She's Amazing!! - Steve-O

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Inge Visser : Seriously, I can't get enough of you and Wendy!!! That's what I call real love. You are such a good person and you keep inspiring me. Thank you so much for everything and I'm so so happy you put out these vlogs!!! They are AMAZING!!!

Hamid rahimi : i love your dog steve

Regan. : I dont care what happens the rest of 2018. Seeing steve o so happy and sober with his new dog has made my year.

Jay Flo : SteveO! The Dog rescuing was cool bro..... Respect. She loves you.

Robin : Looking forward to episode 3!

DyllyZ : She is made for you! hahaha

Will Herb : Your dog is dope, she's loyal too, love it!

SupaPixelGirl : These dog clips warms my heart

Hood Hippie : I think it so nice that you took in that street dog and giving her a home

Walking Panda : Steve is a good man

rellik187redrum : I think he's a great inspiration now for people struggling with addiction.

twiggle : If this channel turns into a wendy channel I wouldn't even be mad

Judge Judy : Hey Steve O, I literally bought the first 2nd episode just because I wanted to see you and Wendy being best buds.

Diego Vildoso Chavarry : You re amazing dude!!🤘🏼

bmxninjaGaming : That dog is going to have such a great life now with steveo.

SeanNotConnery : We adopted a street dog who we named Flaco (skinny in Spanish) in Guanajuato last year and were about to give him up for adoption but he refused to leave the house. The people who were interested came over and said “Your dog already has a good home. I can see it in his eyes.” My dad, brother, and I take him to and from Mexico on road trips to the house we’re renovating in San Miguel. Best dog we’ve ever had.

Arthur Williams : Will the dog be in the show though?

Hip Hop Essential dot Com : You're a huge inspiration Steve-O! Keep on shredding through life my man, you deserve to live forever :)

JP Raps : I hope Steve-O takes that dog home with him!!!

Wilfred Colon : She’s doing good Steve ooo

Ginger Ace : I cannot get enough of this sweet relationship. I love how much they love each other and how good he treats her. <3

Justin : Steve-o’s relationship with Wendy is the sole reason I’m gonna pay for YouTube Red to watch this show. How precious.

Michelle Fitch : You're amazing too Steve, and what kind of luck do you have finding a beautiful street dog that follows you without being leashed? That's luck like I have never seen before! Can I have her? Naw, I have a wonderful Chocolate Lab named Ginger. We can't live without each other. Keep us updated on her training for a service dog. I wanna see her fold some laundry. I bet she will...

BabyGameFreak 04 : I’m uncut

Will EfffUup : Thats literally the most chill dog I've ever seen. Good stuff. It's also one of the luckiest dogs on the planet, went from homeless to famous in a day.

ci 1 : Stevo your my hero plz if you get the time to like or comment hi or something

dante kiger : first channel where i subbed right away XD ur awesome love u steve-o! XD

JP Raps : I hope Steve-O keeps Wendy!!!

Mr Tony : You guys got a lot of balls for camping out there and climbing that mountain.😎👊👍

jonny m : When does the 3rd episode come out . I've waited a day lol

stilcrazychris : Steve-o your AMAZING for saving Wendy!! Your my hero man. I love her & I know deep down in my heart Wendy is grateful to you. She will be a loyal companion to you. Thank you for giving a dog a home. Thank God she doesn't know about all your wild shit... lol... Best regards, Chris from Missouri

AJ Klein : I am so in love with Wendy! 😍

AZREDFERN : Dude 14,000 feet is higher than Mt. Fuji! You can't even keep a cigar lit at that elevation! ...Unless you have a little oxygen tank

Jake Dyson : Thank you for just been you brother! You inspire me to be a better version of myself. You have such a good heart and it makes my own heart hurt watching you give love to an animal that probably can't ever return the favour. Bless your amazing:)

ThePalerider12 : Good to see him looking so healthy.

Obi-Wan-Kuroki : I'm watching every episode more for Wendy than steve-o lol. Sorry steve-o, you rescued a scene stealer!

The Groskys : Madman

JP Raps : This is so amazing. I love Steve-O and his dog

Lupitha Solis : The most beautiful thing id that Wendy follows him everywhere and I take too much afection. A very beautiful dog 💜🐕

Melody Kincaid : Your dog needs an insta so I can follow her!

HOLLYWOOD Solo : Much love stevo big fan id love to meet u one day bro

RL Racing Garage : Yoo wuss up brooo!!!

Cryptic Rhymes : Nice to see you doing something different to challenge yourself, good luck on your journey!

Kevscanz : Doggos rockin that sweatshirt!

Your Ego : You’re friend is very cool. Steve, you and Wendy are my fav people today but your travel bud is awesome as well. A sober journey with Wendy sounds so nice ❤️💜💙

Mitchell Asido : Steve youve honestly become the man!! Master of your domain. ROCK ON TO YOU SIR! The dog is insanely well behaved. Either you lucked out or you were destined!

Aaron Phillips : Steve-0 your the man., always have been

Alexis Olivas : I just hit the liked button so much times on this video 😂

jester man : I only want to watch you and the dudeson

Pig666eon CS : please save bam in your next project