MetalTrump - Master Of Puppets

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Argentina Libertaria : The liberal in end! Lol Amazing as always. I put a like before i saw it

Planet Of the Games : 1. Fade to Trump 2. Ride the Trumpning 3. For Whom The Trump Tolls 4. Trapped Under Trump 5. Phantom Trump 6. Creeping Trump 7. Trump Fire With Fire 8. EsTrumpe 9. The Call Of Trump 10. Am I Trump?

Diego Almanzar : Master Of TRUMPets

Jonah Bodnovits : I have no idea which end of the political spectrum this was made for but this is hilarious

TheLuxael : *Make America Metal Again.*

Jody Carrigan : I really don't understand why people hate this guy. He works for America. Not Mexico.

Oscar Fernandez : love Metallica and Trump!!! MAGA

Rage Quit : Make America metal again XD \m/ Loollll

Rodi Makdesi : Hail trump ...the son of lion

RUCHeDiON Quake : master of walls

Some Metalhead Tomboy : For Whom The Wall Tolls

Steve Mariotti : More like Pastor of Muppets

Trollnald Dumb : We will build a wall around this song and make you pay for it! ☝️

diego ballesteros : Lyrics- “It’s on the video people!!!!!”

Nath K : This is the reason i pay for the internet every month.

MrPEDROU3 : Poor sore ass democrats after 2 years their rear still bleeding

Hos : Trump in the Mire For Trump the Hell Trolls Fade to Orange The Covfefe of Ktulu Demagogue Inc. Liar's Eve Of Golf and Meme The God that faked The Spouse Donald betrayed King Nothing Tweeting my Hate Fool Low Man's Cynic The Wall That Never Comes

Nikola Slovic : the irony though xD But in my eyes Trump is not the puppet master. He's just a puppet. In that government there are others pulling the strings.

Ma- Metal : i wanna make world metal again !!

yeah nah : lmaooo i’m glad this was in my recommendations 😂😂😂😂

Gooch0 : Orange Man Bad. I'm literally shaking.

Southern Sports Collector : Seasons of the trump...SLAYER!!!

Robert Cumbie : Can't stand Trump, but I love this.

Blackfox23 Melani : Can you make *ENTER TRUMPMAN?* 😂 (You know what I meant...enter sandman)😉

yup mmhm : wish I had more thumbs up to give it. awesome thanks. ps make more

dav3bassman : It's actually quite scary that the type of language he uses publicly could produce these lyrics. Most leaders try to avoid talking about death and destruction but trump seems to use it to get people riled up

Snake Person : Make America metal again. 🇺🇸

Thijs Oudshoorn : Do MetalTrump: Aces High

TypeONegative 1377 : I love this so much omg

Saboth : Trump's about as metal as a wooden spork, but that was a great video.

1 2 : Hetfield voted for Trump and still support that's a fact.

Enrique Salazar : Master of Trumpets

Rynoincognito : 1. Trumpery 2. Master of Trumps 3. The Thing That Should Not Trump 4. Welcome Home (Trumpatarian) 5. Disposable Mexicans 6. Trump Messiah 7. Orion (couldn't think of anything) 8. Trump, Inc.

nova396 : Trump let you libtards taste his semen, obey your master!

구락부 : L.O.V.E Trump ♡

Aa Rr : That was frigging genius

Macromax7 :D : *"President of puppets"*

Adam Hollger : SAD BUT TRUMP

Joe : Well it could be worse at least it's not kid rock doing this


Epikdiamond Time : Black Wall - War Pigs when?

Leonid Vovk : Thats why trump protects steel industrie in USA

TrackHead Studios : Well done!!

Chill Gill : Great Video..🤘

Micheal Attar : Just love it

Arnulfo Zamora : Ja ja ja no mamen 🐱 si meisiron 😀 sesacaron. Un 10 esta chido sigan asi. Ja ja ja ja metallllllllllll

Spartancraze : Kirk Hammet made 31 accounts and disliked this

Scorpionbite8 : Genius

Henrique Cruz Da Silva : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Xtremerides1 : Wunderfull! :P