, YouTubes recommended puts the most ridiculous garbage on my front page and other times it spits out solid gold like this video. A good ol fashioned harmless prank. No fake overreactions. Nothing law-breaking. Just a wholesome, highly enjoyable prank. 10/10 On a side note the chef sounds kinda sounds like Gordon Ramsay at certain points and that was confusing for a bitπŸ˜‚

Nino : I’m glad he didn’t come to my place and steal my instant noodles

Morning Coffee : Legends say that the fridge door is still open.

zee matt : The juice from the freezer. Lmaooooooo that chef is a star himself.. down funny guy!love him

Darrell Foust : Absolutly the most honest food critic, EVER! Every restaurant should invite her because she'll be frankly honest and sincere. What a heartwarming sport.

The Titan : Imagine if he did all of that and she didn’t show up to the theatre πŸ˜‚

Siyathokoza Zulu : we're protecting margaret. she's soooo adorable. puts the peas in the pie just for the kids. i love her.

Kay Rai : Aren’t we gonna acknowledge she was VERY honest throughout. I loved her.

LaLabutterfly : The chef was such a sweetheart and Margaret is adorable 😍😍

Mus Azman : you know she’s a genuine cook & genuine food enthusiast by the way she recognized all the food~ and instead of praising everything just bcoz she’s in Michelin star restaurant she did criticized the food.

Unknown : This is how prank should be, not the prank that can make people ANGRY!!! Example, people who throw a thing to other people and just saying SORRY ITS JUST A PRANK WTF DUDE...

Cherry Rose : 'I just cooked this' Yeah Margaret u LITERALLY did!

Dan : β€œThat bloke’s stealing me beef cheeks”

F4T4LFUS1ON : I love how she gives each dish a quick wiff πŸ˜‚

Father Louis Williams Suga Adams : "Le Jus Du Congel." In english "The juice from the freezer"

ChaoticDoll : "Have you been taking my food?" God bless that woman LMFAO!

kleighteen21 : Can we talk about how nice is Michel Roux?? I'm amazed!

Dee Club : 0:45, Why is this prank soooooo long? Edit - 15:45, the expression of the lady, totally worth it

woodkey1 : One of the best pranks I've ever seen on the internet and it doesnt involved people getting shit scared or injured. I enjoyed this very very much. Well done. Its so lovely

NitroCorn : Now THIS is a prank we can all enjoy! Loved it. Also, Margaret is ADORABLE! 😊

Marjan.Focus : Best prank I've seen in a while - so entertaining and put a smile on everybody's face 😊

bigbossignition : This is quality content! Good wholesome fun. What a lovely lady.

MMManal : Shes just been thinking about how she has to recook everything

caleb williams : This poor woman was so embarrassed in front of so many people, but she took it like a champ. Thanks for the laughs Margaret!

Tim Petrone : this is funny, but it would also make an intriguing study of human psychology (specifically ego) if done on a more in-depth and larger scale. I mean, some people would be convinced that "theirs is better", because they have a strong sense of pride...while others would be convinced that "theirs isn't as good", because they're more humble and feel that nothing they do is perfect, and they always aspire to improve. Still others would consider the food EQUAL to theirs, and may even recognize it as their own.

dont wantto : Actually good content, no wasting time, not making fun of someone, and still everyone had a laugh. Bravo!

S U N S H I N E : Margret is so CUTTEE! "How do you know?"

Dafoodmaster : she's got a good palate, she was batting a perfect game!

Leticia Sugianto : I really like this. Its very funny and enjoyable. The juice in the fridge killed me

Lee Song : This is what a *QUALITY PRANK* should be like

Ad van der Meer : Kudos to the husband for not breaking character... Wow, just wow. Priceless!

The Curious Noob : Margaret: it has a strong sensual smell. Husband: ...Sensual?...

Simon Philipp : This was - BY FAR - the funniest thing I've watched in a long time!

d c : 2468 people over for christmas!?!?!? my god!!!

Al3x C : Im sorry but i have to say it...David looks like the rat from "The tale of Desperaux" 14:28

PtolemyJones : That was wonderful. Not only was the idea hilarious, but I loved that she didn't end up looking like a fool, she recognized the flavors and everything. Her husband was wonderful.

Joe Shepherd : Anyone else feel uncomfortable the way he called it Christmas β€œlunch” and not christmas dinner

Friska Manalu : This chef is hillarious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and indeed food hears so much better in french.....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'm Laughing out loud.....

Mobashshir Kareem : 'Served her own food in a top restaurant.' RESTORATION : πŸ’―

gunfuego : Wow a recommended video that is actually good and wholesome, rare and, I it enjoyed for sure :)

SquidCaps : Kudos for Margaret for being just so honest, it would've been so easy to get carried away and convince oneself that the food is something that it isn't.