CVPR 2018: Learning to See in the Dark

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Elliot Bridgewater : The future's bright... at night.

Alfredo Fernandes : I had an idea close to that after seeing the Nvidia denoiser for raytracing, shame I didn't had the knowledge to do such, but the results look really great!

Milk Surface : This is amazing!

Dumb Jason : this is so ridiculously WTF. congratulations on this

Matthias Edling : Deep learning is the future and the future is now. Absolutly astonishing work, respect!

Victor Nikolov : I want to implement it in my glasses. :D

Benjamin Healy : Can this be applied to images that have already been compressed? It would be wonderful to be able to recover old shots of mine.

Simeon Radivoev : All we need now is temporal coherence

Fly-High : I want plugin for Lightroom! : *Wonderful technology !* If you want to, then people would fund you on crowd funding platforms for bringing this to phones. Let's get this implemented into the open camera on Android, and Gimp for image editing, so that we all can enjoy decent night time photography.

Darth Jahus : Science is so amazing!

BourbonCreams : 2:13 how did it recognise the 'Digestive' writing on the right of the image?! The original image didn't give any clue about the presence of text.

张志亮 : 好厉害

R3ap3rPy : You are awesome!!!!!!

Big John : The end of photography. AI will take over.

Dmitry Vorobyev : Where I can download it for photoshop?

Hartvik Line : Wow, that is freaking amazing!

Kram1032 : Gotta say I'm surprised just how well Google's Pixel 2 camera does at the end at 15fps. - There are some artifacts but I'm almost certain those are from video compression which tends to disproportionately affect darker areas which is problematic if "darker" is the entire image.

Tcim : next SOTA!

Carl Ryu : Awesome work. No more YUV pipeline with denoising algo work. Good job

Wan HL : 1.6s handheld is possible. Olympus em1ii has done it.

Iluhandric : That's not good brother

cfrek : This made me go "holy shit"

1 : This looks like if you installed new texture mods to IRL.

magnusmoty : This is so very amazing! Will there be simple GUI software capable of doing this available to people?

Nikhil Manohar : Stunning work!

Prakash Pandy : How to pass the raw image from iphone camera to it?

Nikita Nikiforov : it's a kind of magic! you're cool, guys

Закиров Марат : Could the same results be achieved on compressed data like JPEG -> JPEG? Or it strongly depends on RAW data of specific camera at CANNOT generalize at all?

rubixjohm : Amazing, great work!

Daniel Zuñiga : *i take out my imaginary hat*

Mary Shen : Your work is excellent.

Noe Miniel : this is amazing!

Rizki Adi Saputra : improve night vision

Yanfei Wang : Wow, you guys just created the magic!

sdchew : Very impressive!

Ashok Kumar Pant : Too good, amazing!!

LongJohn Vllasaliu : This is ridiculous

Graham : Great work, I'm amazed.

Daniel Holt : E N H A N C E

sir pei : 凤梨酥看上去很好吃的样子

Vishal V : I'm speechless :O

Kerozen : Soon to be wiped of the internet and being picked up by some government or they already have a much more advanced program than this

강동옥 : Result from A7sii with normal low light and intended dark camera settings can be recoverable easily. It should be ultra low light to be meaningful. Please show us the camera settings

Andrew B : Very Impressive!

AJAY singh : great work

Виталий Столяров : Amazing!

pd : I hope Samsung incorporate it in Galax S10 :D

Joe Hrdina : This is amazing

RS Z : amazing