The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made #AirNZSafetyVideo

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Tiffany Alvord : hahaha, this is epic!! I wanna fly to middle earth!! #airNZHOBBIT I'd rather watch this before I fly, very entertaining :)

Smith Wesson : *Fly* you fools!

Michael Soland : Calling your own video the best video ever made in a particular subject is usually frowned upon. In this case I think they hit the nail right on the head!

enigma mist : Finally learned the safety guidelines after travelling for more than 10 years.

VichyGlitterGun : I want to take this flight just to see this lol

agarside1000 : Peter Jackson looks so smug throughout all this. He's just like "I've successfully transformed an entire nation into a fantasy world. I win"

Jane L : OMG, is that Taika Waititi as Gandalf?

Duo Maxwell : Gandalf: "YOU...SHALL NOT...SMOKE ON THE PLANE"!!!

Stian Andreassen : Love it when airlines make these kind of safety videos, you always want to watch em. Unlike those that seem to be designed to brings you half a sleep.

David C. : If you really wanted it to be LotR They would have walked the entire trip. Walking...THEY HAD EAGLES AND THEY WALKED THROUGH THREE FILMS!!

Jaden M. : This video has more views than the population of New Zealand itself.

John Smith : If they had the option to watch all of the LOTR on the flight over for free it would be the most baller move an airline could make.

SergeantSilly : this is marketing. Just the fact that they made this video is a reason for me to fly with Air New Zealand.

Lauren Butte : 0:12 if I was that guy, I would probably just drop dead

Kere Aktif : 3000 dislike are orc , not people

Vänce Eridani : this maybe the most expensive flight safety video to make

Rasmus Edström : I love how Taika Waititi is gandalf 😂😂😂

Fishie Fish : Oh my god, it’s directed by the guy who directed Thor: ragnarok! No wonder it’s the most epic safety video ever made!

Caleb Custom Bricks : I saw this on a plane before I was into the Hobbit & LOTR. Now watching it after, it makes complete sense

Kim Juana Lehmann : 4 thousand people have just legally confirmed that they have no soul XD XD XD

garry larry : Is this considered cannon?

Shadowkey392 : ...welp, I'm off to New Zealand now!

ThatCrazy Drunk : When the ad is more badass than the actual movie

Angelica Maria Ramirez Alvarez : I never thought one day i would enjoy a safety video! Very well done and not even a fan of LOTR! 💖

RoverStorm : did I get-I was listening to videogame background music with YouTube's auto-play turned on, and I ended up HERE?!? Not that I'm complaining...

Diana Archer : I don't know how I found this, but I'm not complaining.

Adam Debenham : Coming back to this to clean my eyes from the cringey rap video they just released...

afdlin genkicore : This is the most important video i have ever viewed

Danielius V. : But, but, the ring was destroyed!

Lewys Cousins : Sylvester McCoy is such a legend

extinct : Honestly my fear of flights would disappear if I saw this on the plane.

Evan Putzier : Oh shit, that’s the director of Thor 3!

Abi Sofyan Ghifari : Is that Taika Waititi playing Gandalf?!

anna Last : 2 tickets to Gondor please........& an elf shuttle to Rivendell, ......Those elves are gorgeous!! Any flights to Mirkwood? Wouldn't mind paying a visit to King Thranduil!.......

The CYAN spartan : Oh, Miek's dead

nep poleon : when i am traveling with LOTR armor on the airport security: YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

claire speed : My sis loves lord of the rings

TolkienFan 43 : I wanna fly with Air New Zealand XD

Celsius Edson : is it me or gandalf sound kind like korg from thor ragnarok

Raven Smith : At the end they should have had peter jackson walk out eating a carrot

noel anish : Next up, Taika Watiti with a Thor Ragnorok theme.

Sondre : "hey i'm Gandalf. we were just about to go on that eagle and get out of here, wanna come?"

SagaFraga : I wonder how JRR Tolkien would have felt about this.

Neukx L : Taika waititi my fav director

Elliott Morgan : The orc with the air mask on makes it kind of adorable looking, in like a Bane-y kind of way. :)

DecimusYna : I want to visit New Zealand someday. :)

Pewdiepie Pewdiepie : New Zealand is Epic

BadMadPlay : much better than that embarrassing safety video of 2018

Syamim Syamim : "ALEXA THIS IS EPIC!!!"

DaBit : when an ad is better than a movie