Forget yodeling kid, meet Halo theme song kid

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Mr. Fox : *halo flashbacks intesifies*

element panther : Now do it's in Walmart

Ezekiel Garret : *THAT VOICE*

Balta Bueno : Duuude, I want him to do that at a church!! 😂😂

PotatoMG : His character model isn't loaded in yet

Zuzu : Turn max volume for goosebumps

Cynidox : Ooooooooooaaaaaaaooooaaaaoooooaoaooaaaaaaaaoooaaaaaooaaaaa

Alexis Salinas : Imagine hearing him live at Coachella....

Thomas Owens : I want this as my alarm

Kat Plays : Here before it gets viral!😂

David French : this has been over done so many times. As impressive as it is its not that special. Try doing it in a church... that would be super cool

Avocado Sauce : *this is what you hear if you die*

Sheerios : This gives me goosebumps omagad

Andrew Brinckerhoff : The is what Albert Einstein listened to when he wrote the bible

Denise Thasder : The way he’s standing gets me

Will Beats : *when you stub your toe*

PaPi ChoLo : would be better if he t posed

James Brown : Quick question about halo. Does master chief have ptsd? And if so does this song trigger it?

Mitzy : Imagine hearing this when you wake up at 3 am That would be so creepy

world warfare gaming : that theme when you log in your old xbox account and see your halo friends has been offline for 3 years

DR. Chris dol : I clicked on this expecting it to be funny not amazing.

LaRusso : The shower dude was better imo

Fire GIRL : That was beautiful.

ericbazinga : Expect him at Coachella too

Deam Dfull : I feel like i am in a church now :v if you know what i mean

Thepotatogiver : He made the halo theme song lol idk

Sherman is Watching : Can anyone make a 10 hour version of this?

DivineBlaze536 : Is this going to be viral, or what?

Keaton Moore : *NO MASTER CHEIF*

Booderman529 : why does this remind me of black hawk down

Fiercetooth : *Dear god. The covenant. We fought for years. Watching my men suffer before my eyes. Watching them get blown up by those damn grunts. But after all these years, ive still got some fight left in me.*

Lourdes Veronika :3 : What are those ¡?

Babalou Productions : This kid should be paid more than the Kardashians, he's definitely a lot more useful. EDIT: Holy Crap, this is the most likes I've ever gotten in my entire life. Maybe my father was wrong about me being a complete disappointment to the family... 1 Like = 1 more reason for me to be happy that I wasn't aborted

Dexition : just so you know i was here before this gets popular.

Pupperoni Pizza : Inb4 this gets popular. Anyone else?

Fandoms Trash : His voice is just so beautiful

M'aiq the Liar : Boi, see you at ellen's show then!

M'aiq the Liar : 0:13 That seagull tho...

TrueDat : lol why is he standing like that

cool dude : you know he had to do it to em

Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Big Rat : lol oh my god this is amazing

TeaPartyerRhian : Damn, that room's got great acoustics

Focuz Hound : Like a angel

Zachary DeValk : Now just go to Walmart

Gabe Booker : That’s tough 😂😂


Vishal Farma : His Sandles are really fitting

Hey It's That One Hippie : 158k before a million

Fix 101 : For a second,I thought he was not a human.

Niclas Zimmer : Here before 1 Million views..btw he has a beautiful voice