How Many Genders are There?

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MysticMaxx : 3. Male, Female, and Sceneable.

DAT BOI : My gender is flying lawnmower

Kapootis the Lord of Tax Fraud : 2 boys and girls

CLORX : This kid deadass smart af

Liverpudlian Dream : 2. Sceneable, and everybody else.

ECKVue19 : I am identifying myself as a xbox one controller

Marcus Estrada : Multiple genders, such as 2

Brian Kopetsky : man i love that double chin

Matt McNabola : 1:28 this kid needs a biology lesson

EagleSushi : the next vsauce

risendudelm : For the love of God, please stop watching morning news with your parents...

joel chavarrai : its only boy or girl. its not how you feel on the inside

JakeABoi : 2

The National Populist : 2

TheEpicFox - Gaming, Mapping & More : 2

pepper : You need jesus.

Apollo Clifton : This kid is actually really smart

Nkwdcjjkwrvj Hshsdbsdhsdh : 2

Just a PLANK : Two

Soviet Manatee : There's only 1 gender for me: *C O M M U N I S M*

lil stargirl : gender is a social construct btw

Gaming With Manticore : You all laugh at this guy but it's crazy how intelligent and well informed he is in terms of history in spite of his age.

zyborge shwifty : This is Ethan from h3h3

SaraSprinklesXOXO : There are three genders, 1.) Male 2.) Female 3.) Mentally ill

Spooder man546 : It’s like Milo Stewart and Stalin had a child

Brandon Paige : I disagree. The foundation for this argument that you are missing is that identity is a basis for gender. They identify as whatever they feel like (Which usually contradicts what they believe is a societal standard) and expect legal action to match this identity as a gender OR Sex (The terms are LEGALLY interchangeable after all). Because there is, by law, 2 genders, there is not more than two genders. Not "technically, if you think about it," not "actually." Biology is a concrete science. Emotions are abstract concepts that change every day. You can't base law on emotion.

WildCard811 Time : Look, only 2 genders, we only have two, you can’t really be non-binary. You can have TONS of different sexual orientations but no more than 2 genders. You can’t be a jacket. IT IS NOT THE SAME AS TWO ICE CREAM FLAVORS. YOU CAN SAY YHERE ARE MANY FLAVORS FOR AN EXAMPLE OF SEXUAL ORIENTATION BUT NOT THE GENDER.

Max ElCapo : 3 genders, Male, Female, Sceneable

Joseph Stalin : Autism at it's finest.

Barry Benson : Ayyyy, 2 genders mah boi.

Courtney Hammett : Good job kid; but look up how all of this is socially constructed. I appreciate you!

Charlie McElwee : My only gender is *C O M M U N I S M*

Adrian Enterprise : Im The. 1 thousand like

Adrian Enterprise : Im The 1000 like

Jon making A weird face : if i had a gender for every chin sceneable had id have two

TheMastaDark Foxxy : I don't think a 9 year old should really be talking about a serious argument like this. Maybe he likes to talk and research these kind of things. But he shouldn't post this on YouTube cause a lot of ignorant people will course him out and bully him. Maybe when the kid is a little bit older people will take him more seriously

Joel C. Stalin : We live in a society.

DIBIS : only 2 genders exist please stick to communist theory videos bc i love you psl have my babies.

KILLEKIRAHVI : When your mom goes to see the doctor the doctor says her to lode some weight

Harrison Dunson : It is impossible to born as anything but XY or XX. I have disproven a "stat"

ninersdabeast 06 : 1. Male 2. Male 5.attack helicopter 6. Tank

Mrpignite13man : Why pistachio and vanilla

Michael A : "So... That's clear and out of the way." - Sceneable

Mr_Assassin_11 : 2

ChaseTheVideoGamer : Why is this so stupid but his idea is really logical?

Red Panda Nation : There are 4, Male,Female,Rather not say,and Other There are 3, Male Female, and Wallpaper

Tylarz : Whatever dangles the dong or stays in place thats what you are. Either a boy or girl only 2 genders.

christian velasco : "A few months ago" Let it go.

AverageGeek : 2

Marcus Julius Caesar : My special attack stat is 395