I Love It 2 (Official Video)
I Love It 2 Official Video

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Eva Owens : Me: I'm a sick f- *mom walks in with belt* Me: *uh- I'm a sick duck* 1:05

Jim De Slavic Boi 2 : 1:02 When I try to talk to hot girls

MUGEN the watcher : 1:27 favorite part because of the way he says water.

RealProGang Gamers : 0:15 i laughed like five mins for that

BIG SMOKE : 0:44 pause at the right moment XD

Mary Balmaceda : 1:32 when i ask for money to my mom

StormDragonX x : me at a restaurant Waiter: how would you like your duck? Me 1:16

Vj Toys Review and Gaming : 0:12 I love McThanos

Dankstanite : 0:33 *Grandayy would like to: know your location*

mastermillion : 0:20 when someone asks me what I want to drink at McDonald's

Slender Kid : Anybody else catch that X line? "pants" at 0:28. lol

AbandonedWaffle Films : 0:05 when i’m trying to say a long sentence and studder

Max DragonSoul : you'd think kanye could afford real shoes

a n a í s : I just realized how much time this probably took and i appreciate this even more

ThunderPlayz : Mom: what are you doing son? Me: I'm watching roblox Mom: okay

Addy Hooker : looks like I fell... I'm a shell

Piyush Razdan : If kanye and pump listen this... They really cry veryyyy HARD !!!!😭😭😭😭

Blooper Jam : 0:43 TheCrazyRussanHacker doing a nut gadgets test😅

Cyranek : another masterpiece 😍

Ksiyas : 1:15 hey I like my ducks EXTRA THICK too!

TTV_Loxris : FlyingKitty is probably Pewdiepie because at 0:41 he says "Im a shell" Which is the Felix Shellburg memes which he reacted to in a video called "Mr Beast hosts meme review"

Anna Likes bagels and cats : 1:12 when u work out at the gym and u are SWOLE!!!

The Sandman : Me: Tries to talk about day Mom: "Calm down, drink some water first" Me: 1:01

ZAC KNIGHT : Roblox 2040 look so realistic

SH-Fave Channel ,Nintendo Black Crisis! : 1:16 *All the things Kanye buys Kim*

Christian : is better than original 👍👍

iiA7medPlayz : But I though roblox is family friendly

AngelCraft Central : "I love McDonald's." Yunno, Pump, *I love it 2.*

nuKe : Now I want an editing tutorial

Nala Furrson : 1:21 Thanks I really need a new family

HeatherNicoleCombs : *Roblox has left the chat* *Minecraft has joined the chat*

Urtle The TURTLE! : 0:37 my fav part LAUGHED FOR 3 MINUTES DIEING

Anonymous : I want Kayne and Lil pump to react to this now lol

Baldi : 1:01 Lil Pump In a Nutsell

Nick H : 1:12 that should have been the width meter from roblox not skyrim

Germanyball : I'm watching this while drinking coke *_I lOvE coKe_*

GamingPapyrus Grasso : I like my ducks T H I C C Edit: Woah, is this joke actually good?

NM0501 : Lil: love it Ronald McDonald: *no its im lovin it* Lil: I MAKE THE LYRICS *sees **0:12* Lil: maybe not Ronald: told u so

Kadz : *I like my Dolan Darks thicc*

Trament Z : Your girlfriend is a boi *I LOVE IT*

XXX Tentacles : I'll buy you some *aGe ReStRiCtIoN*

* Quiet Student * : *Not gonna lie this cured my depression*

John remin : 1:27 I buy u spwaquackwiiing waaraar XD

Yeehaw Grayson : 0:16 Do I have words, *No* Will I go now? _Yes_

chó vàng : I love McDonald's? That how he fat like roblox

Lauren P : 0:11 I love McThanos

Michelle Lynn : Looks like I fell I'm a shell. How are you a shell when you fall?

YeetGod : First 10 seconds gave me a stroke

My thingy hurts send help! : I'm still wondering how this did not got Demonotized originally Copyrighted by Drake and 6ix9ine