19-Year-Old Rener Gracie Sparring with Five U.S. Army Soldiers (Narrated)
At a book signing Rener Gracie was challenged by five US Army soldiers in the audience to a Jiu Jitsu sparring match This is the video along with his narration He was 19

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Rener and Rorion were invited to Ft. Lewis in Washington over 10 years ago, and after a short jiu-jitsu demonstration, five soldiers asked Rener to spar with them. The U.S. Army adopted Gracie Jiu-Jitsu for only one reason - it works! Find a Certified GJJ Training Center and begin the New Year with the most effective self-defense system on the planet. Still uncertain? Watch the first three lessons for free at http://www.GracieUniversity.com, and you'll be 100% ready to go!


Kian : 17 here.. since i was 15 i had been a depressed unconfident overweight loser, but around 8 months ago i discovered bjj.. i knew i couldnt pay for it being unemployed so i went and applied for a job at mcdonalds for some strange reason they hired me and that gave me a huge confidence boost, i cut my hair and started eating healthy and doing exercise then i joined bjj with the money i was earning there and made some great friends and ive gotten into pretty decent shape now the bjj gym is like my second home.. all this thanks to this beautiful martial art.. its definitely worth its costly price especially if you are in the shoes i was in

Zi9makin6 : Blackbelt at 19, bruh.

ChessNetwork : What a fast watch. Love the older footage.

Lucas King : Jiujitsu mastermind.

The35Basketball : "I'm only 19"-Super Rener Gracie

C MONEY : Rener moves like a snake.

Twistedhippy : Is tickling an option? Jam a finger in his rib and say " digiygigydigy" , works on my little brother!

veratexanS : Rener I'm 20 and only taken a months worth of jiu jitsu. I love it, it's just too damn expensive ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

L Y : Sweet kimura into arm lock. wow

FUGoogle : I can take this guy to a bar and buy him a beer because I don't want him to rip my limbs off.

Xavier Medina : I've done jiu jitsu a few years before the army the army just teaches you basic submissions and gaurd not nearly enough to defend yourself

Thai Tran : Holly crap..... 19 and a black belt in bjj

NuEnque : That's why BJJ, Boxing and Muay Thai are real. You can actually spar/roll and see wha works and how effective you are. Krav Maga, Kung Fu and Wing Chun always use demos with attackers who not only cooperate but stop moving once engaged.

Jesus Rodriguez : I would have loved to see Rener competing in the UFC. Probably too late for that

ivan kerr : The guy below hit the nail on the head. A costly business. A rip off. And a load of crap

Motor Spotting : 5 dislikes are the 5 soldiers...

yarg nad : I know a dozen soldiers in the army that have never been through any Jiu-Jitsu training

JJ Johnson : And you weren't even in your prime, wow you truly are amazing at bjj.

Brian Bechtel : This video got me into BJJ... No joke, it was very inspirational

Mike Dear : Excellent video. Subbed. Been a fan since i was 17 or so. Close to my 40s now. Good ass video. Learned a lot. Remeber the shamrock/gracie days...ty 4 vid

idn : This is great. I wish more law enforcement had this training.

Josh C. : "How did I lose?! I'm combatives level three!" lol

krato27 : Rener seems like a great dude. I'd love to meet him one day just to say thank you.

shabblabbat wababbalat : Outstanding. Thanks for sharing this.

Vanya Moiseyev : "that was six seconds from the start of touching the neck, standard procedure"... ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐ŸŒ†๐ŸŒ‡๐ŸŒ†๐Ÿ‘Œ

Andrew Sheridan : "If you wanna learn Gracie combative, join the U.S. Army"... Jesus...

Monge Cabano : Amazing! Congratulations! To everyone, soldiers and to Gracie's!

Anthony G : The Gracies are one of the best martial artists. They literally revolutionized fighting and self-defense. Thank you Gracie family for sharing Gracie Jiu-Jitsu with the world.

the governor power : only way I can describe that is beautiful๐Ÿ–’

wsmaga : Wow, that mounted triangle was sweet.

Michael Sola : Wow this was amazing I've never seen anything like this before you definitely just earned a subscriber๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ


Matthias Jaeger : I am a staff sergeant in the US ARMY and I am going to my very first class at New Braunfels on Saturday. I'm very excited

C.Duncan Sutherland : AWESOME Rener!!! Thank you for the narration. I noticed about 75% of what you did is in your Combatives curriculum. Nice!

Joey Mungoi : Sakuraba. Search for it and enjoy it. Thank me later.

Rmackay Beach : "The right move at the wrong time is the wrong move." Powerful stuff, absolute beast!

rocky balboa : Man, I wish i was born in gracie family. Rener and his bros are really lucky. I am a big fan and enthusiast of jiu jitsu but due to personal reasons, i have to go back to my family which resides outside US.

RonkoDDR : 4:10 Didn't stop in chicago, huh? :-)

Juan Rayo : The right move at the wrong time is the wrong move. I needed this. Thank you Rener, these past 2 years training jiujitsu have been paved by my hard work and motivation like that

James Osborne : BJJ saved my life . I was going through a separation after 18 years and it took a toll on my mental health so I joined strong style in Independence Ohio .I went from 306lbs down to 185lbs in a year . Thanks to something that took my mind off of my situation like BJJ .I'm better then ever and I owe it to strong style gym .

STAY WOKE : Damn...5 of them back to back!! That is so exhausting.

Joey Plyler : i got a personal invite from royce gracie to come down to miami during the black belt testing!:0

Andre Ferreira : Best gracie fight was the one versus Wallid! Epic!

TROLL : rorion just chillin, let his boy take care of business lol

David Alan Arnold : Such a great lesson!

ChuggityMuggs1 : ,,,,,always amazing to watch a master practitioner, expending so little energy.

Mr.M : There goes your marine myth... I out of 5 had some skills - the rest... Does this even require a comment?...

eL Kapitan : Such a profie at young age.. damn im.jealous

Michael Heslep : Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is absolutely awesome I've been watching since the beginning absolutely fantastic fighting style never to be matched