I Love It 2 (Official Video)

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Grandayy : Finally the note block gets its honorable mention

Squidy 3008 : 1:14-1:30 please 1 hour Edit: thanks for likes

Danya Emir Play [GD Player] : 0:35 - *Grandayy joined the chat.*

I Am Nessie : *1:02** rap god fast part be like*

Gaming :/ : 0:24 u notice something about his hair? Like pls

Dolan Dark : Why did you use a picture of my thicc wife

Can I hit 1000 subs without a video L : 1:00 costs 1 like

Oscar Gonzalez : 0:44 *IS THAT A SPIDER*

LeeAnn Jackson : 1:13 to 1:30 thats actually catchy

DatMJFan 4Life : 1 Like= 1 Pair Of Pants For Lil' Pump. (0:27)

weka : *Roblox 3 trailer is better than Roblox 2 trailer*

Precious Nkhata : 0:18 *_That face u make when u accidentally shout the right answer but the other person gets the credit_*

Andrew Mackay : That verse was actually fire! 1:13

Sea_Bloody : 1:14 to 1:32 Speech: 100

Loki Laufeyson : 1:12 that is amazing

TA672 : There are 2 things I wanna say: 1:02 *_Rap God 2 Confirmed_* 0:12 *_-McDonalds-_* *_McThanos_*

Joshua Jackson : OH FUF

Emely Membreno : Finally, I found the android version

My nan abuses me : So much better than the origional

DieggoSolid334 : When my teacher speaks spanish Me: 0:45

Cyranek : another masterpiece 😍

Đorđe Petrović : 1:12

axel plays Doggy : I love McDonald’s😂😂 0:13

WhyDoIBuyMineCarts YT : Lil' Pump haters gotta watch this (How many likes can i get)

Tri borg : My favorite Roblox game

CSwindow : Man, Roblox needs to work on their censorship...

elemental_15 5 : dank roblox

Your Mom : Like=lil pump is thicc

Chase Lee : *Lil Pump left the chat*

咯了Moochie : 0:12 "i love Mcdonald's" *_so that's why there fat._*

PastelJu Gacha : I finally have a reason to live for.

MrMajeed The Boss : I'll buy u a new 🦆

PandaXD : 0:56 when I ask my mom for money

Dan The Inkling : Anyone here in 2019??!! I'm getting freaky!!!😂😂

flunoin flunoin : I ‘ M A S H E L L

MineTronic : Looks like I fell I'm a shell *Still better lyrics than Justin Bieber*

futxure : 1:14 𝗲 𝗺 𝗶 𝗻 𝗲 𝗺. 𝗵 𝗮 𝘀. 𝗹 𝗲 𝗳 𝘁. 𝘁 𝗵 𝗲. 𝗰 𝗵 𝗮 𝘁

Game Pro : This is real parody

Santiago Contreras : Dogs arent bitches

TheRidiculousGamer : 1:14 x2 sounds like The rapping speed of Eminem

the b rad : 1:02 top ten rappers eminem was too afraid to diss

dong nguyen thi kieu : Roblox 2 looks great!

Muzzammil Roadwall : Flying kitty keep it up I love ur videos they are hella funny

Jòkêř îkøňăś : 0:28,0:29 XXXtentacion

SubHad Gamer : 1:15 is so funny

a n a í s : I just realized how much time this probably took and i appreciate this even more

Birtycle 204 : These guys must stop drinking sparkling water

Am I bEiNg BaMBoOzLeD : did flyingkitty recieve the n word pass?

Colleen Wilshusen : 1:11 Anime Power Lesson Part One

Corey Keyser : 0:34 Grandayy has joined the server 1:04 Dolan Dark has joined the server