When City Planning in Cities Skylines requires over 600 Blimps

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RTGame : We made utopia. For realsies

Mᴀᴅᴀᴍ Mᴀɪɴᴇᴄᴏᴏɴ : How is Country Road not the One Road City’s national anthem already?

Spaalonebabuguuscooties has terminal 7 brain cancer : Is it messed up that this is actually a brilliant idea for a city in any simulator to make money? You basically make it impossible to get anywhere on land and let air transport skyrocket in popularity because of it. It's actually genius.

The Rice Fields : 10:24 *unimportant fire*

Kallan Keogh : If you delete a part of the road at the very beginning, then create a park so people have to go through the park to enter the city, THEN, make entry to the park $20, you make heaps more money too.

Snappy Llamas : "I started my job as a blimp pilot four weeks ago, the mayor doesn't let me stop and I've almost crashed several times. Ever since I started the only time I get to sleep is when the blimp refuels, other than that I just drive. This job feels like a Twilight Zone episode of Air Berlin but I can't stop. Not because I'm afraid of losing my job or quitting it, but because we take off faster than I can get my resignation letter to the mayor, God help me." - Anonymous Blimp Pilot

Smiley the Smile : *Mayor of Grand Noodle eliminates all traffic jams, fills the skies with blimp traffic jams instead.* "I can't remember the last time I've seen the sun..." - local citizen says.

The Contaminated Potato : Friend: I'll be on Smith St. Me: Where on Smith? Friend: On Smith St. Me: That is the only road in this two-mile long city.

Zoogoo40 : "Oh the hospital? Yeah it's just down the road."

Tweetug We12 : His stupid idea to remove the only way into the city and effectively cut any outside contact.... Made the city more sucessful? *I'm proud*

Zh ng : > sinkhole happens > No one gets hurt or killed > three ambulances drive to the scene > Ignore the scene

Burg Burg : Blimp driver: *"where we're going, we don't need country roads."*

Aryanna Halstead : *"Come dump your dead"* The best cemetary slogan

AThatRandomAsian : It’s called cities SKYlines for a reason

Firock Finion : When you accidentally make a city so good you secede from the world.

TheMich Is Col. : I imagine if this city was real and a guy was speeding the police would be like "the offender is on smith street" and the other police officer chasing the speeder would be like "uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh"

durianhead : when your city is so lit that you have 600 hindenburg disasters just waiting to happen edit: this is so sad, can we all petition for the blimps to be filled with hydrogen, #filltheblimp

Forever_ Ghostjoy : RT if there’s a dead body in the living room it’s no longer the living room

R&W Gaming : Friend: Hey you should come over to my new house! You: Sure where is it? Friend: Somewhere ‘round smith street GPS: Dividing by zero is easier

Egghead Jade : RT let everyone live this time. I love character development.

Super Wooper : *clicks video* *looks at description* *sees West Virginia* Me: oh no

StickMaster500 : At this point, West Virginia will turn into Columbia from BioShock Infinite and become the city in the clouds.

Kim Payne : Ur mum has died U have a funeral Ur dad is also dead by the time u get home THE CYCLE REPEATS

Kesha365 : "And there's no meteor punchline" *Waits for meteor punchline...... and is disappointed.*

momo da Kitten : 3:57 how blimp children are made

Chloe Coombs : The song was timed so perfectly, I felt something stir in my chest.... this is the content I came to Youtube for.

Chrono : Now add more plants.

Kavukamari : Some say Smith Street is still thriving to this day, if you hear the distant hum of 600 blimps floating lazily on the wind, you'll know what it is

Sparraw : I actually get scared now whenever West Virginia plays. But thank God today was an exception

Shellghost09 : Smith Street is my city.

GOD aka dr phill : 20,000 people used to live here... now it's a ghost town

CptJack PL : I'm actually very surprised Did you start new *city friendly content* ?

Exu : The last time this many blimps in 1 city is the German Bombing raid in London

Seecooty : Country road somehow manages to be happy and sad depending on the context

R&W Gaming : Warning! A sinkhole has occurred somewhere in the city. Me: What is this belly button?

Hellman : when the city manager wanna play snakes, but the IT admin says no

XxjumpsxopesxXtheoriginal : The title of this video suggests that city planning doesn't always require 600 blimps. Confused?

Not Your Everyday Timelord : Drake nah meme: Country Roads Drake okay meme: Country Road

Electronic Cat Offical : 25 thousand people used to live here. Now it’s a ghost town.

Thelower Terrarian : Thanos Could Just make Resources But He doesn't Care.

Henry Moore : RT what you need to do is raise the taxes really high for ten seconds, make like $50,000, then when people complain you drop it back down to normal. Boom

DesertFerret7 : I don't know how my city gets flooded! I just don't understand why the shores and rivers flood like crazy! I have no leading clues why it does it. Could be polar ice caps melting which could be a problem, but I- *clicks on the tsunami disaster multiple times while listening to Michael Jackson hits.*

Jonas Bögemann : This is metaphorical for the road of life. It may be hard at times, sometimes tragedy strucks (catastrophes) and the competition is harsh in this elbow society (traffic). And it is true that some people have a head start (cunts living a few houses further), while lucky and destiny aren't always fair (RT enforcing policies). But toil, creativity (blimps) and never giving up will ultimately reward you with reaching the end of the road. And in the end you realize that no matter the options, this is everything you always thought to be right (the city living in despite no connection to the outside).

Jack Potato : The tornado hits the disater relief. Oh the fires out thank you tornado. Building collapses. Oh damnit tornado.

TheUKNutter : You may remember me, but I’ve been here since 1,000 subs. Do I get a reward?

XZGreg5748ZX : RTGame's videos are somehow deep in meaning, even emotional. The ending of this video is second only to Ross Bob's return from the dead in Sims 3 as the best cinematic experience on this channel, perhaps even Youtube.

Hunt To Surviv3 : hey where do you live? "Smith street" I mean what city? "Smith Street" What state? "whats a state" "I live in smith street how have you not heard of it" " its disconnected from all other forms of life it is its own independent life source"

MurniDurd : it's.... it's beautiful :,) RT is a changed man!

にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : 4:05 that is the Schrödinger's Blimp, this is the newest technology that has just been invented, the blimp is simultaneously both docked and undocked, a state known as a blimp superposition, as a result of being linked to a random subatomic event that may or may not occur.

That Obscure Gamer : Ayo hol up, some guy died in the playground? Hell of a way to go, amrite fellas?