Mom finds 8th graders Spotify playlist

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mrolliepoper : Wait till she sees his internet history lol

Lumovest - Investing Channel : What did she expect to find? Star-Spangled Banner?

Anal Chavez : she really thinks shes helping this kid but in reality hes just going to start hiding everything he does cause his mom might not approve. put him on A Tribe Called Quest and show him words could mean more than a dollar

dayum son : Srsly no despacito? The mom's right. His playlist is shit af

Sakamaki brothers : Roses are red Blood is too I dont know why this is in my recommended And neither do you

Sumtinrandom : It must be shocking to find out your child has no taste

Rainbow Kay : At least he doesn't listen to Jake Paul

That kidd : *ThIS muSIc iS tuRNing YOu inTo A pSyCotIc perSoN*

500 Subs With Only 12 Crappy Videos? : *_No rap in this christian household!_*

kremit the frog : This is so sad, Alexa play this kid’s mixtape

Multiguru : waiting for 'mom finds video of herself uploaded to youtube'

Joshua Belton : She ain't helping by repeating the curse words and calling him psychotic.

Mr. Ben : my mom does not even know English so i am gucci

Scars H : Sorry sir this is a christian server so no swearing.

-Z3us - : Your in the 8th grade getting treated like you in the 4th . Bet he go to bed at 8pma sharp , just before alot of the good shows come on.

Captain Kronos : “Fuckiiiin, suckiiiin, sex” 😂😂😂

that_KidJay : My mom plays that music when she drives me to school lol

Alisher Egemberdiev : my parents don't know english so guess i am the luckiest person

Velamisas Son : YouTube can you please stop recommending this video I already watched it twice

Nardo2099 : This is so sad, Alexa play despacheeto No that wasn’t a typo, like because you cared about it enough to press read more,😂

Callum Bishop : Damn he got a pretty fire playlist

E X : That kid got a bad taste in music...

AlexCOD : No despacito = shitty playlist

Seddi : 1:06 now i know why she was pissed

Cesar Estrada : The mom is right the kid does listen to trash music

Fressh : That's why you close your spotify tab when you're done

Lil skies Is the goat : You know she beat his ass.

Moze was hot in Ned's Declassified : If my ex girlfriend turns into this women then I'm glad she left me

Daniel Collington : She thought this was bad let her listen to his playlist now

Vetoo : I would only be mad about how BAD these songs are.

Alexia Harrington : When she started listening to wet dreams....Bro even I felt embarrassed.

Gary Pereira : So that garbage passes off as music? This world has gone to the shitter. World needs some Metal, Grunge, Jazz, Classical. You know. Instruments.

likaboss7654 : It’s the moms fault for not introducing him to good music

Ivan Tschichakowski : The mom is hot, I'd smash. This video might as well start a pornhub career for her

RYUS : what's the song at 1:15/1:19?

Peanut :D : She thinks that is bad She should hear the music I listen to.

500 Subs With Only 12 Crappy Videos? : 1:45 And so we never heard of him again.

Otakuhipster gaming : No bloody stream? No sora chi no sadame? No crazy noisy bizarre town? Trash playlist

Ivan Tarnyagin : Love the "christian mom" caption


Cisns : His Playlist Lowkey lit tho 🔥

Cyrax7000 Gaming : Now he probably be listening to FEFE by 6ix9ine 😂

Miles Hamblen : Another clueless parent blaming music for shaping a person's personality...

walter white : I dont know what is the problem with the playlist at least he is listening to good rappers j cole, kanye west, kendrick lamar

JMK : White moms at their finest

Brayden Tilley : He must of named this playlist ‘Generic’ because it is

Chazzington 。 : She should be grateful that it wasn't a Jake Paul song

K1NG : Damn I thought it was going to be some anime music

SemiSolid Snake : Wowzer...

Big Chocolate : My mom wouldn’t care