The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made #AirNZSafetyVideo

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As the official airline of Middle-earth, Air New Zealand has gone all out to celebrate the third and final film in The Hobbit Trilogy - The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Starring Elijah Wood and Sir Peter Jackson; we're thrilled to unveil The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made. #airnzhobbit Special cameos by Sylvester McCoy, Dean O’Gorman and Weta Workshop co-founder Sir Richard Taylor. Directed by Taika Waititi. Check out the Air New Zealand Facebook page to see behind the scenes pics from ‘The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made’ and see firsthand Hollywood stars on the set of Middle-earth including Elijah Wood, Sylvester McCoy, Dean O’Gorman, John Rhys-Davies (as Gimli) and New Zealand’s own Sir Peter Jackson. Subscribe to Air New Zealand for more epic videos, and don’t forget to share this video with your friends. Enjoy!

Comments from Youtube

Brian Steuerman : “Thats not Gandalf” - JonTron

VichyGlitterGun : I want to take this flight just to see this lol

Jasc Random : New Zealand is really squeezing the juice out of The Lord of the Rings.

Duo Maxwell : Gandalf: "YOU...SHALL NOT...SMOKE ON THE PLANE"!!!

enigma mist : Finally learned the safety guidelines after travelling for more than 10 years.


Michael Soland : Calling your own video the best video ever made in a particular subject is usually frowned upon. In this case I think they hit the nail right on the head!

Jaden M. : This video has more views than the population of New Zealand itself.

kldsv golden jelly : if you're a peasant in economy class, your life jacket's up in isengard. haha just kidding you don't have one

John Smith : If they had the option to watch all of the LOTR on the flight over for free it would be the most baller move an airline could make.

SergeantSilly : this is marketing. Just the fact that they made this video is a reason for me to fly with Air New Zealand.

scottski02 : And if you're a peasant in economy class, your lifejacket's up in Isengard

Sheamus Tomlin : I just realized Gandalf directed Thor Ragnarok!

Stian Andreassen : Love it when airlines make these kind of safety videos, you always want to watch em. Unlike those that seem to be designed to brings you half a sleep.

anna Last : 2 tickets to Gondor please........& an elf shuttle to Rivendell, ......Those elves are gorgeous!! Any flights to Mirkwood? Wouldn't mind paying a visit to King Thranduil!.......

Caleb Custom Bricks : I saw this on a plane before I was into the Hobbit & LOTR. Now watching it after, it makes complete sense

Vänce Eridani : this maybe the most expensive flight safety video to make

Lauren Butte : 0:12 if I was that guy, I would probably just drop dead

Shadowkey392 : ...welp, I'm off to New Zealand now!

The CYAN spartan : Oh, Miek's dead

Angelica Maria Ramirez Alvarez : I never thought one day i would enjoy a safety video! Very well done and not even a fan of LOTR! 💖

agarside1000 : Peter Jackson looks so smug throughout all this. He's just like "I've successfully transformed an entire nation into a fantasy world. I win"

afdlin genkicore : This is the most important video i have ever viewed

Deeth Irteen : Thanks, Jontron, for informing me of this awesome video. :)

noel anish : Next up, Taika Watiti with a Thor Ragnorok theme.

Darth Tyrannus : There were more practical effects in this PSA than the entire Hobbit Trilogy.

Obi Fortune : this week on how is this in my recommended

TommyTonk : Who's Here From JonTron's vid?

Jackpot Melody : I'M SO PROUD OF MY COUNTRYYYYY *sniffs proudly* NZ IS BEST COUNTRY

Reyquiem : Not only is it much more entertaining, it's also much more detailed and informative than the briefings we get in America.

TolkienFan 43 : I wanna fly with Air New Zealand XD

Truck68 : I'm so happy I stumbled upon this. Thank you to all the cast members and others who got together to make a fun presentation.

JellyandJam : And his is why lotr and the hobbit are just so awesome❤️

MovieEveryDay : "I did not need to see Gandalf brace for impact." - Jon Tron

Diana Archer : I don't know how I found this, but I'm not complaining.

nep poleon : when i am traveling with LOTR armor on the airport security: YOU SHALL NOT PASS!


Dillon Williams : Who else watched JonTron before watching this

The og DOOD : Is Gandalf the director of Thor ragnorok

extinct : Honestly my fear of flights would disappear if I saw this on the plane.

Charlie Grayson : Coming back to this to clean my eyes from the cringey rap video they just released...

Mimi The Bear : New Zealand is Epic

Eric Praline : Holy Sh*t I just watched the credits: They got Taika Waititi to play Gandalf! 👍🏾😂

Eric Praline : Ian McKellen was to expensive 😂

That One Ring : I wonder if Poor Elija Wood always runs into fat sweaty nerds while he's trying to mind his own business

GraupeLie : Hahaha, Air New Zealand is simply awesome! Epic safety video indeed!

Sondre : "hey i'm Gandalf. we were just about to go on that eagle and get out of here, wanna come?"

King Aragorn II : This has been recommended to me for about 2 years now... But congrats again for this masterpiece of a marketing strategy.

Juanfra Aguirre : Why does Gandalf sound like Korg....o wait