Peter Pan (Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana) Introduces Black Beard

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opusmode : Next time should be "Rape me"

Dr Mattz : Movie was crap, but hell, this scene is totally awesome.

Claire Murray : Kurt cobain didn't die for this

Anon E. Moose : Kurt is rolling in his grave.

ancient122 : One of the worst moments of all time in cinema.

SalaTrash : I mean it looks really cool and it sounds pretty neat but hell it just doesn't make any sense??

Hacker Robot : is this......CANADA!

Michael T : So. Can anybody explain why they're singing 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' in a Peter Pan movie? I haven't seen this movie but I already know by this scene that it's unforgivably terrible. What's the context. Why are they singing a Nirvana Song?

Johnny Boy : I once played Smells Like Teen Spirit on my guitar, and one of my friends said "oh, that song appears in Peter Pan, right?" I thought it was a joke, but I just realized it wasn't

dredvax : he sounded & looked like johny depp

Val Hernandez : When you realize Kurt Cobain went to Neverland as a kid and then came back, grew up, made a band and then wrote this song.😂😂😂😂

gabrielchcosta : I just watched this. This was the weirdest scene in the whole movie

cuxnt : this is by far the cringest thing i have ever seen

thedreamerswork : This was the only part of the movie I liked lol. It's weird but I kind of dig it :p

Kwame Oliver : best scene in all cinematic history my only question is how did they all know the lyrics to the song he was really like Nirvana

The Shadow Philospher : I wish they made a better costume Blackbeard.

Igor Ossipov : The best part of this movie!

Roberto Neto : piratas possuem um ótimo gosto musical

Noız : Well what a terrible thing that would be if you didn't magically know the lyrics.

Jenna Black : "Is this.... canada?" I thought he was gonna say neverland lol

Muhammed BAYRAM : the movie was disappointing.. even in this scene which i like most, music and childrens' mouth arent syncrone. in grand total, below average casting and conversations. :(

unrequitted_ love** : this is an insult to nirvana..hate it

Luis : quase infartei quando ouvi essa música no cinema

Dannie : Is this mad max for kids?

Benjamin Marquez : me gusta piter pan

Helsing Channel : dont get wrong this was the best part in the movie so fun , out of contest and crazy was the only thing that reminded of Wonderland the rest of boring CGI ,bad plot ,acting and misscast!

watewmark : Then the wind decides to blow. "oops I killed a pirate, sea is gonna tempesting at me D: "

Hannah X : This scene is iconic.

Sir Blade : The scene to me was fine but the movie in general was a snoozefest. If the movie had gone for a campy musical feeling where everything balls to the wall crazy and theatrical it would have been fine but it became such a bore!

AnotherSettlement NeedsYourHelp : oh so mad max for toddlers

Edward Fong : This is.... so weird.

ozso Uchiha : hola,hola,hola, hola

Emma Clarke : Is this Canada? WTF?

Dias Games Droid : Acabei de ver essa cena aqui na globo kkk

4ELOVE4EK : Это шедевр!

Rosa Frëhnah : that's the reason why Kurt killed himself

Mr. Spookms : Seeing Black Beard sing Smells Like Teen Spirit is like. wow they did this in a movie.

BoomerSlammer88 : epic...

Mr Spectacals : So cheesy and off putting. Much like Alice's Futterwacken scene.

Mc Juninho : Seria melhor eles cantando slipknot

Myranda Huitrons : My brother watches this video all the time

popo popo : This scene was awesome

Валерий Шинин : Остров ебучих говнорей.

Jason Rigby : I'm sorry, but the cringe factor is off the scale.

Alastair Gough : This is the real reason kurt took his life SMH my head

Lucas Tavares : o dia que eu vi isso kkkkk achei loko!!!

mouad chaali : This movie wasn't particularly good but it had moments like this that were just bizzare but at the same time entertaining. I know it dosen't fit the setting but this scene was pretty cool.

AlMoSiCe210 : I've rewatched this scene several times and I still have so many questions about it... Thanks Honest Trailers...

Aurora Lara : wtffflol

Big Hero Thicc : I have to ask... Why does this exist?