Forget yodeling kid, meet Halo theme song kid

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Mr. Fox : *halo flashbacks intesifies*

Justin Y. : Now do it in a school bathroom for optimal acoustics

Kmh Alviansyah : *LYRICS* Oooaoooaaoooooaaaooooooo... Aaoooooooooooaaooooooooooo.. Oooooooooooooo... Ooooaoooooooaoooooaoo...

Avocado Sauce : *God Joined The Server*

inspirepaul : This brings back so much memories

PotatoMG : His character model isn't loaded in yet

Gurosama Bltch : This is what you see when you enter Heaven.

Hoàng Kim Việt : Oh. That's God, not human :-0

Dragoro RC and more : This meme is too advanced for our simple civilization. When we have the proper technology, this will be popular in 2057 according to my calculations.

Faker The Legend : *How it feels to chew 5 gum*

Alexis Salinas : Imagine hearing him live at Coachella....

elitegamer : *Wait we are still on the loading screen?*

LemonOVA : the voice of 100 angels

I Polaris I : *real life death music*

Salami Yagi : you can hear the guy crying in the background. so beautiful.

All-Stars Gaming University Team : *never forget Halo it's all in our past, but it's still with us today*

Zaklamp : I want him for my funeral

JuiceTrue : Why am i crying.

e ez : Legends says he is still singing

Balta Bueno : Duuude, I want him to do that at a church!! 😂😂

Tyrick Maxwell : 👏🙄 beautiful just beautiful

One Random guy. : Thx Internet..


Michael&Jello : I just love dumb stuff like this

Zuzu : Turn max volume for goosebumps

dehzys : The Return of God

SilverStone : Go to a farm show, find one of those massive fuel tanks or a grain silo with the side open so you can go in it and do that, I really want to see that happen

PONYBOYonline : "meet Halo theme song kid" in one of the countless other kids who sings the Halo theme song in a echoey open space...

Ronald McBigD : Now I kinda want to play Halo

jonh hancock : This guy should have been the lead singer in the 80 guys in the bathroom video

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : Top 10 most powerful anime characters of all time

WRMTW : I cried halo 2 come back to me 😢

ayegetu : Why does the guy recording sound like he's constipated?

Denise Thasder : The way he’s standing gets me

undi : this is the sound you hear when you enter the gates of heaven.

King_Vader _06 : T H A N O S I S N T R E A D Y F O R T H I S O N E Y E T

Don't_Even_Ask. : Legend says this is the song the angels will play when the end of the world will come. This is a warning to all of us

Hey Creativity : This is actually pretty epic!

Ezekiel Garret : *THAT VOICE*

lord jedah : Send this to charmx

Cristian Collins : I want him to sing at my funeral

S P I C E E Y E E T S : Jesus must be so proud of you. *puked blood*

Your Basic Gorillaz Fan : *_MOM SAID IT’S MY TURN TO PLAY HALO_*

Mathis Banville : the one with the kid in the showers is way better than this one

TerriaHub : *Blue team has won the game!*

Tony Vasi : Thank you, for this

Mᴀᴅᴀᴍ Mᴀɪɴᴇᴄᴏᴏɴ : The sad thing is that he’s got potential.

Lev K : you should sing it in t pose...

TheSunMoon : Where's the orchestra?!

Fit4EPICness : *Press F to pay respects*