How Many Genders are There?

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MysticMaxx : 3. Male, Female, and Sceneable.

Gaming With Manticore : You all laugh at this guy but it's crazy how intelligent and well informed he is in terms of history in spite of his age.

CLORX : This kid deadass smart af

Joseph Hard : "there are two genders, but there are multiple genders" -scenable

Barry Benson : Ayyyy, 2 genders mah boi.

Nibba with a gun : This kid is actually really smart

BeanieRobot : This little boy is smarter than a lot of adults.

Marcus Estrada : Multiple genders, such as 2

Annabelle Siegel : i respect how successfully sceneable manages to be sjw and anti sjw at the same time

Soviet Manatee : There's only 1 gender for me: *C O M M U N I S M*

Just Another Guy With A Moustache : "There are only two genders, male and abortion." ~Mao Zedong

bitch im me : gender is a social construct btw

Mrpignite13man : Why pistachio and vanilla

risendudelm : For the love of God, please stop watching morning news with your parents...

DorK Niners : 1. Male 2. Male 5.attack helicopter 6. Tank

joel chavarrai : its only boy or girl. its not how you feel on the inside

Mextrape studios : bruh stop moving around im going to puke

TheKandyCinema : As much as I severely disagree with this kid, I think it's good that he's forming an opinion on politics at his age. He knows more than most Hillary supporters about common events.


Matt McNabola : 1:28 this kid needs a biology lesson

zyborge shwifty : This is Ethan from h3h3

Livá : This kid is woke af

Jon making A weird face : if i had a gender for every chin sceneable had id have two

Michael M : Yo, so this dude talked about some conservative kid so, like there is an entire community of high pitched political kids

dontaskme whatmynameis : This is one the cutest kids I've ever seen

Joseph Stalin : Autism at it's finest.

Joel C. Stalin : We live in a society.

Liverpudlian Dream : 2. Sceneable, and everybody else.

Teddy bear Thief : I would vote for him as president one day

Daniel Kastle : 2 biological genders. Male and Female, there are many other nonbiological genders just based of what they want to be. But biologically they are 1 of the 2.

Brandon Paige : I disagree. The foundation for this argument that you are missing is that identity is a basis for gender. They identify as whatever they feel like (Which usually contradicts what they believe is a societal standard) and expect legal action to match this identity as a gender OR Sex (The terms are LEGALLY interchangeable after all). Because there is, by law, 2 genders, there is not more than two genders. Not "technically, if you think about it," not "actually." Biology is a concrete science. Emotions are abstract concepts that change every day. You can't base law on emotion.

pepper : You need jesus.

MatV : Idk about genders, but I know that we need communism

TheMastaDark Foxxy : I don't think a 9 year old should really be talking about a serious argument like this. Maybe he likes to talk and research these kind of things. But he shouldn't post this on YouTube cause a lot of ignorant people will course him out and bully him. Maybe when the kid is a little bit older people will take him more seriously

JakeABoi : 2

finn harris : holy shit this kid is smarter than me

Micheal Arwood : male and female thats it

EagleSushi : the next vsauce

SaltedFries : Sad how this kid is smarter than most millennials.

SovietSandvich : Sceneable: Creates video Harvard: Super White Kid, want a scholarship??

Gib Money : I was reading the comments and all of a sudden it started getting political then it turned to ice cream flavors

TikTok Trolls : Whatever dangles the dong or stays in place thats what you are. Either a boy or girl only 2 genders.

ECKVue19 : I am identifying myself as a xbox one controller

MahTongueTech : He can beat my history teacher anytime

georgiaaa : im aware this is pretty old but the way you say things sound pretty solid as id they are the truth, maybe do a little more research to understand that identifying as inanimate is not what trans people do and is just something used by transphobic to make fun of them. when you said theyre are “two genders but...” you almost had it. the way i see it is there may be two binary genders, but the point of a spectrum allows for many genders inbetween the binary and even outside it. dont fuel the transphobes by acknowledging the jacket thing. just dont. i respect your attempt to cover this topic but maybe listen to an actual nb person first? i have some channels to reccomend with clearer information if you want! also nice channel dude!

NiceBro : watching these "political child" videos is like watching an ant farm they are forming their own tribes and wars

Blue Wolf Nation : There are 4, Male,Female,Rather not say,and Other There are 3, Male Female, and Wallpaper

EpicGamer48 : Soooo Im a attack helicopter

ChaseTheVideoGamer : Why is this so stupid but his idea is really logical?

TK7800 : I officially identify as a waffle now