TSA is strict on hand tools over 7 inches

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thelunn : His face was so red. Bet it was a prank, or a very unlucky guy.

Albert Wesker : My inner middle-schooler let out a slight chuckle. Very slight.

austvlogs : HAHA this guy was low key laughing at this. TSA is to serious. I Saw Someone Get Laughed At By The TSA In My Latest Vlog

MattRevs : You made a YouTube channel *just* for this video...

Dave O. : weapon of mass destruction... to orifices.

chris : I'm 28. im giggling

mark99k : Always zoom way in or way out every 4 seconds. Makes for great, high-impact video. /s

Derail07 : Ive been told before its a weapon over 7"

Haha Jokes : Sound like a bunch of chikens! Ammatures. Put a dead hooker in his bag next time, record and laugh like queers at that

DOC 11 : Privacy is right for any one

Richard Schatz : Congrats on get on trending

Appear : There should be more like this on trending

tony : Kinda smart actually. Theyll see it as a joke and wont bother touching it. But then they wont know its a bomb

Chuck U Farley : Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. -Benjamin Franklin

Zen : Using humor to make your oppression easier to cope with.

Napkin Bandit : Haha..its a penis...Anyone need a napkin?

blazers12369 : Lol this is trending and youtube wonders why advertisers are leaving

Nathannnnnn : If i was 12 years old this would totally be funny

chaoticslacker : Funny prank, but a hard reminder of how stupid and over the top the TSA security in all airports are.

Marcus Zyker : That feels great up the ass though. True story

Hieillua : Aahhhh privacy. Remember how that used to feel?


Bee Batch : thats embarrassing

Jim Brown : That's not a "Hand tool" that's a dangerous weapon.

charliemcnuggets : looks like the guard found his twin brother

J Sal : ... Oh.

chris_cartaya : ...dumb

NoNameTheFirst : When I saw the title, I was going to write a comment about a tool over 7 inches if you know what I'm saying, but that's what the video was dang it. Also, I'm ruining the perfect 69 comments ;P

Spectra : Classic

An0nYmi55 : Next time ship it to yourself idiot

Marcello Bello : Very homophobic. Yea laugh it off and let TSA humiliate and harass us each time we travel.

ArchesBro : What a great sport

Bigalinjapan : Weapons of ass destruction...

ᴘʀɪᴍᴀʟ-Faggot Faggot : Oof

Thundering Eagles : PRANKED!!!

Daniel Rhone : Funny