Mom finds 8th graders Spotify playlist

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CREEPY NERD : HAPPY mother's day!

Ray-Ray Rambles : I love that slow zoom into the Jesus painting 😂😂

Toasted Fan Art : Y'all need Jesus

cody thompson : Kids gonna have a complex

Lev K : At least she didn't finds the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) folder...


canadiangamer : I died when he zoomed in on jesus

Shane is QUEEN : Well damn my mom would’ve just probably blasted the music and start cringily dancing

whyjordie : Tag yourself im the slow zoom in on the Jesus picture

BarbART : i love this detail that this whole thing is happening under the painting of jesus

Fullmetal Shenron : My momma would go to the *pick a weapon* closet

Couldnt Be Proved : The moment when he zoomes into Jesus

Rumer1 : White ppl problems...😂

Neon : *n o s w e a r i n g o n m y c h r i s t i a n s e r v e r*

The Marshmallow Ninja : the most whitest thing i’ve ever come upon

Twister Gaming : When white mom's finds out there white son is listing to black ppl rap😂😂😂

mikailah dolfka : .... I guess I'm a psychotic person for listening to this music 😂

Barry Berry : I would have the same reaction

G. H : Im not religious but i think its common sense not to allow your children so much exposer to media at a young age. Too much brainwashing. Let them experience the world through their eyes not a screen.Especially stuff with mature themes...explain to your children the truth and educate them. Still have boundaries and expectations though.

Lika : 0:37 see? she loves it

C18 : wowzer

Piotr Noja : She's right, you know.

b g : Calling ur kid crazy is not good parenting btw

Dan Singh : Wait I thought she was vibing to the Kendrick Lemar lmao

s a m p l e t e x t : The zoom in on the jesus picture was a nice touch.

Michael Banks : The kids got great taste

Niamh used to be cool But not anymore : Its actually a decent playlist

Lucas Irrutia : Lmao !! She said it’s effecting your brain 😂 Parents are stupid 😂😂

runi mores : ehh this kid is lit that's a hella playlist

Minty Bliss : w o w z e r

Der Saupreiß : Shield your kids from black "culture", please.

I don't deserve subs : Yelling at your kid for something as harmless as music is going to mess them up more than listening to rap

Leza The Cat : whelp, this person has bad taste in music

Bugzpudding : When father stretch my hands started playing 😂

Varinder Bhandal : *WOWZERS*

Hanson : I’ve never liked rap.

Zelo : at least some good moms still exist in this generation.

Victoria Smith : When I was an 8th grader all I heard on my playlist was Disney song...wait I still listen to Disney songs 😹😹

Meganyeyyy : Lmao at the end she get up to beat him orrr...

luis blancos : Is this alexis fawx sister?

Joe Spano : Yo, publish and send me that playlist tho

Adolf Hitler : My version is way better.

Pete B : She’s defiantly the type of mom to call the cops on her son for drinking in college

miguel savage : She's hot

mrolliepoper : Wait till she sees his internet history lol

FeaTZuRe : Guess i'm lucky my mom couldn't do this with that metallica and bob marley posters in the basement

Miles A López : *wowzer*


Graden Greer : Dang savage u know he kept listening to that music

GamefXd : Dat random smile 0:57