Frédéric Yonnet With Special Guest Dave Chappelle: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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YT Jam Tracks : Whaaat?! This is awesome. Dave looks extra baked ha

Miss O.P. : Can Dave Chappelle just host... EVErything. Amy Poler, Tina Faye, Maya Rudolph, tiffany haddish and Dave Chapelle should just get all the hosting job. Make this world a better place.

Miss O.P. : damn, that harmonica got so much soul.

Jordon Brewer : Can Tiny Desk kill it any harder? Find out next week on "Beethoven with special guest the ghost of Kurt Cobain: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert."

Manny Freshhhhh : Well damn!!!! 🤔 #Four20 🤙🏿💪🏿 #Respect to the bassist and drummer, kept this groovy from start to finish✊🏿

Miss O.P. : This is so damn charming. I don't know what to do with myself but dance it out.

Miss O.P. : 8th time watching this. My god, I gotta get this guys vinyl. Also, can chance the rapper or Kendrick Lamar call Yonnet up and work with him please?????? make something different and out of the box.

Farid Alejandro Figueroa Garcia : Well apparently you can do all that with a harmonica.

arlingtonguy54 : That band! Tight.


CL : Dave Chapelle has to have the most diverse phone contact list in the world lol

One Eyed Donkey : Remember what the Bible says: He who is without sin, cast the first rock. And I shall smoketh it.

Mr Garcia : That blues song is what made me a fan. I almost missed it by jumping the gun. They good. I'm glad I watched the whole video

John Coursey : He's a killer harp player but damn that band is perfect for it.

Carl Bowden : Man, that six string bass is a gorgeous piece of weaponry!!

Frank Akwetey : Dave Chappelle!!!! 🤩

LaTonia Wade : Why am I just NOW hearing about him?!

Buddy Cooper : As always the tiny desk offers the best audio/visual with the best of the best players. Thank you, sound and video engineers.

Adam Sherwood : Whoa! This is amazing. They might even start dancing in the barbershop.

Jason Harris : i was not ready for the pocket to be that damn funky.

TheAsianLoner : wtf has there ever been a shot other than the corner until today?

nataskaos : Uh....why do I love this? Who knew that the harmonica could be so gangster?

Jervillian Swike : Damn... what an amazing harp player! But holy hell what a band... so TIGHT! The drummer's groove is just immense.

Reggie Williams Jr. : Yo!! This dude is nasty with the harmonica forreal!!!

SHEA FACE : Love how NPR has a great abundance of bringing people together. Frederic is incredible! and Dave is blessed to interact with all shades of talent.

The Infamous Poke In RichmondCA 94804 : So I just started my Monday to this. I never had any idea that a harmonica could give me so much life. I am ready to fight Thanos.

Mauricio Mauriciomsk : You know the music is good when there is a kid on the band's corner and you only notice him the third time you played the video.

WiiNV : Vive la 🇫🇷 2⚽18 World champions W🙌W

Aaron : Wow! I tuned in when I seen Dave's name but Yonnet!!

Rob Evans : Whoa,

Dolce Dolente : Damn. He's the Coltrane/Hendrix of harmonica.

NEMusic : This is truly the best performance I've actually seen in a while, my only slight sadness is not getting a bass and drum solo. Otherwise, I'm utterly blown away.

Raúl J Sánchez Suárez : And that's how you jam it!!

Latoya Johns : This was soooo fun to I had a bomb @ss time watching them just enjoy themselves and make great music!

Jonathan Wiggins : Its 420 somewhere.

Keys Collector : Soul and passion shining through. Thanks NPR once again for the excellent music selections and to the amazing performances all around.

Nikki A : As someone who grew up on Mississippi Delta Blues smack dab in the middle of the Delta- best TD concert! Dave Chappelle is hilarious- love his dance breakdown in the second song! Lol!!

Chenoa : Fantastic. I have never heard a harmonica played like that :O. And I loved the tiny, beautiful child in the back, just taking it all in :). Wonder what he'll grow up to be...

Bader Kanawati : there are parts that remind me of arabic music. Especially at 5:55 until 6:13. So good!

SPEEDBOATMANIAC 410 : ** SKA meets CAJUN Blues !! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet ! GOD Bless

Boi Mesa : haha wow! next time we need a triangle player xD

ANTOINE COSTON : That's how you lead a band

eno : You guys are crazy for this one.

ddsq2 : For the love of God someone put this on Spotify

Ruckus Askani : Dennis!!!! That bass sounds gooood sir

Tera Ross-Greene : Never knew a harmonica could sound so damn good, wow!

Dexter : This cat is mad talented and I like the harmonica but with that said I like it more when it’s an accent, not so much when it’s the focal point. Also, its nice of Chappelle to lend his celebrity to bring this dude more exposure.

CorrectVision3 : This guy performed with Prince and toured with stevie wonder..thats all that needed to be said in order for me to watch this.

Buddy Cooper : Dave is correct this cat can play. Wonderful tone.

Gino Inzo : I haven't smiled at a musical performance like this in years. WOW