DJ Tutorial - How to do the Tinder Scratch (GAME CHANGING TECHNIQUE)

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Mr808Late : You should have kept this for April 1st.

Fernando Midi : Superb!! I Will Try no My Kaoss Pad ... haha!! 👍🏼

aLiquidReality : LOL! Cool, but not new. I have been doing that with a KP3 from back in the day when a KP3 was a new thing. It helped me land a girl, but now I have no time for scratching on the turntable - be careful what you wish for ;)

Jim Ligon : How can you NOT like Vekked? LOL! Thanks, man!

num2son : No cross fading?

Naughty Robot : Grindr Scratch?

OSYRIS : Best scratch tutorial... ever.. 👌🏼

Virgil Basa : LMAO!!!DEAD***

DJBooth Pro Audio : LOL, My Dude!

dj mad : Lmao. Super funny. Thanx for the tip

Yavuz Solak : Selamün aleyküm dj mic check den selamlar

Tim Kerr : LMAO

DJ Couch King : Rekt 😂

Jose Lugo : lol, you are the best.

Kid Remix : Nice I like it 👏👏👏

Janis Andersons : wheres that dmc routine you mentioned?

MrPulchano : I cant stop laufin wat button makes the gur;s?

zachattack7 : So epic! 😂 Dude I'm so bummed I missed that Sunday scratch sesh! Kevin told me you were KILLING IT! You need to cruise through Denver again 🤙

MrPulchano : vekkid got cred w/ me now. one of us

D chow : It's better

RIDDIM : Fingering like a Champ.

Roobxcube : lol yes