The Untold Truth Of Man V Food

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Mashed : Have you ever taken on one of these food challenges? How'd you fare?

Jake Hunter : Hate the new guy they got for MvF but hey Richman gotta new gig

Bill Latibay : The new host doesnt have the same charisma.

Marky Shaw : Adam rocks and always will!

Gilberto Dejesus : Ohhhh I remembered this show ,it used to be my favorite!!!

John Smith : My dad used to watch this all the time, it's such a dad show

John Wolftide : Back in 2009 as a senior in high school, I would skip class with a few buddies of mine and we would go to restaurants and make our own eating challenges. Just a couple of teenage kids trying to reenact man vs food. Good times. Thanks for the great memories Adam.

Laz321 : The owner didn't surprise him with overly spicy food as much as he almost killed him by dumping a huge amount capsaicin extract directly into the sauce which they normally wouldn't do.

sad hours : I always turned this show on when I was hungry.

eerereps : 1:21 Workig at a warehouse & someone asks me what I do for a living...

D.Nasty Fishing : The new guy blows.. he has no personality and cant eat!!

Fuk Tard : Competitive eating is such a ridiculous concept.

Bill Schlafly : He got fatter and I'm glad he didn't keep it up...cuz death is a thing.

Michael Weston : he worked out like a beast? was that a beast in hibernation? it clearly didn't show

Guiding Angel : If bruce lee is the father of MMA This dude is the father if mukbang

John Smith : My name's Adam Richman... a food fanatic that worked every job in the restaurant biz...

Daniel Martinez : I miss this guy. The new guy sucks

Paul Lee : Does anyone remember the MOUNT MACHEESEMO challenge. Classic. That old lady cheering Adam on.

KG Productions : People triggered from a hashtag, not too surprising at this point...

GentleCat : I had a crush on him

That Won Guy : thinsperation just sounds like something people hashtag to motivate people to lose weight...and it looks to me like it was banned because the 'body shaming' crowd cry-bitched about it. Are you sure its a pro-anorexia movement and not more of a pro 'this could be you if you stop eating that 4th slice of pie' hashtag?

Michyhopey : He was and always will be eye candy in my eyes big or smaller he's a gorgeous bloke 😍

Raul Gutierrez : This show was littt🔥🔥🔥🔥👌👌👌👌

jevera lix tetrax : used to love watching man vs food years ago but stopped after adam left.

David Bates : I miss Adam Richman he was super cool and always took everything like a champ hope he comes back

thatsthequeso : That show used to be the shit for me 😂😂😂

ed rage : Matt Vs Food Featuring Matt "Megatoad" Stonie make it happen

Rick Tyman : Ummm..there have been food challenges long before this guy. Steak houses as way back as the 70s challenged customers to eat huge amounts of meat or they'd be stuck with the bill. There's tons of stores and restauraunts around the world that since the 1920s have had food spectacles.

dan marr : This guy seems bubbly and lively when you watch him once or twice but when the more you watch him the more you realise how fake and awkward he is. Also, he’s quite creepy

Kyng Kraken : The truth is Adam either was vomiting 🤮 all that food after or now has high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

maloun22 : This show always made me hungry

iprncs : Idk why .. but i want a large pizza right now ..

Adrian P : he worked out like a beast? the only things he worked out were his jaw, his new waist size and his sphincter muscle

Tim Hassler : Adam R was the biggest D-bag i have EVER met. I worked at a place that was doing a final challenge. Because I worked there I was able to sit in the restaurant and blend in as one of the crowds eating with my girlfriend. In between takes of him going to individuals and asking them about the food of the restaurant, how long they been going there, etc etc we among other people would want to take his picture. As would I assume anybody who Meats someone that they are enamored by on TV. Well every time he noticed someone trying to take his picture, like my girlfriend did, he looked at them and very angrily yelled no don't take my picture. It was then announced that after the challenge he would take pictures with fans. Well after the challenge was over, he literally took pictures with four to five people, and a bear in mind there were at least 20 or 30 people lined up to take pictures with him, he said no sorry I'm done for the day see you all later. After a bunch of people voiced their disappointment, my girlfriend and I went outside to smoke before we left. We struck up a conversation with one of the producers that traveled with him. Even the producer said that Adam Richmond was one of the biggest Hollywood primadonnas they had ever had the unfortunate pleasure of working with.

Shaq Kromah : He looks like josh from drake and josh

ATP Entertainment : I thought he died

Baguetti Spaghetti : Wish I got paid to eat

chap666ish : Outrageous to suggest that there are now "food challenges" in Great Britain because of some American TV show. Christ on a bike, I remember doing a 72oz steak eating challenge over 25 years ago in Yorkshire.

John Basher : Big is beautiful!

Danny Vestal : Never could stand that dude!

Giggity 96 : I thought he was josh’s dad in drake in josh.. but he’s a former actor anyway

yo JM : American love for MvF is the reason why they are all fat. Majority.

A I : Narrator sounds like Zooey Deschanel

MstictheGod : Why did YouTube bring me here?

Justin Y Not. : I’m just a hungry dude

Neil Sutherland : This guy was such a legend !

Carin Hall : (((Adam Richman)))

Retro Robbie : *Reboot this show starring Matt Stonie*

Mack V : The untold truth of Mashed

Murk iqbal : he looks like wreck it Ralph 🍔🍔