MetalTrump - Master Of Puppets
MetalTrump Master Of Puppets

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If you'd like to support my channel: backing track by megatalented Owen: #metallica #metaltrump #masterofpuppets Make America Metal Again!


TheLuxael : *Make America Metal Again.*

Stoned Prophet : The thing I love about this meme is that it's bipartisan. If you hate Trump, then this is hilarious. If you love Trump, this is metallic inspiration.

Jonah Bodnovits : I have no idea which end of the political spectrum this was made for but this is hilarious

Planet Of the Games : 1. Fade to Trump 2. Ride the Trumpning 3. For Whom The Trump Tolls 4. Trapped Under Trump 5. Phantom Trump 6. Creeping Trump 7. Trump Fire With Fire 8. EsTrumpe 9. The Call Of Trump 10. Am I Trump?

tf2los : Metrumplica

Rage Quit : Make America metal again XD \m/ Loollll

Enrique Salazar : Master of Trumpets

Johan Ramirez : That end, with an actual libtard scream is priceless!

Diego Almanzar : Master Of TRUMPets

Oliver John : Trump em all!!!

Bruce Gordon : Donald Trump will replace James Hetfield on vocals with this new remake of Master of Puppets.


steveocaster : How long did it take to mine the lyrics from his speeches? Nice work! MAGA 2020

Some Metalhead Tomboy : For Whom The Wall Tolls

Blackfox23 Melani : Can you make *ENTER TRUMPMAN?* 😂 (You know what I meant...enter sandman)😉

forrestgumball : Wall 'em All Ride the Winning Master of Emperors And Covfefe For All MAGAtallica Election Re-Election Senate Inc. St. Orange Death MAGAnetic Hardwired To Drain The Swamp

Brian Velez : Hahaha, I love that someone takes their time to put this stuff together. Totally worth it!

Mr. Neverdie : All the media owners that couldn't stop him, this one's for you.

RUCHeDiON Quake : master of walls

Johnny Blaze : Great editing bro! Very well done.

John 100 : Trump Rules, this is a great speech to our common enemies.

Christian Jones : No se si quiero amar o odiar a Trump por esto

Sha ggy : The ONLY mistake is that the lyrics should say "darkness" not "darkest"

Heavy Metalurgist : The screaming snowflake at the end was just brilliant!

Jaka Langit : Metallica fits Donald Trump 🤘😂

Connor McJesus : This is great lol

john palmer : Cliff Burton: has left chat

Nath K : This is the reason i pay for the internet every month.

Dylan Helvetios : 0:33-0:38 best part👌

Gooch0 : Orange Man Bad. I'm literally shaking.

River Delman : Metallitrump: Master of Trumps

AudCavalier : Hit the Trumps The four Trumpmen Motortrump Jump in the Trump (Anesthesia) - pulling teeth Trumplash Trumpton lord No remorse Seek and deport Trump militia

Lone pube : 1. Trumpery 2. Master of Trumpets 3. The Trump that should not be 4. Welcome Trump (Trumpatarium) 5. Deplorable heroes 6. Pepe Messiah 7. O'Reilly (Instrumental) 8. Freedom, Inc.

Yohan : 'The Wall that Trump built' 'The Outlaw Trump' 'Don't Trump on me' 'Of Wolf and Trump' 'The Trump that Failed' 'Trump! Rise' 'Ain't My Trump' 'All Nightmare Trump' 'My Trumpocolypse' 'Trump Said' 😂 just futchin with ya, Trump fans chillax👌😉

Buckshot Jones : Hardwired To Self Construct

Tyler Thederahn : #MAMA Make America METAL Again

14 and life : Lol this is awesome

Anonim 900 : I love u, guy XD thats masterpiece!

Countess Grishnackh : I've watched this an unhealthy amount of times this is hilarious whoever made this is a genius lmfao

Tim Ka : Coolest thing I've found today

M&M S : I Love Internet <3

Jack : Pls dont make more songs of metallica you make poop the songs

Diy2210 : Кто-то нихуево заморочился, но оно того стоило!

Jiri Necas : Trump is the best thing that could happen not only to America but to the whole world. God bless him and his voters. MAMA 2020! Support from a Czech death metal maniac. These vids are great, thank you Lars!

Thijs Oudshoorn : Do MetalTrump: Aces High

Jack Octagon : *I like that voice more than in the original..*

River Delman : Metalitrump: Master of Trumpets

Listen Buster : That screaming actress at the end is the best

Hajar channel Giyomi : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂damn can't stop laughing 🤘🤘🤘👍👍I'm your fan now yeaaaah