Frédéric Yonnet With Special Guest Dave Chappelle: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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Jordon Brewer : Can Tiny Desk kill it any harder? Find out next week on "Beethoven with special guest the ghost of Kurt Cobain: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert."

CL : Dave Chapelle has to have the most diverse phone contact list in the world lol

Farid Alejandro Figueroa Garcia : Well apparently you can do all that with a harmonica.

Miss O.P. : Can Dave Chappelle just host... EVErything. Amy Poler, Tina Faye, Maya Rudolph, tiffany haddish and Dave Chapelle should just get all the hosting job. Make this world a better place.

YT Jam Tracks : Whaaat?! This is awesome. Dave looks extra baked ha

The Infamous Poke In RichmondCA 94804 : So I just started my Monday to this. I never had any idea that a harmonica could give me so much life. I am ready to fight Thanos.

Messiah Black : Notice Dave DID NOT have his cellphone out recording...See, he practices what he preaches lol...

👑 King Kelz 👑 : Dave asked for 'sweltering heat, I don't get paid enough blues' and them boys more than delivered. Truly impeccable.

Buddy Cooper : As always the tiny desk offers the best audio/visual with the best of the best players. Thank you, sound and video engineers.

Mauricio Mauriciomsk : You know the music is good when there is a kid on the band's corner and you only notice him the third time you played the video.

Miss O.P. : 8th time watching this. My god, I gotta get this guys vinyl. Also, can chance the rapper or Kendrick Lamar call Yonnet up and work with him please?????? make something different and out of the box.

CorrectVision3 : This guy performed with Prince and toured with stevie wonder..thats all that needed to be said in order for me to watch this.

Jason Harris : i was not ready for the pocket to be that damn funky.

Carl Bowden : Man, that six string bass is a gorgeous piece of weaponry!!

ANTOINE COSTON : That's how you lead a band

Dolce Dolente : Damn. He's the Coltrane/Hendrix of harmonica.

Rickie Sanders : That kid in the back the real star of the show 👍✌

Miss O.P. : This is so damn charming. I don't know what to do with myself but dance it out.

John Coursey : He's a killer harp player but damn that band is perfect for it.

Chenoa : Fantastic. I have never heard a harmonica played like that :O. And I loved the tiny, beautiful child in the back, just taking it all in :). Wonder what he'll grow up to be...

Nikki A : As someone who grew up on Mississippi Delta Blues smack dab in the middle of the Delta- best TD concert! Dave Chappelle is hilarious- love his dance breakdown in the second song! Lol!!

Reggie Williams Jr. : Yo!! This dude is nasty with the harmonica forreal!!!

Nick D : When Dave gets another show these guys should be his band.

nataskaos : Uh....why do I love this? Who knew that the harmonica could be so gangster?

Jonathan Wiggins : Its 420 somewhere.

Miss O.P. : damn, that harmonica got so much soul.

TheAsianLoner : wtf has there ever been a shot other than the corner until today?

Jervillian Swike : Damn... what an amazing harp player! But holy hell what a band... so TIGHT! The drummer's groove is just immense.

NEMusic : This is truly the best performance I've actually seen in a while, my only slight sadness is not getting a bass and drum solo. Otherwise, I'm utterly blown away.

SHEA FACE : Love how NPR has a great abundance of bringing people together. Frederic is incredible! and Dave is blessed to interact with all shades of talent.

LaTonia Wade : Why am I just NOW hearing about him?!

Manny Freshhhhh : Well damn!!!! 🤔 #Four20 🤙🏿💪🏿 #Respect to the bassist and drummer, kept this groovy from start to finish✊🏿

Andrew James Carlisle : I didn't know this kind of sound was possible. Tremendous.

lorenzo neal : This is by far one of the best ones I've seen on here! Dude and his band with no name are AMAZING!

James Garcia : That blues song is what made me a fan. I almost missed it by jumping the gun. They good. I'm glad I watched the whole video

One Eyed Donkey : Remember what the Bible says: He who is without sin, cast the first rock. And I shall smoketh it.

Adam Sherwood : Whoa! This is amazing. They might even start dancing in the barbershop.

Frank Akwetey : Dave Chappelle!!!! 🤩

Dopeness LIGHT : He ain't playing that harmonica, his whole SOUL is playing the SugarHoneyIceTea outta that there harmonica sheeeesh

arlingtonguy54 : That band! Tight.

risingxforce : Bar lines just don't exist for the bass player. Dennis you're an absolute monster mate.

Tera Ross-Greene : Never knew a harmonica could sound so damn good, wow!

SUGA SWEET : I wasn't expecting this y' me grooving💃💃💃💃💃💃

ddsq2 : For the love of God someone put this on Spotify

Buddy Cooper : Dave is correct this cat can play. Wonderful tone.

Life on a Stave : 2:02 - The sound guy (left upper) squeezes in three perfect claps, while maintaining perfect control of his duties.

Tyrone Sweeney : What a great way to start a Monday morning with NPR Music, Dave Chappelle, Frédéric Yonnet and The Band With No Name.

Aaron : Wow! I tuned in when I seen Dave's name but Yonnet!!


SPEEDBOATMANIAC 410 : ** SKA meets CAJUN Blues !! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet ! GOD Bless