Spinning Rings Illusion

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0x777 : Back in the day I tried to rebuild everything you presented in the show. I taped those segments and rolled them over and over as I built them, and most of the time I somehow managed to build them. Over here in Europe, we got your show, IIRC, once a week and it took me the better part of that week to build it, at least in the beginning. But my skills grew, I eventually traded sticky tape and card board for soldering iron and printed circuit board and in the end, I have to say that I do owe it to you. Without your show, I don't know whether I had discovered the joy of actually building something myself that actually works and that I can point to when saying "I built that!"

Ray Kent : "For the motor you need a piece of card". ........ Fantastic!

Purdy Mouth : Is this an old show I'm missing in my childhood or is it the effect that you apply to your vids?

J K : Bog roll and sticky tape. The stuff that keeps the world spinning :p

Phillip Stewart : Thank you, Curiosity Show, for nourishing my mind during my formative years, and sparking inquiry and fascination in the world around us to an entire generation. Between Prof Julius Sumner Miller, and your marvellous programme, my fascination with the world, and simple, relatable applied physics was nurtured moreso than any teacher ever did. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart, and my best wishes to all concerned.

BertleMcGertle : Here in America, I grew up with a show called Mr. Wizard that was just like this. I can't say how wonderful this stuff is when I share it with my children.

labibbidabibbadum : Great to see you guys again. So what happened? The contract timed out and you suddenly regained the rights to your show? Whatever it was, I'm glad I can introduce this perfect little show, wot I used to watch after school, to my own kids.

Random Channel : I'm only 14 and I love these videos. Why didn't YouTube recommend these to me earlier? I have been watching YouTube for nearly 4 years and I only just have found CuriosityShow.

Joseph Kana : No wonder mine never worked. I keep using slippy tape!

jdabel1 : This is an old video. So please use a $1 coin instead of 20c - due to inflation.

Jack Kraken : Its sad how more TV isn't like this. So many TV shows feel poorly done and don't show a lot of creativity.

Never Gonnatell : You can see the motor a mile away. Most people want to be fooled.

codebeard : This is great, I remember watching this as a kid and trying it at home. So glad that you guys were able to make this great content available to the world again.

JustWasted3HoursHere : Clever! The first time I ever saw this effect was in the first Superman movie in 1978, on the planet Krypton at the beginning: https://youtu.be/NWoyRlPOb3Q?t=68 There's a variation, though, that I can't figure out, where the rings seem to continually speed up and slow down. I can't find a clip showing what I mean, but I did find this equally interesting illusion done by a very talented performer: https://youtu.be/zXsULibI8D4 (3 minute video)

Andy Johnson : I can't be the only one irritated by the piece of tape stuck to his scissors. I almost tried reaching into the screen to pick it off.

Alan Burke : Jaysus would ya look at that

Monkey Robots Inc. : coddboard?

Kosta Zarikos : That's awesome

ThomasTheSailor Chubby : Illusions make the World go round ! Many people made Fortunes with Illusions, Ya gotta love it !

T B : It's amazing how far The Curiosity Show show could stretch their $11.57 weekly budget!

Dazzletoad : Maybe paint it before you cut it? I like that project though 😁

david jones : great except for kroeger add blocking what you are trying to show

douglas jardine : im here for intro and outro synths sounds, an someone tell me what synth they are from thanks..

Elias Shedd : So isn't sticky tape just tape?

Kan Rup : you can fix anything if you have just enough sticky tape

Corey Lambrecht : That a lot of effort......

Will Datsun : Terrahawks

Michael Coombes : I remember trying to make this when I was 6 or 7! You would not believe just how happy you made me by putting all these videos up. Now to introduce them to my friend's kids....