Mom finds 8th graders Spotify playlist

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maahjeed123 : Wait till she sees his internet history lol

Don’t comment about my profile picture : 1:05 Jesus is watching

Partha Raut : Why is this my recommendation?

Emerald offixal : "This is turning you into a psychotic person" Wait until she checks his Google history 😂

I’m already tracer : *He’s an 8th grader, the music shouldn’t really matter, what she should really be worrying about is if he’s using tik-tok*

Sumtinrandom : It must be shocking to find out your child has no taste

*tσtαllчαвє* : damn she kicked him out the christian minecraft server real quick

19thHour : I mean, Jesus seems to have no problem with the music in that painting...

Lil aesthetic : At least Gucci Flip Flop-Bhad Bhabie remix wasn’t on there

13 Year Old Car Enthusiast : 1:04 *yAlL MiNd iF i PrAiSe ThE lOrD*

Multiguru : waiting for 'mom finds video of herself uploaded to youtube'

D1N0 ALG : If I found tupac, biggie, easy e, Eminem and other influential rappers, I would be proud of my son lmao

lil Juan : "it's fricking turning you in to a person"

MojitoMatt : that frame of jesus above the mom just judging so hard lmfao

Forrensix : This woman is the type to get hit by a bus then claim she was the driver.

BlastoiseBoy 1 : I love when this pops back up in my recommendations *W O W Z E R*

Astro_Fleas 21 : H Hi H Please like this took forever

WuzNab : 1:06 I’m so done.

brandon crestorn : Just showed up in my recommendations 1 year later Edit: thanks for 29 likes Much appreciated 😀👍

Vicki Lynne : My mom doesn’t care lol

Lumovest - Investing Channel : What did she expect to find? Star-Spangled Banner?

Shadøw Kîd : *His browser history will be shining like a beacon*


HOVNO Hraje : I like old school rap more but still nice choice of music

Salea Gilner : This has taught me two things Kids have no taste Parents can't handle that they are getting old

Alexia Harrington : When she started listening to wet dreams....Bro even I felt embarrassed.

Kacper Playz : At least she didn’t find his web history Edit omg thank you for the likes do u mind subbing I’m 100 more away from 1k

Sekh Yasin : " Mom's give her son blowjob after listening mumble rap on he's sons Spotify list "

mally cat : Share the link his playlist is lit

Steve 7 7 : Youtube recommandations brought us together again 💪🏻

Magnus’s Beige Trousers : Damn he got a pretty fire playlist

cloud-761 : *F U C C I N S E C S S U C C IN*

you’ll never be glamour : *this is the worst playlist ever made*

Mrkz __ : Why is she so shocked does she not listen to the radio these days

This is my name : I was looking at “Ahegao faces” turns out I forgot to close the tab.. so now I’m grounded. Typing this at 1 am

JMK : White moms at their finest

Aesthetic Ani : *casually finds recommendations in 2018 even though this came out in 2016*

Unrealistic Dreamer : *plot twist: the mom secretly knows every word to these songs and is later seen jamming out to them*

Bob Giff : Poor kid lives in a super religious family home. Probably got the good belt or the Christian paddle

VeoBroLIVE : If I was a parent is say it's 🔥


Abhishek Biradar : Sometimes you gotta like your own comment to get it started

Hannah Torrez : Omg this is to funny I bet he didn’t even care he just laughed at his mom overreacting 😂

Cianni31 : The type of mom to complain and ask for the manager.

GamingwithZack2 /Clash and More : Finally someone hates this music like I do

Fressh : That's why you close your spotify tab when you're done

Chicago Line Productions : I bet she's the same kind of Mom that won't vaccinate her kids because she thinks it will give them autism

נח : Weak family will fall apart.

kys : is she brain damaged or just christian?

Hockey Zombie : The real injustice is the vertical reco- oh wait that’s a stolen joke