My Worst Skateboarding Fall Ever

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Garrett Ginner : I think "frig" is the last thing I'd say if that happened to me.. Glad you're ok!!!

videogames : I'm glad you're OK bro.

Jayden Krosenbrink : At first I didn't even see that he hit is head😂

Ethan Johnson : shout out to jonny for handling it this well

Kamilla : I think we will be seeing you in future 'Fail Compilations' soon lol :D

Loren Burns : I feel no remorse for you. They make helmets to prevent the cause of injuries. Invest in a helmet, that $20 you spend on one could just save your life.

Caio Rodrigues : Thats what you get for stop making apple videos

Vic Rey : fuck everyone that says he needed a helmet. you live and learn. he made a small mistake. its part of life .people that say wear a helmet bru probably dont skate so stfu.

Diego Diaz : Well thats a Fall Friday for Andy Schrock

Anthony Hernandez : That looked bad. Fuck glad your good

BANGING SOUNDS : " I was just skating along and then it hit me"😂

Adam Blackshaw : Hall of Meat TY!

Jordan Nester : u hit that dab on the way down

Jay Fedder : "Are you breathing right and shit" lmao

KennySkate55 : It's official he has had the worst week ever. Destroying his phone and getting in a crazy slam

Dumbledorf : Hall of meat?

Justin Who : Josh Katz is probably wearing his helmet watching this and laughing


Sam Ahad : Atleast you can get that YOUTUBE MONAYY.

afgmirmir : you're lucky your head hit your arm rather then the concrete

looney binsx : you're arm saved you're head that was so close

Jacob Miller : U dabed


B EPIC Gamer : Dab 1:22

Jorelle : Damn good thing your arm cushioned your head when you hit the ground!

itsblooms : Look closely at 1:22 whaen he hits his head on the over hang you can see the skin on the over hang

julian urista : You guys look closely he didint hit his head on the ground he hit it on the canapie thing on the buliding

Ronaldeddy : Really hope Andy does a fall Friday for this one

JODIE The Ω : He had the chillest reaction after he fell

IT'S DWAYNE : At least he got it on film

J Buldo : his hat

LiL Boat : at first i thought u hit ur head on the floor

Dean Morara : Are u okay?

Ilya : 0:07 "dood"

BossCreeper7694 : you were in mcadenville and you were skating in front of the village that my cousin owns... Thats pretty freaking sweet that a youtuber would skate in front of my cousins resturant..

IAmHeroiik : OMG this is hard too watch. So cringe. Aggghhhhhhh. Glad you're okay tho man!

Dexter Reviewz : johnny and little bobby are really good friends for taking you

Alexander Rusin : why did you have to show it again and again XD

Alia Assran : I'm so glad Johnny was there

Raiden : If I ever have Kids and they want to skate, I'll show them this video and say "And thats why you wear helmets"

Lonniemix 1 : at 2:46 he dabs

Luxcy RJB : You dabbed mid air be impressed haha

Derek Rogers : Don't freak out though dude. Oh shit dude it's bad!

Bugsy : I dont get how you fell like that. It looked like you got drop kicked by a ghost mid fall lmao.

Skaterade : Hall of Meat... enough said.

Swag Cactus : Im on mobile what vlog is this

F. Perez : It's the outfit, it distracted you

Austin Johnson : Dude, send this to failarmy

Goproman : bucket hat got rekt

Erica Purr : Anyone else think skaters look stupid NOT wearing a helmet? Lol