High School Principal Smells Weed During Senior Class Trip

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Nihlism Is Cool : "don't wanna see anybody lightin up a doobie"

NJ Havoc : Later on they found out it was the bus driver had a few hits before driving, it wasn't any of the students

HFFOFFICIAL : damn at my school kid bust dabs on the buses

kaleb b : 0:33 dooooobie

anna b : “lighting up a doobie” LMFAO

Drew Berning : Not a federal crime

SENNYWAVEKID The Youtuber : bake brownies?

RC The Skater : Weed is fine man

Flying Nimbus : On my last day of high school me and my pal were unfortunately the only ones on the bus so we pulled all the windows down. We sat in the very back and both hit a one hitter. Never got caught but I’ll never try it again either. I think it was platinum cookies 🍪

MrLuna : Funny thing is I'm in Maryland

Saurabh Pande : why not edibles?

LAFLARE : lighting up a DOObie

Carl Brutananadilewski : What's a doobie situation?


Itwerk Sometimes : Bro chill smoke some weed

Riley Rolling : This could have been so easily faked

Chris Huang : LMAO the kid in front of the guy recording's still jamming out to music

Loudkush 420 : peincipal*

PhilmoeSlim : ILL TURN THIS DAMN BUS AROUND RIGHT AWAY.........end your precious field trip!!!!!!

Unknown User : So it doesn’t matter they got weed what’s the big deal would you rather let them bring a gun?

Ladinate : on school trips do edibles kids play it smart get higher

Clorox Bleach : When the weed is good 😂

Hassan Hustle : Love this show. Fucking appreciated this meme

Arnold 0 : dont do the dope kids

BriansRadioReviews : Weed can actually be more harmful for teenagers.

gaming savage : They legally cannot expel you for smoking weed. They can suspend u for a month or two. But never expel

water tastes so good : im in 7th grade and theres this other 7th grader who smokes weed lol , i dont like him

Loudkush 420 : principle*

Adam McMaster : love the its always sunny reference

Colts fan4 Life : Always sunny theme song lmaoo. Savage lvl over 9000

Avery Heaney TV : We will love brownies

TheExtinctSpecies : lightin up a doobie ahahaha

BLAHBLAH : lmao ofc it’s in my state 😂😂

Cricketplays 96 : Nice always sunny tributes

PringelsBro #KEVIN : God what a dislikeable dude!

Unleash : “Lighting up a doobie” LMFAOOOOOO

719Gas from THEslumZ : 😂😅😅😅

lilsnapp415 : Lighting up a doobie😂

ANAL TERROR : Only liked it cos the ending

Edward Whiteside : Oh snap...

Angel Garcia : *A doobie*

Rem kanji : Wait a min that bus has a tv

creative name : a doobie

Adolf Hitler : DOOBIE

shady : lol ew

Tug Atwood : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😋😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😀😀

Ryan Leonard : I hope your principal gets cancer.

drowsybrandino . : shit teachers act like weed is like a drug sent from the devil or something. Teachers need to be educated on weed. Honestly, no one has ever died from smoking weed , no has EVER died on lsd either like fr . But no every older adult is fine with alcohol, no second thought there . Yeah let’s keep feeding these people something causes so many deaths , addiction and so many health problems. Weed? Oh no it makes people feel extremely chill and relaxed because that’s what it’s come down to because you teachers decide to molest us with so much work and so much expectations lol .

X3DN : Sounds like a cuck