My Worst Skateboarding Fall Ever

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Garrett Ginner : I think "frig" is the last thing I'd say if that happened to me.. Glad you're ok!!!

videogames : I'm glad you're OK bro.

Jayden Krosenbrink : At first I didn't even see that he hit is head😂

Ethan Johnson : shout out to jonny for handling it this well

Kamilla : I think we will be seeing you in future 'Fail Compilations' soon lol :D

Loren Burns : I feel no remorse for you. They make helmets to prevent the cause of injuries. Invest in a helmet, that $20 you spend on one could just save your life.

Caio Rodrigues : Thats what you get for stop making apple videos

BANGING SOUNDS : " I was just skating along and then it hit me"😂

Diego Diaz : Well thats a Fall Friday for Andy Schrock

Jordan Nester : u hit that dab on the way down

Jay Fedder : "Are you breathing right and shit" lmao

Adam Blackshaw : Hall of Meat TY!

KennySkate55 : It's official he has had the worst week ever. Destroying his phone and getting in a crazy slam

Dumbledorf : Hall of meat?

Justin Who : Josh Katz is probably wearing his helmet watching this and laughing

afgmirmir : you're lucky your head hit your arm rather then the concrete

Sam Ahad : Atleast you can get that YOUTUBE MONAYY.

looney binsx : you're arm saved you're head that was so close


B EPIC Gamer : Dab 1:22

JODIE The Ω : He had the chillest reaction after he fell

LiL Boat : at first i thought u hit ur head on the floor

Jacob Miller : U dabed

Jorelle : Damn good thing your arm cushioned your head when you hit the ground!


rgb : Glad ur ok dude but please consider wearing a it for tracy. Do it for ur pops. do it for alyssa. Do it for GRAYSON. Do it for ur it for johnny, but most importantly do it for u!

IT'S DWAYNE : At least he got it on film

itsblooms : Look closely at 1:22 whaen he hits his head on the over hang you can see the skin on the over hang

Alexander Rusin : why did you have to show it again and again XD

Raiden : If I ever have Kids and they want to skate, I'll show them this video and say "And thats why you wear helmets"

julian urista : You guys look closely he didint hit his head on the ground he hit it on the canapie thing on the buliding

Ronaldeddy : Really hope Andy does a fall Friday for this one

J Buldo : his hat

Dean Morara : Are u okay?

Ilya : 0:07 "dood"

BossCreeper7694 : you were in mcadenville and you were skating in front of the village that my cousin owns... Thats pretty freaking sweet that a youtuber would skate in front of my cousins resturant..

IAmHeroiik : OMG this is hard too watch. So cringe. Aggghhhhhhh. Glad you're okay tho man!

Dexter Reviewz : johnny and little bobby are really good friends for taking you

Alia Assran : I'm so glad Johnny was there

Lonniemix 1 : at 2:46 he dabs

Luxcy RJB : You dabbed mid air be impressed haha

Derek Rogers : Don't freak out though dude. Oh shit dude it's bad!

Bugsy : I dont get how you fell like that. It looked like you got drop kicked by a ghost mid fall lmao.

Skaterade : Hall of Meat... enough said.

Swag Cactus : Im on mobile what vlog is this

F. Perez : It's the outfit, it distracted you

Austin Johnson : Dude, send this to failarmy

Goproman : bucket hat got rekt

Erica Purr : Anyone else think skaters look stupid NOT wearing a helmet? Lol

Scuf Astros : Love the new sound when you like a comment