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tetrulz jam : Ohh... old school youtube. <3

captloki13 : This is a sham, all it did was grow me a pair of wings on my back.

Apollo McBadass : Almost eight years later, still a classic.

NipahDUBS : Good. I didn't choose the Rick Roll one.

RadddahTat : Even Old Spice ripped off this

Kung Fu Kenny : "they'll run as fast as KENYANS" Oh god, i cant breath.

Brit 'n Yank : Every couple of years I have reason to come back here, and this makes me so damned happy.

Matt B : Only had 350 babies, this thing is a sham. :/

Alex Seger : Wow I forgot all about this! haha I miss old youtube

ROCKaholic : Who else is still watching this after ___ number of years? Freaking awesome

Fabulous Maggot : sound the alarm, you're going to be UNCOMFORTABLY ENERGETIC

TMP Creep : Michael Phelps was given Shocklate as a baby

Gabriel Farbo : They compete against Kenyans, they run fast as Kenyans, they run past people that think Kenyans, then there be a tie and they be deported back to KENYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Paranoia Productions : 2007-2015 Powerthirst has kept me awake

ForOrAgainstUs : Still holds up.

Shwagg Krumb : Powerthirst is so powerful you'll win ANY race so HARD people think you are from Kenya, foot races, drag races, presidential races. POWERTHIRST!

RILLA : did anyone come from gtlive?

SuperNinjaBurger : 400 HUNDRED BABIES

ali3n_father : I JUST REMEMBERED THIS VIDEO TODAY OMG this made my whole night <3

The King of the Monsters : This drink made me feel UNCOMFORTABLY ENERGETIC!!!

eXAKR : Hey, wasn't there news about that guinea pig who's going to father 400 babies? Yeah, someone probably put this into his water supply...

WanderingKit : This came out nearly 7 years ago? Time flies.

jazon345 : I'm 100% positive this is where Regular Car reviews gets his inspiration from

Gavin Shields : dude I remember this from way back in highschool haha damn

Nikolas Stout : Soo...this is eerily similar to nigahiga's old commercials. It's almost as if he wrote this & trashed it, only to be found by these guys. Why did this not occur to me before?

Brett5571 : 400 Babies! What I want 401 Babies?

brock davidson : SNAAAKE EEEYEESSS

Rohan Mallu : Anyone from MatPat?

amazingfan15 : KENYANS

decoratedemergency12 : I remember when this was the funniest thing on the internet. We've come a long way ಥ_ಥ

Kalon Gotts : Released on my 15th birthday, I'm close to 23 and still find this hilarious

TokiDokiHina : thanks kuroo

MikeVonDoom : Several years later has passed AND THIS STILLS KICKS ASS

Nicholas Wallace : Will my baby run as fast as a Kenyan?

TF2GOOD4U : Came from matpat

YVNG TRXP : Tumblr troll post brought me here

Emma Taylor : OMG i laugh every time i see this, i've literally watched it like 10 times and i still laugh so hard. hahahaha THEY WILL RUN AS FAST KENYANS hahahah 

Madi Michelle : science energy SCIENCE ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!

xXxNoScopeMLGxXx : Is anyone else here from Haramase Simulator 2017?

xcusizZ : 50% mountain dew 25% monster energy 26% cocaine

Sophia Singh : dafuq did I just see?!

lasarousi : the first one is always the best one

Random Loner : *400 BABIES!* *KENYANS* *ENERGY LEGS*

Maja Thornqvist : Gtlive anyone?

眩暈夢 : N O S T A L G I A

Vortonic : i miss this so much. i used to watch it all the time when i was younger. the good youtube days.

Alan Baldi : Drank one in 2007 and it's about a quarter of the way out of my system.

Jolly Trolly : ah a true internet classic

Jesus Christ : 1:34 for secret message

Naiuhz : 400 BABIES