MetalTrump - Master Of Puppets

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Lars von Retriever : One. Million. Views. Wow. Thank you!

Planet Of the Games : 1. Fade to Trump 2. Ride the Trumpning 3. For Whom The Trump Tolls 4. Trapped Under Trump 5. Phantom Trump 6. Creeping Trump 7. Trump Fire With Fire 8. EsTrumpe 9. The Call Of Trump 10. Am I Trump?

TheLuxael : *Make America Metal Again.*

Diego Almanzar : Master Of TRUMPets

Argentina Libertaria : The liberal in end! Lol Amazing as always. I put a like before i saw it

Some Metalhead Tomboy : For Whom The Wall Tolls

Adam Hollger : SAD BUT TRUMP

Jonah Bodnovits : I have no idea which end of the political spectrum this was made for but this is hilarious

Stoned Prophet : The thing I love about this meme is that it's bipartisan. If you hate Trump, then this is hilarious. If you love Trump, this is metallic inspiration.

tf2los : Metrumplica

Gooch0 : Orange Man Bad. I'm literally shaking.

Rage Quit : Make America metal again XD \m/ Loollll

Jody Carrigan : I really don't understand why people hate this guy. He works for America. Not Mexico.


Enrique Salazar : Master of Trumpets

Oscar Fernandez : love Metallica and Trump!!! MAGA

Ma- Metal : i wanna make world metal again !!

Oliver John : Trump em all!!!

Venom Player 97 : Lyrics- “It’s on the video people!!!!!”

MrPEDROU3 : Poor sore ass democrats after 2 years their rear still bleeding

Trollnald Dumb : We will build a wall around this song and make you pay for it! ☝️

RUCHeDiON Quake : master of walls

Blackfox23 Melani : Can you make *ENTER TRUMPMAN?* 😂 (You know what I meant...enter sandman)😉

Snake Person : Make America metal again. 🇺🇸

Johnny Blaze : Great editing bro! Very well done.

Robert Cumbie : Can't stand Trump, but I love this.

Nath K : This is the reason i pay for the internet every month.

Connor McJesus : This is great lol

Wendel dias quaresma : After Reagan, Trump is the best president of World.

Christian Jones : No se si quiero amar o odiar a Trump por esto

steveocaster : How long did it take to mine the lyrics from his speeches? Nice work! MAGA 2020

Guga Kuprashvili : 1Trumpion 2Trampitarium 3 disposable trumps 4 muster of trumpets 5 shortest trump 6 trumpery 7 trumptower inc 8 the trump that not should be 9lepper trampia

Brian Velez : Hahaha, I love that someone takes their time to put this stuff together. Totally worth it!

Michelle Coppola : I hate trump but this is hilarious

forrestgumball : Wall 'em All Ride the Winning Master of Emperors And Covfefe For All MAGAtallica Election Re-Election Senate Inc. St. Orange Death MAGAnetic Hardwired To Drain The Swamp

Xtremerides1 : Wunderfull! :P

Diy2210 : Кто-то нихуево заморочился, но оно того стоило!

Mohamad Suhaida : Kids: What is the side effect of weed? Me: Come see this video

Octavio Bonfil : I would like the trooper metaltrump

Gutslinger : 😂😂😂

Erika Nakagawa Gaming : its better with no autotune

Rodi Makdesi : Hail trump ...the son of lion

M&M S : I Love Internet <3

River Delman : Metallitrump: Master of Trumps

XEROBEATS : TrumpeticA

Leonora Johnson : 🇧🇷 muito bom 👍

Scorpionbite8 : Genius

Spartancraze : Kirk Hammet made 31 accounts and disliked this

Tobiassini • : is it me, or everything in my room moved to the left...

Epikdiamond Time : Black Wall - War Pigs when?