I Love It 2 (Official Video)

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Dolan Dark : Why did you use a picture of my thicc wife

SpaceCake : High quality editing

Lanor04 : 0:11 “I love McThanos.”

Drew Marti : L o o k s l i k e I f e l l , I ' m a s h e l l

TSM_ leinaD : Roblox.exe has stopped working Delete Windows?

Grandayy : Finally the note block gets its honorable mention

Kot Matroskin43 : 1:14 fire

Luckey 111 : 0:38 is like When i get pushed or bullied... XD lmao

Illegalquasar : 0:38 I can’t stop laughing with the sound he makes when he hits the ground

Beáta Uhrik Király : 0:14 Im crying my god

TA672 : There are 2 things I wanna say: 1:02 *_Rap God 2 Confirmed_* 0:12 *_-McDonalds-_* *_McThanos_*

Arix 0n : 0:40 Im a *shell* 0:52 Creepy 1:10 *OOOOOAAAH* 1:25 *Best* 1:31 Robot

Itz Josh : Better than the original Wait... This is the original

CrazyWolf Plays : 0:32 Grandayy 1:16 Dolan Dark

Oscar Gonzalez : 0:44 IS THAT A SPIDER

MineTronic : Looks like I fell I'm a shell *Still better lyrics than Justin Bieber*

M -Kube : 1:01 Big Smoke's order in a nutshell

XcordOne : Your girlfriend is a Boy

Random Guy XD : 0:43 No nut November *Mission fail we will try it next time* XD

Oh god why : 0:05 when im doing try not to laugh challende 1:35 when i get my gf pregnant (i dont have a gf)

CSwindow : Man, Roblox needs to work on their censorship...

SkreW LoOZe : 0:29 X!!

Mason Ford : I will buy the sound effect at 1:11

Jie : 0:29 pants that part is not lil pump it’s XXXtentacion Look At Me

Sieger : 0:13 this opinion is wrong this comment was made by the Burger King Gang

sister dying : I just realized how much time this probably took and i appreciate this even more

Jerry Meme : Doctor: You have 2 minutes to live Me:

T-Gay : 0:43 CrazyRussianHacker has joined the war.

Memo 1st : Cant stop laughing If you laughed like my comment (:

DarkmoonTheSkunk : 1:01 What you say when you're teacher calls on you even though you've rehearsed the words one hundred times in your head

Jhinnn : *Global suicide rate drops to 0%*

Cathal O Neill : When I was watching this I remembered that I'm 11

zimb0 : 0:29 On pants is it XxxTentacion?

nikko daco : Stop the video at 1:12 You can thank me later XD Hint on the pic: He may have abs but his always solo

The Almighty Thanos : 0:39 best line

Riccardo Abdine : what kinda shoes we workin' with now?

Bailie Smith : my ears are bleeding of beautifullness idk how to spell dont juge me

Thomas Hale : 0:14 I was gonna say u have a big forehead but... That looks like a .05 forehead

T-series : This is what our generation would leave behind.

stefano bernabini : 0:59 BOI

weka : *Roblox 3 trailer is better than Roblox 2 trailer*

FDLOLGamerGirl : *I like to fuccing Quack*

Jimmy eatz Pizza : I love my ducks thicke lol

Emmett : 1:01 is the funniest part

ryan ranga : 0:18 dat face though XD

Cyranek : another masterpiece 😍

rozberry : You can tell this legend didn’t really want to did this

Blue Creeper Productions : Can’t stop watching this, I watch this everyday

BERYL playz : 1:01 can not can stop laughing

K.A.D.E : Make another what happened in 2018 so far