19-Year-Old Rener Gracie Sparring with Five U.S. Army Soldiers (Narrated)

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ChessNetwork : What a fast watch. Love the older footage.

Lucas King : Jiujitsu mastermind.

sp10sn : "The right move at the wrong time is the wrong move." Outstanding.

insecto : 17 here.. since i was 15 i had been a depressed unconfident overweight loser, but around 8 months ago i discovered bjj.. i knew i couldnt pay for it being unemployed so i went and applied for a job at mcdonalds for some strange reason they hired me and that gave me a huge confidence boost, i cut my hair and started eating healthy and doing exercise then i joined bjj with the money i was earning there and made some great friends and ive gotten into pretty decent shape now the bjj gym is like my second home.. all this thanks to this beautiful martial art.. its definitely worth its costly price especially if you are in the shoes i was in

The35Basketball : "I'm only 19"-Super Rener Gracie

veratexanS : Rener I'm 20 and only taken a months worth of jiu jitsu. I love it, it's just too damn expensive 😭😭

NuEnque : That's why BJJ, Boxing and Muay Thai are real. You can actually spar/roll and see wha works and how effective you are. Krav Maga, Kung Fu and Wing Chun always use demos with attackers who not only cooperate but stop moving once engaged.

C MONEY : Rener moves like a snake.

Motor Spotting : 5 dislikes are the 5 soldiers...

Zi9makin6 : Blackbelt at 19, bruh.

Phantomz 714 : I've done jiu jitsu a few years before the army the army just teaches you basic submissions and gaurd not nearly enough to defend yourself

Yan Lon : Sweet kimura into arm lock. wow

Jesus Rodriguez : I would have loved to see Rener competing in the UFC. Probably too late for that

Heights__ : I'm in the Army and now tactical level combatives certified. The system has changed from levels 1 to 4 to now , Basic, Tactical, and Masters. It is my goal right now to achieve Masters level certification and once I'm back in the states to start training in a Gracie gym.

JJ Johnson : And you weren't even in your prime, wow you truly are amazing at bjj.

Josh C. : "How did I lose?! I'm combatives level three!" lol

Anthony Martinez : "that was six seconds from the start of touching the neck, standard procedure"... 😎🌆🌇🌆👌

Richard Dukard : When you say "every single soldier in the US army knows jiu jitsu", what does that mean? the soldiers are a blue belt equivalent? a brown belt? a one stripe white belt? just curious

horse face : This family is legendary

Jason US Army Sergeant : Great Narration Sir!  Also... a thank you to you and your family for teaching our instructors. I was level 1 Modern Army Combatives certified 24JUNE2006 (40hrs training). I have just started training at the CTC in Eugene, and am blown away after 1 class! It felt like home, and our Coaches are very patient and have a passion for teaching.. creating a great learning environment. I was injured (while serving) and thought my martial arts days were over, but once again, GJJ when done right shows how to overcome this.. and has given me back a fire that I had been missing for years now. I can't wait for class tomorrow! -Hooah!

William : What does Rener think about knee reaping?


Joey Plyler : i got a personal invite from royce gracie to come down to miami during the black belt testing!:0

George Stanley : Mounted triangle at the end was sweeeeet

RonkoDDR : 4:10 Didn't stop in chicago, huh? :-)

Rob Irwin : He is much bigger than the opponents.

Bianca v : I'm a mom and I need this with my daughter.In NYC

T R : Stop bragging about beating people that don’t have any fighting skills. Matt Hughes, Ghenki Sudo, Norifumi Yamamoto, Sakuraba.

Luis Garcia : I don't see the point here. It is easy to fight people that doesn't have knowledge neither experience on any martial art. It is like a pro boxer fighting against opponents who never fought in their lives.

Best Kinda Mess : so gay

God War : What about against swords, shields, bows, axes and ancient weapons and also against pankration? What about in a gladiatorial-fight with weapons like the ancient Romans did?

88hyperman : Ground fighting can get pretty gay.

U WOT M8 : this is proof soldiers won't be able to beat martial artists or mma fighters

Juan Rayo : The right move at the wrong time is the wrong move. I needed this. Thank you Rener, these past 2 years training jiujitsu have been paved by my hard work and motivation like that

David Hess : We need a CTC in Chicago guys!

C.Duncan Sutherland : AWESOME Rener!!! Thank you for the narration. I noticed about 75% of what you did is in your Combatives curriculum. Nice!

ohdannyboy : 1:55 absolutely beautiful

D Mwende : wow gracie I am 21 and looking to start practicing jiu jitsu I watch your videos alot btw cheers

rinokaz : I could finish that only by single hit in the balls.

SmashLike : #cheeeaaaaaa 👌👌

Chris Cash : Great video Rener I really enjoyed it and it gave me some good ideas for class

sylenceexposed : The us army is filled with potheads with anger management issues and many gang members looking to train and get weapons for criminal activity once they are out of the service. So many us soldiers have police records once they are out of the service.

Nigel Legall : if BJJ is the only thing you got you are likely screwed. most encounters are multiple attackers you have not time to romp on the ground like a little kid in a play ground, you better of doing Track.

jurubatubaze : It pretty easy fight with whom do not practice bjj.

chamboyette853 : Uhhhhh, I just watched the first 20 seconds of this and the army dude was on top of Rener so that means the army dude won. No need to look further. Duhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Fernando Mendoza : that's a good roll, but I have heard of a guy that had a knife and stabbed 4 bjj guys and sent them to the hospital. you guys need to practice with knifes.

sory4beinanonymous : Hey Rener, i am a bjj blue belt and I want my kids to train bjj. Can you do a video of how you got into and stayed into it? And what your parents did or didnt do to help your process?

sory4beinanonymous : The right move at the wrong time is the wrong move. I love it!!

Robertinho Batata : This family have my admiration , essa familia tem a minha adimiracao, fizeram bastante pelo esporte representando nosso Brasil. Long Live the Gracie Family!

Mr.M : There goes your marine myth... I out of 5 had some skills - the rest... Does this even require a comment?...