The Untold Truth Of Man V Food

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Mashed : Have you ever taken on one of these food challenges? How'd you fare?

Jevera Lix Tetrax : used to love watching man vs food years ago but stopped after adam left.

SayHiToMatthew : I want my own food show

Sam Sung : During that wing challenge the mics were still open and he later heard the owner saying to put more extract then normal.

METALMAN4Wii : He should have sued that owner of the chicken restaurant.

Jake Hunter : Hate the new guy they got for MvF but hey Richman gotta new gig

Mark James : I love MASHED videos but the loud fast paced music in the background drives me nuts. Let the lady talk!

Sally McKeran : The new guy is rubbish compared to Adam. He's just not that funny

Josiah Datria : Do you guys only have the rights for one song? Seriously, I feel like its the same background music every video. 😂

Marky Shaw : Adam rocks and always will!

Genaro Sanchez : No lie if it weren't for this guy, the bizarre foods guy, and Anthony bourdain we would have travel channel.

Mansa X : I don't like the new guy on M v F

TAN YING LING GRACE : poor guy went through so much for the sake of entertainment. society is sick.

gonzalez gonzalez : Matt Stonie took his place

Isaac Sanchez : Flavortown bitches!

ed waar : I don't even watch the new one. the guy has no comedy game. so it's kinda lame.

Murk iqbal : he looks like wreck it Ralph 🍔🍔

Christopher Johnson : He says the owner of Munchies cheated, but idk. That challenge made a buddy of mine damn near have to go to the hospital. He was bragging how his dad was African and Americans didn’t know spicy foods...

KG Productions : People triggered from a hashtag, not too surprising at this point...

THE DAYWALKER : The new guy looks like Fred Flintstone with red hair and he's not funny and very boring I don't even watch it anymore

SandMan Jono : Revolting 🤮

gingerginger999 : image the pile of poop he leaves behind after one of his gorges


james bremmer : The show kinda died when he left.

Jeff Barris : No one can replace richman...he shot himself in the foot and blew his career

Katrena Thacker : I just had my gallbladder removed and when I watched this I had to go throw up.

Hunter : 2:37 when she sucking for 30 mins and you still haven't nut

GentleCat : I had a crush on him

Paul Lee : Does anyone remember the MOUNT MACHEESEMO challenge. Classic. That old lady cheering Adam on.

Danielle Cadiou : He showed up at some college in ohio---very vulgar and foul mouthed. Many students were not impressed with him at all.

Andrew Ngui : They should get matt stonie

Michael Weston : he worked out like a beast? was that a beast in hibernation? it clearly didn't show

rgoidel : After seeing Adam Richman times of downing gargantuan portions of food, I began to worry about Adam and his health. The more he ate with his challenges, began to repeal me. Like I said to myself, "How does he do this?" I sure could not.

Jamie wickersham : Technically #thinspo isn't banned on instagram.

Keri Young : Lies lies lies. I watched his show since it started and he kept getting fatter and fatter and I even said a lot damn he’s getting huge. And I notice he later kept wearing a big jacket even if he’s eating really spicy food.

Katherine Byrne : Wow. OK if he got impolite reactions to the thinspiration hashtag as opposed to polite "hey dude, do you know that proana people use that? Why not say fitspiration instead?" Then fair enough be angry and tell people you didn't know it would be offensive, they shouldn't assume you knew, and to be nicer to folks when disagreeing with their views or word usage in future, however Do Not respond by telling anyone to self harm! The amount of people with eating disorders who've also had self harm problems is so high! And also it's a terrible shitty thing to wish on a person. Anyone who tells someone random to go kill themselves or self harm should seriously have a long hard look for their sense of empathy, you should only wish that type of suffering on the very worst of people, child molesters and serial killers are maybe the only ones who've done about enough to deserve that pain.

Gilberto Dejesus : Ohhhh I remembered this show ,it used to be my favorite!!!

eerereps : 1:21 Workig at a warehouse & someone asks me what I do for a living...

Giggity 96 : I thought he was josh’s dad in drake in josh.. but he’s a former actor anyway

Angel A : The thumbnail looked like an overweight Fred Savage lol

Bob Wilson : Always enjoyed the show when he was on it, that Casey Webb is a tool, not even funny or remotely entertaining to watch. They need a new host or to pull the plug on it.

Jimothy Snooker : I love spicy foods. I'm the old lady from the Frank's Hot Sauce commercial: I put that shit on everything. creole seasoning is my salt. that being said, who the fuck wants to eat ridiculously stupid hot food? you can only taste pain

BlurryBigfoot : Sooner or later one of these food challenges will cause a high profile death and people will be all "I was against it all along" and we won't be able to find a food challenge anywhere. Hear me now and believe me later.

Vikram Singh : This show used to make me vomit seeing so much grease

Oh bummer : Diabetes

Dougy Tz : The new guy looks like a sinister peado


Ali Makaveli : *Fatfuck vs Food*

Domestic_Goddess Artist : MVF was a great show.

KingHeyxyz : I loved this show when I was younger! And... I like the new guy, Casey Webb, a lot also. I guess I am the only one...